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New Users / Re: Data recovery ??
« Last post by kloin99 on February 15, 2020, 05:49:43 am »
The Operating system files.
New Users / Re: Data recovery ??
« Last post by kloin99 on February 15, 2020, 05:38:10 am »
Hi Slim,

Yes I know it's totally stupid.  When I look at the external drive it only shows the is files. Drrrr :-(

 >:( .

Thanks kloin99
I recently installed Brave to replace Chrome.  Brave is a little faster than Chrome and has a good ad blocker out of the box. They have their own model for internet advertising and a system for tipping content creators. You can collect little amounts of a crypto-currency by clicking banner advertising (if I understood that correctly). I am not using those features, but will probably buy some of their merch to support them.

Here is the how-to that worked for me for installing Brave from the terminal:

The only problem is that syncing bookmarks between PCs does not work - at least not sufficiently. I created some Google Docs for my bookmarks. That's of course no FOSS solution. Maybe there is something better? Probably a Chrome extension?

The other browser I tried is Vivaldi. It felt not quite as fast as Brave. It offers more possibilities to customize it than any other browser. Syncing bookmarks works very well and I also like the look. The sidebar and the panel on the bottom can be hidden, so you can make Vivaldi almost look like Chrome. The only reason why I prefer Brave (and made it my new daily driver) is the increased speed. Vivaldi can be installed easily with a .deb package from their website

You can install Chrome extensions on both browsers - as they are both based on Chromium.

Networking / Re: Help sharing wifi through ethernet(Solved)
« Last post by Slim.Fatz on February 15, 2020, 03:19:15 am »
Hi TheAkantor,

Glad to hear that you managed to solve your issue! That is a solution that I have never heard about. But then I must admit that I don't really know much about networking.  :P

And thanks for marking the topic (Solved);) 8)


-- Slim
New Users / Re: Data recovery ??
« Last post by Slim.Fatz on February 15, 2020, 03:14:02 am »
Hi kloin99,

Are you saying that you installed Peppermint 10 onto the external drive that contained your backed-up personal files?  :-\

-- Slim
Hardware / Re: Hardware clock on Thinkpad R60
« Last post by Brotherred on February 15, 2020, 01:55:25 am »
I realize now that I was attempting to modify a user's desktop permissions and locked both users out.

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Hardware / Re: Hardware clock on Thinkpad R60
« Last post by Brotherred on February 15, 2020, 01:44:54 am »
Sudo is also locked out from both users at the prompt.

I can log in as either user. But neither user is able to use sudo.

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Hardware / Permissions issue (Solved)
« Last post by Brotherred on February 15, 2020, 01:26:20 am »
I just finished setting up this Thinkpad R60. And now for some reason it will not boot or log in. It goes to blank screen after the progress boot up completes during start up.

Please help.

Post edit:
It appears that Peppermint started reading the clock incorrectly after I corrupted the permissions.
thankyou spence for that idea

im running linux lite ---- and it really is lite---it dont have much on it---it dont have an image writer
i do have unetbootin that will create linuxmint 19.2. i could install that on a secondary partition on hard disk
i can the use its image writer to create a peppermint 10
format the secondary partition then install pep.
i ll give it a go
General Discussion / Re: Help needed with a Dad with Altzeimers.
« Last post by clatterfordslim on February 14, 2020, 07:10:25 pm »
As vitamin B3 is Niacin and should be prescribed or at least taken by everyone on the planet, especially if dementia or Alzheimer's runs in the family. Arteries get unblocked and better health in general with Vitamin B3, lowers cholesterol considerably. Vitamin E according to this link can help slow down the process of Dementia. It's alright me saying that people are living longer now, but I looked after a gentlemen who was ninety five and the only thing wrong with him was he had water retention in his legs and found it hard to walk.

He said to me one day, that by the next time you're due to visit me I won't be here, so to thank you for all your time and work you've done with me, I'd like to play you Moonlight Sonata on my piano. He played it all the way through without any music in front of him, no duff notes, played it exactly how it was written. I was due to see him the following week, but it was like he knew when he was going to go and he died two days before I was due to see him again. I paid my respects at the crematorium to him and his family, plus doing so closure for myself and yes I would not be human if I did not cry, because I did buckets, just like I did with Mr Greaves's passing. The only problem being a carer is our hearts get broken too, no matter how long, how short a time you work with someone, they say keep it professional and that you must not allow yourself to get close. How do you do that when you're working so closely with people? Plus it would be rude of me to turn round and say I'm sorry I have no time to talk now bye and trust me I've seen that happen before and I was not amused.

I know it's going to sound out there and call me weird if you want to, but have you ever heard this planet cry? I have I'm sensitive to my surroundings. If you ever get the chance or a chance go to the most baron place you can think of in your area of the world, away from the noises of modern life cars, people walking, talking, switch your phone off too. ignore the sound of the wind and really listen. You know when you hear it, because you'll start to cry too, it's a sound that is hard to explain and like I said before if you happen to be a sensitive person, to your surroundings, you'll hear it and you'll probably recognize it? It's a haunting sound that makes you cry too.   
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