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Software & Applications / Re: XFce Power Manager
« Last post by windrose on Today at 07:59:43 pm »
The Battery is internal and l just replaced it the other day for a new one expecting that it was an old battery causing the issue.
At Spences suggestion l had looked further into it being a Lenovo specific issue and it may just be that as the Lenovo sites issues with the same symptoms but it may be specific to the BIOS?? and may require reverting back to Windose (Never) to effect the repair unless this collection of minds can come up with a resolve.
Software & Applications / Re: XFce Power Manager
« Last post by clatterfordslim on Today at 07:19:13 pm »
Maybe try running the battery out altogether of charge. I usually let mine run down to 10% then stick the charger back in.
I find nothing wrong with the XFCE power manager and every time I have upgraded this computer it's been fine.
Is your battery a clip in one that sits on the back, or is it actually inside the computer itself?? I will get round to taking this battery out altogether on this Lenovo as I prefer to be plugged in.

New Users / Re: screen tearing
« Last post by alynur on Today at 06:21:41 pm »
See chatterfordslim's tutorial here
I think trying to put everything in /etc is what's screwing it up.
General Discussion / Re: Peppermint is getting Resource hungry?
« Last post by rayzer on Today at 03:51:02 pm »
on idle with compositing & conky active im only getting about 435mb ram, my guess is either some process didnt shutdown properly or theres something like an updater running just after boot. i also have all the above programs instead plus a few more so have a look at htop and see whats using the memory.
Software & Applications / Re: XFce Power Manager
« Last post by windrose on Today at 01:57:11 pm »
Hello @windrose... I'm happy that @vinDSL chimed in and confirmed what I was beginning to suspect. Do you know how to access the bios on this laptop? If so reboot and follow the instructions (usually involving tapping tab or del, or one of your F keys) that quickly flash across your screen... then scour the bios for anything related to battery or power settings. If you do not know, you'll need to scour the Lenovo site for specific instructions for your make and model.

I would seriously consider returning this, along with your battery if there is still a window of opportunity to do so.

While the bios is theoretically "operating system agnostic," Lenovo is deeply entrenched & beholden to the windows os system. Thus the need to get windows working again to deploy the drivers you found. Is there a license sticker on the bottom of your machine? if so, that's all you need to reinstall...

If not, then well... let us know how you decide to proceed

(My Mother has a Lenovo that drives me bonkers support wise and I wanted to return, but she wouldn't agree. )

Spence, l have searched the bios and can find nothing that remotely looks like it may allow power options to be altered.
The computer was purchased used in fine condition with windows 8 loaded which l had wiped to install PM10.
I am wondering if l load up the PM respin would there be an opportunity to correct this or is the power manager something that is integral to the computer itself and not the OS? Just clutching straws l said previously l can live with it in this state but it bugs me that i can not revert to another power handling option.
ANDYINMOKUM had a suggestion but not knowing how to proceed at this time l am reluctant . Appreciate the help but l am not desperate for it .
General Discussion / Re: Peppermint is getting Resource hungry?
« Last post by Leviticus on Today at 05:47:06 am »
One thing comes to mind that after you performed the installs that some background service/program is running that was not before.  I would open the resource monitor to see what is running so you can confirm what is taking up the RAM.
General Discussion / Peppermint is getting Resource hungry?
« Last post by timehunter on Today at 05:35:54 am »
Hello everyone.
So when I first installed Peppermint os 10 respin, It used to allocate 390MB of my RAM after booting up the computer.
But after some update and installing LibreOffice, Audacity, Audacious and VLC, Now when I boot up the pc it allocates 597MB of my Ram.
Is this normal?
New Users / Re: Can't change desktop background
« Last post by AndyInMokum on Today at 02:41:52 am »
Hi Puxio, how's it going  :)?  Welcome to the Peppermint Forum?  As this is a new Peppermint installation, have you run a post-installation update and upgrade?  If you haven't done this, we highly recommend you do so.  This often resolves issues without the need for further intervention.

Since the time when your installation ISO was originally created, the kernel and the installed software packages may have gone through several upgrades.  Peppermint, like other Linux distributions is a very dynamic and rapidly evolving operating system.  Consequently, it needs to be kept as current as possible for optimal performance.  Please open a terminal window with the following keystrokes:


Enter, (Copy & Paste) the following commands into the terminal window:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
Hit enter and do the password thing if asked.  After this has completed, enter, (Copy & Paste) the following command into the terminal window:
Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
Hit enter again.  If you see anything being installed, reboot your computer on completion.  With a bit of luck, this may resolve your issue  ;).

Here are a few helpful tips, that new users will find useful :).

TipLinux is case sensitive.  To reduce the possibility of typographical errors, please left click the Code: [Select] function to highlight the line of code.  This is located above the command on the far left side.  Use the right mouse button and select: Copy from the menu.  With your mouse cursor inside the active terminal window.  Paste the contents by clicking the right mouse button and selecting: Paste from the menu.  For Chromium Browser and Google Chrome users.  There is no need to copy, just highlight.  With your mouse cursor inside the active terminal window, simply click on the centre mouse button/wheel  to paste the contents ;).

Note: For enhanced security, passwords are entered invisibly.   There’s NO indication of any user input.  By default "sudo" doesn't echo ANYTHING to screen (not even ******).  This way, anyone looking over your shoulder doesn't even get to see the length of your password.  You may enter an incorrect password 3 times before you have to repeat the command you’re trying to execute.
GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: xfce4 root desktop switch windows
« Last post by Slim.Fatz on Today at 02:15:16 am »
Hi whatfor,

Check out my tutorial about how to do this and see if that solves your issue.  ;) 
Although originally written for Peppermint Six, I am quite certain that it still works for all PeppermintOS versions since then. I guess I must update this tutorial in the next day or two ...  ::)


-- Slim
New Users / Re: Can't change desktop background
« Last post by emegra on Today at 01:42:56 am »
I changed image background but I can see it only for a second when I shutdown.

Has this issue only occurred since you changed the image ?

is so what image format is it ie .jpg, .png etc ?

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