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+Linux NOOB here.
I have Windows XP on an SSD on this old AMD x64 4400+ PC ..... 4Gb Ram & 1Gb HD7770
Runs great.
I installed the New (May 2018) Peppermint on a partition. ... but there is not enough room on the SSD for files & games.
I have a 1Tb WD Black for the games (2 Partitions).
I did a link in Steam for games on the HDD...
When I re-boot the PC, the games on the HDD Partition (524Gb) it dissapears and I get this message

"Unable to mount DATA
No object for D-Bus interface"

Is there a SIMPLE way to get Peppermint to do the obvious..... or do I have to spend years becoming a Linux specialist in my already too busy life?

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