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I figured there are *bound* to be the occasional

Peppermint Version(s): are all <enter random expletive here>

kinda entry .. but they could do that in the "personal text" field anyway (unless disabled) and on the whole it might -

a) be handy for helpers to know what version to give help for.

b) give a small feeling of community .. though I suppose it could equally become an "us and them" thing.

c) give you some small amount of voluntary data on how well particular versions are doing.

Ubuntu had the opportunity to make something special with Ubuntu One (system backup, or settings syncing, or maybe package syncing across installations, etc.) but instead they decided to just be another dropbox  ::)

Its could have fitted well with their much vaunted "convergence of UI / platforms" too.

What as in

Operating System:


I *did* have the field explanation say leave "blank if none" .. but sure .. or I can remove it altogether, to an extent I'm just experimenting with forum options and what might be handy.

Sorry, but nobody is going to email you.

T23 uses an S3 SuperSaavge graphics chip .. I'd try Peppermint 3 if I were you.

Networking / Re: Persistent samba shares [SOLVED]
« on: April 05, 2014, 04:27:44 pm »
no problem.

Software & Applications / Re: Emulators
« on: April 05, 2014, 04:26:20 pm »
So let me get this right .. your goal is to play a game in a Windows PSX emulator,  running in a Windows emulator (okay compatibility layer for the sticklers)  in Linux ?

Sommat tells me that won't work.  :o

Are there not Linux native PSX emulators ?

The strain of Peppermint's rejection may have simply been too much to bear.   :D

Yeah, couldn't take the humiliation .. if you can't stand the heat......

Networking / Re: Persistent samba shares [SOLVED]
« on: April 05, 2014, 03:34:43 pm »
Yeah that works, but they aren't being automounted .. and you may find some weird issues opening certain file types.

But gimme a shout if you have any weird issues like that.

What are you running Peppermint on? / Re: HP635
« on: April 05, 2014, 02:35:54 pm »
Hi OnwardDecent, and welcome to the forum :)

SMART data, and Linux supports it too .. so will warn of a HDD that fails some of its parameter checks.

Problem will be when a drive *suddenly* fails .. and trust me, it happens.

Networking / Re: Persistent samba shares
« on: April 05, 2014, 01:52:28 pm »
OK, reboot again, and do nothing that might mount the share .. just open a terminal and run:
Code: [Select]
sudo mount.cifs //imac/cdlibrary /media/imac/cdlibrary
are you prompted for a username/password, or does it just dump you back at an $ prompt ?

If it dumps you at an $ prompt .. try opening file manager, is cdlibrary listed in the left hand coulmn ? and does it contain the contents you expected ?

I don't think I ever backed up a computer system in my entire life... Probably cause I know how to get my information off a failing machine.... 

That would be terribly difficult on a failed HDD  :o

They say they're ditching it to concentrate on their core strategy of creating covergence between devices

Quote from: Canonical
However, like any company, we want to focus our efforts on our most important strategic initiatives and ensure we are not spread too thin.

Our strategic priority for Ubuntu is making the best converged operating system for phones, tablets, desktops and more

But I have to agree with this comment on Canonical blog posting by Keith Hill

Quote from: Keith Hill
It seems a super-stupid move to ditch your integrated synchronisation platform when you are trying to achieve a ‘unified’ experience across desktop and mobile platforms. 


UbuntuOne should not trying to complete with Dropbox or other alternatives. It should be offering an alternative to iCloud.

I fear this may be another of Canonicals weird and not well thought out decisions ..

Canonical have decided to close the Ubuntu One cloud storage service.

The Ubuntu One file services will not be included in the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release, and the Ubuntu One apps in older versions of Ubuntu and in the Ubuntu, Google, and Apple stores will be updated appropriately.

The service will be available until 1st June 2014, but  customers can no longer sign up for ithe service or make purchases. Users’ content will be available until 31st July 2014, after which it will be deleted, Canonical said in a blog post.. Customers with paid accounts will have their fees refunded back to the day of the announcement. The company said it will try to give users an easy path to download their content and migrate to other services.

I gather emails are being sent out, but make sure you download your content before they close.

What are you running Peppermint on? / Re: Dell Optiplex GX150
« on: April 05, 2014, 06:55:28 am »
Hey if it works and you're happy with it, why change eh ;)

Peppermint 2 was a great version, and the one that drew me to Peppermint.

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