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General Discussion / [SOLVED] Empty replies unde rmy posts?
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:23:46 am »

I've noticed that there are empty replies under my questions. Why is that?
The sender seems to be Peppermint OS Community Forum.

Can someone explain this reason?

Ps.:it also seems that i can't attach any files??

Software & Applications / Re: Using Wicd?
« on: November 19, 2014, 06:20:57 am »
Thanks everybody!

The reason why i want Wicd is that i prefer Wicd over the "standard" Gnome network manager. Wicd is more configrable and gives me a better overview of my network connections.

I'll try that tutorial!

General Discussion / Re: The 'obligatory' forum members Introduction topic
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:33:57 pm »
I've already posted some questions which were answered by some (thanks for that!). Just found this part of the forum.

Ok, my name is Nomko. I'm from The Hague, The Netherlands, male 40 yr. I've been using computers since mid 90's, somewhere around 1995/1996. I started out with a 486SX50 and for those who don't know this processor type: it is basically a 486 DX CPU without the floating point unit (FPU). With that system i ran DOS 3.3 and later on up to DOS 6.22 till i switched to Win95, Windows NT4.0 (due to some instability with Win95 i switched to Win NT4.0) followed by Win98 and after that used Win 200 Pro for several years. Then used XP for a few years and ditch Windows completely for Linux after getting annoyed and pissed off due to an overkill of malware...

Started in 2007 with Ubuntu 7.04 installing all version after that till Ubuntu 10.04. Stopped using Ubuntu after version 10.04.3 when they introduced the horrible Unity desktop. Started using Mint and ended up with Mint 17 which feels and looks good, they've made great improvements but beside that it feels somewhat bloated and sluggish.

Was reading something about Peppermint OS and i felt like i should give Peppermint a try. Although not really found of the Lxde desktop, the overall look of Peppermint pleases me in some way. i am!

I won't say i'm a experienced user or a real geek or nerd, i'm a regular user that just happens to know a lot about Linux to a certain level, learning it the hard way.  I always repair my own systems, always putting my own systems together and even a laptop i fix.

I have a desktop system and a MSI GE70-2PE notebook which will replace my current desktop completely.

Software & Applications / Using Wicd?
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:19:00 pm »

After installing Peppermint, can i use the Wicd application over the standard network-manager application? IF so, which packages do i need to remove?


New Users / Questions regarding Peppermint
« on: November 18, 2014, 11:40:04 am »
Although Iím not really fond of LXDE, the idea of peppermint pleases me. Even so, I have some questions about peppermint and the filemanager PCManFM:

  • How well does Dropbox integrates with the filemanager? In the past there seem to be lots of issues with PCManFM and Dropbox
  • Can i use other cloud storage services like and can i use their tool under PCManFM?
  • What options do i have to finetune/customize Peppermint to suit my needs? (i.e.: dockbar like Cairo dock/moving menu/taskbar tu upperside of screen?)
  • Does Menulibre work with Peppermint?

Hope someone can answer my questions.
Many thanks!

New Users / [SOLVED] Why those ridiculous captiva system?
« on: November 14, 2014, 06:10:18 pm »
Just posted my first post and at the end before posting you are forced to move some pictures in the right category as a system against antipsam.

Never encounter such a weird and ridiculous system at any forum.

My first thought was: why in gods name such a weird system??? Some pictures are completely blured in such way you must guess what it shows to find out later you put in the wrong category......

New Users / Re: should i use bleachbit?
« on: November 14, 2014, 06:05:57 pm »
Interesting topic, and as a experienced Linux user (although new to peppermint OS) my answer to this question will be yes and no. Bleachbit is like CCleaner  a GUI tool combining several cleaning options which most programs are "equipped" with into 1 single tool.  As said, most options are already available under Linux implemented in programs or as a CLI.

Bleachbit  consist of to user modes: 1 user mode which only cleans the .home folder and 1 user mode which cleans the whole root partition which needs root access as well to clean out some folders which are only accessible as root.

When a user has a large disc there's no need to clean up that disc since Linux doesn't fill up disc space with crap. However, Bleachbit can be useful when a user has a small disc and were any reclaimed disc space can be used for anything else but log files, backup files, .dat files, etc.

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