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General Discussion / Re: peppermint 8 very intuitive
« on: October 21, 2017, 01:45:30 am »
using peppermint was the best fit for the lenovo thinkcentre towers which only has an intel dual core cpu and just 2 gigs ram...i knew that a full blown LM cinnamon 18.2 would be too heavy an OS for these boxes and i already knew that the cpu was known for slightly higher heat generation than most computers out xfce is not as easy to navigate through to its many settings to customize the system,and peppermint 8 was just right...sounds like goldie locks and the three bears here lol, but it is a perfect fit,they all snap along real nice with instantaneous response...very impressive results...DAMIEN

General Discussion / Re: peppermint 8 very intuitive
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:14:11 pm »
ah ok great lol...i had visions of having to go through the spam guard everytime...thanks for the heads up that i wont have to see that one again lol...great work here you guys...DAMIEN

General Discussion / peppermint 8 very intuitive
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:16:30 am »
hi folks...not a newbie to linux since i am a lm 18.2 cinnamon user but have found and used peppermint on a 10 yr old eee pc netbook and have also installed peppermint 8 on 14 donated lenovo thinkcentre tower computers m57 m57e and m58 series that i then donate to school kids that otherwise wouldnt be able to have one of their own for school work...after already using linux mint systems in various flavours, i just found mint xfce to be somewhat wanting and found peppermint 8 to be much more intuitive and for the users intended, it was much easier for them to use as well...since i do not use nor trust cloud usage, i found it quite easy to just "sudo apt purge ice" as well as "sudo apt purge nemo-dropbox" on all of these systems after making sure that these students would not be using cloud services...also quite easy to hide the varied "google services, firefox etc. as well"...ive also changed browser preferences by using .deb to download both the slimjet and opera browsers and installing the search engine as the opening page for both...they are much faster then the out of the box chromium in all of these systems ive installed peppermint 8 in thus all i did thereafter was the usual "sudo apt purge chromium-browser" and have had nothing but a delight in using this version of linux...i have been reading your forum for sometime now and thought i would now make an appearence as well as letting everyone know what a superb system peppermint 8 is for lower powered systems...(i will still be using LM cinnamon for my high powered systems though lol)...both iterations are extremly fine operating systems in their own rite, its just what is right for the particular system hardware that it will be used on...looking forward to being able to contribute whatever info i can for the forum here in future and will advidely be reading the posts...thanks only thing i find annoying is the ant-spam guard as im not used to seeing this on the linux mint forums lol

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