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Could you guess some reasons for this happen? As said in my question, I already do checksum the ISO file (both MD5 and SHA256), and nothing wrong.

New Users / Strange thing, 1 ISO 2 different username in 2 live usb
« on: June 16, 2019, 10:03:56 pm »
I use the same ISO file of peppermint 10 (64 bit) to create 2 live usb and use on same laptop. The strange thing is that in one live usb, the username of Peppermint os is "ubuntu" and in the other, the username is "peppermint".
Is that happen on purpose? if so, what is its purpose? Or, is it unexpected thing?
I just checksum both MD5 and SHA256 and result is the same in official site of peppermint (, the ISO file is downloaded from this site.

New Users / vs (SOLVED)
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:11:46 am »
I see "" in, but now peppermint site is "",  and google search "" just see result of "" in first page, not see "" in a few first pages. I guess owners of Peppermint os change the domain name.  Now, is that "" still belong Peppermint os, and is that still safe when download from ""?

I try peppermint os (a distro bases on Lubuntu) on live usb. Check ram by the command

Code: [Select]
free -h
and the result is

My usb is 4G, my ram is 4G.

Why swap is 5.7G? And does this happen in any other ubuntu based distros?

As I understand, trying ubuntu distros on live usb does not create swap on hard disk, so I think to 3 cases:

1. I already created a swap of 4G before (when I created dual boot), and this swap is used, but here swap is 5.7G

2. Another swap is created on the usb, but my usb only has 4G; so why swap is 5.7G?

3. a swap of 1.7 G is created on usb, and 5.7G is the result of combining he two swaps. But I check my usb is 2.5G free and the linux iso in it is about 1.3G, so cannot have a swap of 1.7G on my usb

UPDATE:: The answer is at

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