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Advanced Topics / Problems, to boot Peppermint.
« on: December 28, 2018, 09:33:40 am »
Hello dear community,  :D I come to make a topic, about a problem that arose yesterday and that I do not know how to solve it. The problem is the following. I came very well using Peppermint, about a month and two weeks ago, and I decided to try another system, called Fedora, from which I made the installation creating a new partition, BUT this installation asked me to make another partition called Bios Boot Paritition, for continue to the installation of the system, so I agreed, but I realized that after a few minutes after the installation, I had an EFI partition, of which, the bios recognized the Peppermint partition. When I continued with the installation, I realized that my computer no longer recognized my partition of Peppermint and neither of Fedora, which I had to reboot the Fedora installation, to redo the installation and delete the Bios Boot partition. By doing this cause the bios does not recognize the partition of Peppermint even though I already had the EFI partition, therefore I had to delete it, as well as make a new partition EFI in the installation of Fedora so that it can bootear in the bios, this I worked but I do not know how to make the EFI partition, give the order to the bios so that it also recognizes Peppermint. I have to clarify that my partition table on my hard drive is GPT, which is why I was asked to do the installation of Fedora, a Bios Boot partition, that's all

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