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Software & Applications / VLC issues.
« Last post by Pepper9 on Today at 01:05:09 pm »
Hi, fellow Peppers.  8)

So I have this brand new Asus notebook, right? Running P10, 64bit flawlessly. Enjoying HD video mostly, awesomeness.

Running the default media player up until 15 minutes ago I thought I'd install VLC player, for old times sake.
Loading a 1080px BlueRay copy, sit back and..........FREEZE!!!!! Wouldn't even play it. CPU and Mem use normal.

Anyone else having these issues? Thought I'd put it out here.

Default player rules! Back on it and will stay on it.  ;)
New Users / Re: Reinstall Peppermint Grub (SOLVED)
« Last post by PCNetSpec on Today at 11:10:13 am »
you're most welcome arky217, glad I could help :)
New Users / Re: Reinstall Peppermint Grub
« Last post by arky217 on Today at 10:46:56 am »
Thank you sir; you are the man !

Actually, I think I had to do this before,
but I just forgot how.

I will definitely make a note of the procedure
in case there's a next time.

Again, thank you; this forum is Peppermint's icing on the cake.
New Users / Re: Reinstall Peppermint Grub
« Last post by PCNetSpec on Today at 09:22:42 am »
Okay you should just be able to boot into Peppermint, then FROM WITHIN PEPPERMINT, run:
Code: [Select]
sudo grub-install /dev/sda
Code: [Select]
sudo update-grub
But whenever editing grub, it's a good idea to have a LiveUSB handy just in case .. then if necessary we can reinstall grub from that.
Great news :)
Nope, it's just launched with a .desktop launcher at
Code: [Select]
which contains the line
Code: [Select]
your problem is this gets executed as the user, and apparently that user doesn't have permission to write to its own /home/user/.cache/dconf/user

What's the output from:
Code: [Select]
sudo namei -om /home/user/.cache/dconf/user
maybe your script will have to change ownership of that path prior to running su user -c "nohup nemo-desktop" or similar.
Same thing happens except the errors go to nohup.out.

Tried gksudo -u user nemo-desktop and it still happens. Is nemo-desktop launched from a script at boot time that we can copy from?
Software & Applications / Re: Auto Start xScreenSaver-Demo (SOLVED)
« Last post by kloos on Today at 04:47:02 am »
thanks.  top advice as always  :D
Advanced Topics / Re: Linux Kernel 5 HWE not working properly.
« Last post by daragon37 on Today at 12:51:09 am »
That Solution worked. Thanks.

That's good to know  :)

If you want to wait a day to double check, that's fine but please remember to return and mark the topic [SOLVED] so that users with similar problems can find solutions.

Regards Zeb...
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