Author Topic: MATE 1.18 Desktop Environment Released, Focuses on Completing the GTK3 Migration  (Read 861 times)

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Ikey just posted this, over on LI:

Thought you might find it interesting, too ...   8)

Ubuntu MATE leader and MATE developer Martin Wimpress is proud to announce today, March 14, 2017, the general and immediate availability of the MATE 1.18 desktop environment.

MATE 1.18 comes about 6 months after the release of MATE 1.16, during which time it was developed under the MATE 1.17.x umbrella, packages that some of you were able to install from the testing repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. The release focuses on completing the GTK+3 migration, but it also adds new features.

What this means exactly is that the entire MATE desktop environment is now based on the latest GTK+ 3 technologies. GTK+ 3.14 or latest is required to install MATE 1.18, which is no longer compatible with the GTK+ 2 series. All the included applications and components were successfully ported to GTK+ 3.

"We’d like to thank every MATE contributor for their help making this release possible," reads today's announcement. "The release is focused on completing the migration to GTK3+ and adopting new technologies to replace some of deprecated components MATE Desktop 1.16 still replied on."