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Title: using "iog" command
Post by: Ghislain on December 07, 2017, 01:11:28 pm
Good afternoon,

I have just installed peppermint 8 on my machine.  I am experimenting some command line to use and I have found "iog" command which is network traffic grapher using SNMP, i guess.  However, I do not know how to use it, because it is my first time, could someone help me out in using it the right way?

For exemple, it there any command to type on a terminal to use it and see the graphing taking place????

Pending and thanks for you help in advance.

Title: Re: using "iog" command
Post by: PCNetSpec on December 07, 2017, 03:26:24 pm
Can't really help you, iog doesn't seem to contain ANY manpage or --help files .. so whoever wrote it seems to expect you to 'guess' how it works ???

Even the homepage as listed in the README appears dead

and so is the "how to" page

If you've installed iog, you'll find the minimal amount of documentation for it at:-
Code: [Select]
nemo /usr/share/doc/iog
But don't expect much ;)