Author Topic: An unsafe swap space has been detected. (how to fix, no info working in the net)  (Read 1235 times)

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Hello! When I tried installing Peppermint 8, and encrypt the files, it gave me this error message:

An unsafe swap space has been detected.

After this it takes me to a partition dialog box but I do not know what to do there. I did some searches and they work different. Something about the home root. I guess I could create a swapoff folder here and it will be resolved?

I tried running the swapoff command - sudo swapoff -all - and it didn't work

I followed step by step 3 or 4 extensive walkthroughs in other known forums and it didn't work either, I guess their issue is different than mine.

I would really like to install Peppermint 8, as I am new to Linux, and I have runned out of resources, I find myself in a dead street because I can't fix it with the info I find in the internet.

Any help is appreciated!  8)
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Looks like you've chosen full disk encryption, but kept an unencrypted swap partition .. you need to use:
Code: [Select]
sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap
to encrypt your swap partition


Unless you have a requirement for full disk encryption I'd personally reinstall without it .. sure it's secure, but iit can be a PITA if anything ever goes wrong.
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