Author Topic: Finding "My pictures" and "My documents" on Win 8 hard drive with Peppermint  (Read 1403 times)

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I have a Samsung Laptop which used to run Win 8. Something went wrong with the boot files, so I cant access the Laptop.. I have tried to run the Win backup , but cant see the files being backuped  to an externel Device.

I have installed peppermint 3 on a USB and tried to open the hard drive on Laptop in order to save pictures from the folder My pictures and some documents. When I use the file manager in Peppermint I cant find my files (jpg-pictures and Word documnets) I can not see the  folders I have made earlier. I can find other newer folders, but its only software stuff ( like the printer which is installed). Can I have deleted my folders when I tried to run a backup in win 8 (did not run format or New installation)? Or do I not use the Peppermint file manager the right way?

Additonal information: The hard drive was set ut with Win 8 - 64 kb. I have tried both the 32 and 64 edition of Peppermint but dont see any difference when I look at the hard drive. The Win8  was originally set up with a Adm password. Can this influence the Access to "My documents"?

Any ideas how to find my pictures and files on the hard drive?

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There's no "trick" to using the file manager in Peppermint .. you should just be able to access the windows partition.

Where on the Windows drive are you looking for the pictures/docs/etc. ?

If you're looking in the right path, then they're either not there, or the file system is damaged.
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