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Hi straybit,

Thanks for the update. That's interesting, to say the least.  :o Since I never have used (and have no plans to ever use) WPS, I can only say that your solution is perhaps the best one.

But one question: if you have created a symlink in your home directory called Documents (which means that you actually no longer have a real Documents directory in your home, but only the symlink that carries that name) and it  points to the directory Documents (that you created in your data partiltion) then how are you managing to save any WPS docs at all?  :-\


-- Slim
User Submitted Tutorials / Re: How To: Use symlinks to a DATA partition
« Last post by straybit on Today at 09:59:48 am »
Hi, Slim,

I have used your wonderful How To to create a Data partition and it works great with a minor difficulty:  I have found one office suite that doesn't recognize/use symlinks.  WPS Office requires that I save to ~/Documents and, after I close that file in WPS, copy the file to the Data directory.  For me, that is a minor inconvenience.

If I click on the file in Data, modify it, and save - it will be saved in the Data directory. 

Software & Applications / Re: Linux and WhatsApp
« Last post by Fitzroy on Today at 06:52:50 am »
Hi, VinDSL,

Thanks for the info. about Opera I have downloaded and installed it and I'll try it out for a while although I'm happy with Firefox generally.

Software & Applications / Re: Linux and WhatsApp
« Last post by Fitzroy on Today at 06:49:24 am »
Hi, grafiksinc,

I did keep WhatsApp running on my phone but wrongly assumed that if I closed WhatsApp on my laptop but left the phone running it would then re-connect when I attempted to open WhatsApp again - clearly I hadn't thought it through.

However you have explained it clearly and it works well enough just a pity about the video not working but not the end of the world!!

Many thanks.
New Users / Map a network drive
« Last post by lliam53 on Today at 05:29:20 am »
Looked for this in div forum sections, no joy. Nowhere can I find a standard straightforward way to map my shared NAS folders to be available [useable by div programs] [which works no probelms in Windows] at all times and not be lost after reboot. All other info on this [sharing, mapping, use of NFS] is general Linux instructions and these never work in peppermint as there is always some 'problem' does not recognise the terms, need to be root... ] Nowhere is there a tutorial which starts at the beginning... I have a network drive.. and goes on step by step through the process until... the drive [shared folder on a drive whatever] will appear here or there. I always expect too much I suppose.
Software & Applications / Re: Linux and WhatsApp
« Last post by grafiksinc on Today at 05:02:39 am »
@FitzRoy -- glad you got ICE working.
That is correct... the way WhatsApp web works, is...... you do scan the QR and keep your phone connected to WhatsApp i.e.  open on your phone as well.

WhatsApp Web is an extension of the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, it doesn't work on its own. You can't use it as a stand-alone WhatsApp client, as it connects to the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.

This also means that the WhatsApp app must be running on your smartphone (either in the fore- or background), and that your smartphone must be connected to the internet.

At the end of my day I turn off my computer....... and the next day I do the QR code scan and stay synced all day while I work.

Hello. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, I am still an extreme beginner with using Linux. My problem is this, I am trying to use the UTAU program in wine, which will not recognize Japanese font, no matter what I try! I have tried every command line in terminal that I could find online, I feel like I might have broke a file or something by now, because when I open Language settings in the menu on my computer, it automatically opens wine and shows an error message!

"Runtime error!
Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Amarok\bin\kcmshell4.exe
abnormal program termination"

 What have I done...?

The font in Japanese programs are all gibberish and squares. I've tried LANG=ja_JP.utf8 wine and it does absolutely nothing for me. I hope I haven't killed my computer. LOL.

Any help would be appreciated. I think I'm too dumb for Linux, every single time I try installing any simple program, it literally takes me hours and I mess up a file or two in the process. lol.

Thanks in advance.
Software & Applications / Re: Software Manager.
« Last post by Fitzroy on Today at 03:57:41 am »
Hi, folks,

Sorry to raise this again but have just gone into Software and Software manager and the same problem as before nothing there.

Did as invisible suggested last time which worked OK but this time whilst I Software manager has re-appeared when I try Software I just get "software catalogue is being loaded" but it never completes.

Anyone any idea why it should have "lost" this after it resolved last time and why only Software manager now "works" after updating for a second time?
Software & Applications / Re: Linux and WhatsApp
« Last post by Fitzroy on Today at 03:36:59 am »
Hi, grafiksinc,

Read the guide to ICE and surprisingly I had done it correctly - well it is pretty simple - but each time I click on the WhatsApp icon in the menu I just get a blank screen.  Should I be scanning the QR code every time which seems a bit strange if so?

Doesn't look as if video works as it may be phone specific as you said.

Software & Applications / Re: Linux and WhatsApp
« Last post by Fitzroy on Today at 03:12:09 am »
Hi, grafiksinc,

I tried to follow your idea about using ICE (without knowing quite what I was doing!!) and your link and scanned the QR code and sure enough the WhatsApp logo appeared in the internet part of the menu. When I attempted to open it after a few seconds I just got a blank screen.

I don't know if I used ICE correctly probably not which may be why I get nothing.

I'll check out the ICE guide you have sent (thank you) and hopefully it will sink in!

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