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...or maybe a bigger SSD .. the more free space on an SSD, the longer they'll last)

Another idea is STORAGE .. data is evrything right ? (hardware can be replaced, data often can't) .. maybe a dual drive NAS, where you can mirror the drives for peace of mind.
(after an SSD, a NAS is now something I absolutely couldn't live without)

Thanks - I appreciate your perspective. Seems like SSD's have come down in price in the last year or so. I see a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO.... $150 for the SATA model. $170 for the M.2. These things used to be monstrously expensive...

I'm running PM7 btw. I had some screen tearing issues with PM8 and 9, so I stuck with 7. I'm very happy with Peppermint 7. I'm away from home, or I'd (inxi?) display my system hardware.  8GB of DDR4 2400. 64GB SSD. It's pretty basic, so there's not a whole lot to talk about. I've built a handful of desktop systems since about 2011 or so, so I've seen the progress into quad, hex and octo-core cpu's, etc. Hyper-threading, etc. I think the very first cpu I had was a single-core AMD Sempron. And I upgraded shortly thereafter to a dual-core Intel chip and, yeah, there was a noticeable difference. But  aside from that, thinking about what I do with my desktop computer, and although it's not particularly sexy or exciting, it's occurred to me that I'm probably a prime candidate for dual-core computing.

Sure there will be a boost. Everything will be a little faster and snappier. However, for your uses, the noticeable performance boost will be negligible. Dual cores are great for most uses, and your Celeron is basically the previous year's Pentium, which is the year before that's i3. (I think that's basically how Intel processors work, in a nutshell) I looked up the specs on that Celeron G3930 and it looks like a terrific processor.

Bottom line: if you're happy with what you have, I wouldn't upgrade.

Thanks. This is great feedback, and much in line with some of my own thoughts.

I have some christmas$$ on Amazon from various sources. I've been thinking about upgrading my desktop system. I guess the real question I have is whether I would notice a difference, given my usage. I've got a 7th generation Celeron in there, right now, and I was thinking about upgrading to an i3-8100. But... I don't game. No video editing, or whatever.  I don't have a particular complaint with the G3930 Celeron. Is there really any point in upgrading?? I stream video, I web surf... stream music. Do you really need a quad-core cpu to do this sort of thing? Or, more to the point, am I likely to notice any improvement, whatsoever?? I thought I'd pose this question to people that actually seem to know what they're talking about on this forum, instead of reading user reviews on amazon or newegg, I feel like most of the folks on there. Well, you said keep it clean, so I digress...

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:51:14 pm »
Unless the owner specifies differently I'd assume that's 1366x768 because the description says:-

14" Wide HD display

and resolutions are usually referred to as

1366x768 = HD
1600x900 = HD+
1920x1080 = FHD

Roger that. That's about what I suspected.

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: October 25, 2018, 12:24:31 pm »
I'd ABSOLUTELY recommend the Dell's .. doesn't matter if they're i5 or i7

But I'd go for one with at least 8GB RAM, and NOT the ones with a 1366x768 screen .. 1600x900 seems the sweet spot, but there's always FHD (1920x1080) which IMHO is a bit over the top.

I was looking at this laptop, and, you know, the seller seems reputable, and great price, but I googled the specs for an e6430s and it seems like it would probably be a 1366x768 screen. Although, I've not specifically emailed the seller to ask. 8GB of RAM though. I suppose you'd pass? $160 though. Gee I was about to bite until I remembered what you were saying about the different screen resolutions.

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:09:13 pm »
Just a comment on support for PM 7/8/9... 2021/2021/2023  ;)
10-4. Thanks for that. I was thinking it was something like that. So I still have a few more years of support left in this P7.

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:04:22 pm »
... at least 8GB RAM, and NOT the ones with a 1366x768 screen .. 1600x900 seems the sweet spot, but there's always FHD (1920x1080) which IMHO is a bit over the top.
Roger that, thanks. Yeah I agree, if this is to be my go-to machine, probably ought to go with the 8GB of RAM. I just have to make sure I'm not spending money I don't have, at the moment.  Ethel, here, still has some life left in her. That's my desktop unit - hah hah.

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:00:45 pm »
... you might want to look around their site for a higher-end model. They have 16 available, as I type:

Yeah I think I'll continue to look. I said I was ready to purchase, but yeah I dunno. I probably shouldn't spend the $$ at the moment. I'm running this home-built desktop that's fine. Sports a Kaby Lake Celeron (I know, you're in awe - hah hah) and 8GB of DDR4 which is probably why it runs so smooth. A small-ish SSD - 64GB. Like I said, I'm not a power-user.  I mean it's fine. As desktops go it's not much, but it's all relative, it's still a lot more powerful than many low-end laptops. I thought about upgrading the CPU, maybe even upgrading the mobo to Coffee Lake and get a i3 quad-core for about a buck-and-a-quarter$$. The Coffee Lake motherboards have come down drastically in price since last time I looked. We'll see. This machine is fine. I get bored and wanting to fix things that ain't broke.

General Discussion / Re: Dell e6430
« on: August 28, 2018, 08:49:19 pm »
Speaking of Peppermint 7... does Redstone 6 look familiar to you?

Yep that looks just like the P7 screen.

General Discussion / Dell e6430
« on: August 25, 2018, 05:41:32 pm »
So I am thinking I might get one of these much-renowned Latitude 6430's, recommended by PCNetSpec, and others, some time ago. I'm presuming they still maintain ample utility in today's world, even if they were introduced many years back. There are a number of options on Ebay and Newegg; I'm trying to purchase from a vendor that looks legit, like Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, a money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty. (I realize that electronics can fail at any time, but it seems likely that if you get a lemon, it's probably (often) going to rear its head sooner, rather than later.)

So I'm looking at this: but of course there are a number of other options on Newegg and Ebay. I know there are i5's and i7's available, out there. I'm less interested in a really high-power machine than I am just something really solid, swappable, interchangeable, maybe you know what I mean. I'm just saying that for what I'm doing with this machine, it probably doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether it's an i5 or an i7, I'm pretty unlikely to notice the dif, personally.

I built a desktop with a fairly recent low-end CPU (Kaby Lake Celeron) and I have been running Peppermint 7 on it with few or no problems. (Had some screen tearing in P8 and P9, so I stuck with P7) I have been reasonably happy with it - except that I have really limited space, and the rat's nest of wires you get with the desktop system. I'm sort of neurotic in my minimalism, and this bugs me. So my idea is a reasonably small, neat footprint and few or no external accessories. Maybe a wireless mouse, or maybe not. But not really something I'm probably gonna port around with me, probably a sort of self-contained stationary at-home unit, that doesn't resemble whatever crawled out of the Husky's belly in The Thing.

I have a Chromebook that I'll probably tuck in my backpack for out-of-town excursion, or maybe even just my iPhone in some cases. I think these older laptops are considerably heavier/bulkier than modern units. Which in some sense is probably good, esp. for the purpose that I just described, I think. Anyway, probably swap out whatever hdd that comes with the Latitude with the SSD that I had in my desktop system, and presumably upgrade to Peppermint 9. Store the Windows HDD somewhere for safekeeping, or just reformat it and use it for a secondary drive. Something. I haven't used Windows for 7 or 8yrs. I don't know why I would start now.

How long is the support for P7/8/9?? I think I was told the support for Peppermint 7 was thru... 2020 or something like that? That's why I never bothered to upgrade to 8 or 9, being completely happy with P7. It seemed pretty close to perfect to me.

Anyway. I'm rambling. I'm open to any ideas about this thing - the Dell laptop. I've toyed with this before but I think I'm gonna move on it sometime next week. Thanks for listening.

General Discussion / Google's Steely Tentacles.
« on: January 24, 2018, 01:09:13 am »
I didn't find it terribly hard to distance myself from the world of Microsoft, especially once I'd deployed Linux in its place. I had a brief fling with Skype, but that was years ago, probably before it was owned by Microsoft. I can't really think of any Microsoft product I'm using at the moment.

Google's a different matter. I've been pretty wrapped up and entangled in the Google universe for the last few years. I've had Chromebooks, and right now I'm in a temporary situation where I am using just the Chromebook until I can get a Linux laptop up and running, probably with tax refunds a little later this winter - so in a few weeks. I was reading an 8-part series of articles by Brian Lunduke at Network World. I think the first one I read was "Part 4" where he talks about ditching GMail and using another mail system.

I feel this same urge to disentangle myself from Google. Call it instinct. All the tracking and using my information, it's starting to bug me. So, I've made similar adjustments...

Strangely enough, even during this interim in which I'm using an actual Chromebook, there are still some non-Google products to begin with. I established an account with Fastmail, I'm using Duck Duck Go as my default search engine. There's this pCloud storage to replace Google Drive, which I think will work fine. I don't really think I'm going to really miss these particular Google products, but like Lunduke summarizes in part 8, there, there are a couple sticking points - well, at least one. I haven't found any perfect replacement for Hangouts. Namely, for me, free texting and calling from my laptop. I'm not hugely infatuated with my smartphone.

I think Lastpass (password manager) can be installed on Firefox, adblock, no problem. Most of these things probably aren't too difficult to switch over and avoid Google.  I think Hangouts is the sticking point. I have that Google phone number that I've used for years, and I'm not eager to lose it. I've actually used it as my primary contact. If I'm going to retain Hangouts and that phone number, obviously I can't just delete my Google account.

As I've indicated in other posts, I plan to get one of these Dell Latitude laptops, run Peppermint 7 or 8, and probably Firefox as the default browser. I'm not far enough into this thing to say for sure whether I will go completely sans-Google. But maybe that shouldn't be the ultimate goal... or should it? Google didn't get to be Google by not having any good ideas... Maybe best not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Hardware / Re: laptops.
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:36:02 pm »
What about bluetooth? is that a possible add-on? A card or something? I'm specifically thinking of maybe a bluetooth speaker. I've had some cheap ones in the past, though, and they haven't been stellar insofar as connecting/dropping/reconnecting. I've listened to some Bose bluetooth speakers that sound really good, but I imagine they cost an arm and a leg. I have some Amazon Basics usb-powered speakers that are actually quite decent, but you know the morass of wires you get with wired accessories... bah humbug.

Hardware / Re: laptops.
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:37:12 pm »
If I ever decide to buy another laptop, I'll follow VinDSL's lead and wait for the sale at the Dell Refurb website... cfx795 which memory and Vin's previous post history reveals should be coming up shortly...

I guess the purchasing from Dell would also be my preference. Hopefully it coincides with my positive cash flow.  ;)

Hardware / Re: laptops.
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:15:32 am »
OK. Huh. Well, a lot of the 6430 laptops on the Dell site had the Quadro graphics. I didn't look real carefully at the offerings on eBay. So the discrete graphics can be switched on or off, huh? Interesting. I have a lot to think about. Well maybe not that much, but I'll be shopping on the Dell and eBay sites over the coming weeks.

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