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Software & Applications / Re: Can't install Dropbox
« on: December 09, 2014, 07:23:55 pm »
Hi SamuelWhiskey, sorry to hear you are still having issues configuring Dropbox.  Now you have got your machine up to speed, (the commands given are standard update upgrade commands for Debian based distros).  Can you explain exactly what is happening when you try to configure Dropbox?  This way we are able to better ascertain what the issue is.  Many thanks  ;).
Basically I installed and ran all upgrades FIRST, as this is not my first linux install, and I went to Menu, Internet, clicked on dropbox and the box which say it is installing dropbox (the box said this, not me by the way since someone asked why I was installing dropbox when it was already installed) as I have done with every Debian based Linux distro I have used in the last several years, but this one gets to 100% and sits there and never completes the "installation".
I am no expert, but usually at this point another box opens and you complete the set up and sign in to drop box. This never happens in this instance.
Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

Me either. It wont finish installing. Says 100% but just sits there and never finishes.

Edit: Topic Split from posting: can't get dropbox to work as it is a topic in it's own right.

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