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General Discussion / Re: Critics attack Linux Mint
« on: December 22, 2016, 03:12:32 am »

(**Forum mods: Is it alright to revive older threads?**)

The author of that "attack" article at that OP Slim.Fatz quoted, is a Debian guy? (COUGH No wonder he attacks Mint COUGH). But I admit that his remarks in that article may have a point (I don't know, and I don't really care, to be honest.)

"Putting people at risk" by offering Linux Mint? Is this Debian FUD? What about the millions of people that use Windows??

"The quality of Mint is questionable"? The Debian people had better not attack Mint too much. In the year I run Debian I have had (and still have) more issues with Debian (8.2 now), than I ever had with Linux Mint, and this is after having used Mint 13, MInt 14 and now Mint 17.1-3.

As a GNU/Linux user for nine years, I will recommend Linux Mint over Debian without any hesitation.

General Discussion / One Windows-only program that I gravely miss in Linux
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:48:36 am »
Are there any Windows-only programs that you miss in Linux?

There is one Windows-only program that I miss very much, and that is Corel's program "PhotoPAINT" (part of their CorelDRAW graphics suite). I have no objections with 'buying' proprietary software, if it is good (Ya readin' this, Microsoft?). I remember buying StarOffice boxed, long ago, before OpenOffice was well-known, for example. ApplixWare, anyone? Or Sid Meier's "Civilisation Call to Power" by Loki.

I have been using Corel PhotoPAINT for years (just) to edit pictures, and I find it a pleasure to use. I love it.

Many eons ago I once tried CorelDRAW 7 in Wine under Ubuntu, I believe. It kinda worked, but it crashed when trying to save pictures (and the menu font was not a very readable one).

There is something called The GIMP, but I think GIMP stands for "Great Irritating Miserable Program"", for there is more than one thing that I find irritating in The GIMP (That free floating Toolbox, aaaaarghhhhh). I find myself liking even Microsoft Paint more than The GIMP (for certain simple actions). Pinta and Krita are more like Windows Paint and aren't really a replacement for Corel PhotoPAINT.

If Corel released their CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Linux (and if it weren't too costly), then I would buy it right away.

General Discussion / Re: Females using Peppermint ?
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:23:03 am »
In my world, my man is the one who throws up his hands if something doesn't work right.
So, LNXlady, is it true that you are a tomboy?  :D (Just kidding, please do not feel offended...)

I have a female friend. She knows her way around in Windows (more than many women I know, which aren't  THAT many, but anyway), but she has no interest in installing and trying out Linux.

I think that computers-and-stuff is a bit of a technical thing, and "technical things" are more of a male thing? Women will be interested, but to dive into Linux, for example, is another matter.

Really, who cares  :-\.

My parents care about Flash :)

They like playing these online games, and those need Flash.

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: A total noob distro hopping
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:03:01 am »
I find myself having become an adherent of Debian and its offspring.

The few times that I have tried  something-else (Fedora and OpenSUSE - oh, and FreeBSD that gave me this "Operating System not found" error at first boot after install, sheesh), it did not go so well (although it most likely would have, if I had given it more time).

Debian and its offspring are wonderful systems (the inventor of the Synaptic Package manager/apt-get should get a statue - on the Moon, so that the whole of mankind could see it!).

Only once I made Mint (13 or 15, can't remember) crash, after I had installed Compiz.

And one other time I had a kernel panic at first boot after reinstalling Debian 7 (second install went fine). But further than that, I love Debian-and-its-offspring. I will most likely never "defect".

What's Adobe Flash again?

Long live HTML5 :D (Alright, I am mainly talking about YouTube here.)

It's a good thing that Flash is no longer absolutely necessary. It was, still is very resource hungry. Flash should die, if you ask me.

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Hands on and reviewing Nokia's Z Launcher
« on: December 22, 2016, 01:25:42 am »
<bump> ;D

I have tried a few different launchers a couple of times, back with my Galaxy S, but I didn't know much about launchers and I never felt quite comfortable about it. ("This really ain't gonna wreck my Galaxy, will it?")

I have two HTC smartphones, and I see no reason to use another launcher. HTC and their "Sense" are quite nice.


Well, I "hate" it that Samsung (and Apple, and Microsoft, and Intel, and Putin, and the NSA, and, and, and...) is so big in the smartphone market.

My first smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S. I still have it, although I don't really use it anymore.

A couple of years ago I did NOT buy a Samsung on purpose and went for HTC instead. First a "Desire 601", and because I have two SIM cards/phone numbers, I later got a second HTC model: the (gold coloured) "One Mini 2".

I like HTC's "Sense" (version 6, that is). I like the scrolling up/down, instead of left/right. It is my experience that HTC is as good as Samsung.

When I look around at other people with a smartphone, then they either have an iPhone or a Samsung. As if iPhones and Samsungs are all there is...
Barely any of my colleagues at work even know HTC.
I have a sister, and recently she bought a new smartphone. 50% chance you can guess which brand it is, the first time.

I also have an iPhone 4 - but as excuse I bought it second-hand (so, Apple didn't make any money on me :D At least, not with their iPhones), just to see what all that "iPhone fuss" was all about. iOS, although looking and working nice, is boring, and I can change nothing about it. I will never buy another iPhone.

I regret that people aren't more "open-minded" and try other brands (although I understand it). But one or two companies having such a strong market position is a bad thing - just look at the computer desktop culture and Microsoft's near-absolute ruling it.

Perhaps we should be glad that Samsung does not own Android.

Advanced Topics / Re: Language of calendar/days in taskbar is German?
« on: October 15, 2016, 05:36:49 pm »
Try clicking on Apply System-Wide (both tabs in Language Support) after choosing your preferences, close all windows and log out/in.

Hope this helps!  ;)
GNULINX, slap me around the ears, for I logged out and back in, and the Calendar is now, indeed, in English :P

(Why didn't I think of logging out and back in?)

I am a perfectionist, so, having something in a different language just won't do.

Much obliged, GNULINUX!

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Bulgaria goes Open source.
« on: October 15, 2016, 05:27:55 pm »
A little <bump>, if I may :)

I don't want to ruin the party, but... Back in 2004, the "department" of the (federal) government of my country switched to SLED Linux 10 w/ KDE 3.5, after years of Windows 2000 (at the end, my PC needed more than 3 minutes to take me to the W2K desktop.) Before W2K, we ran a UNIX network (IBM's AIX 4.3). It was rock-solid.

SLED 10 worked fine for nearly 8 years (it never got updated, though...). All my colleagues had no problem working with it. We used OpenOffice 2.4 (which also was never upgraded/replaced).

Then Microsoft got word of the switch to Linux and decided to find it unacceptable that the government of my country no longer ran their software products (meaning: MS Windows and MS Office). So, two years ago now, we all got new ("refurbished") computers with Windows 7 on them.

When I ask people from IT (just for fun) whether Windows or Linux is better, they start chuckling.  We all know why...

Everyone in said department of my country now runs Windows 7 Enterprise, and Microsoft Windows is still the same crap that it has always been. Two years into Window 7, and the "degradation" has already begun. My two home computers with Windows Vista run faster than Windows 7 (Surely this cannot be because of extra network settings at work...)

I once asked the "IT Helpdesk" why Windows was chosen, and the reply was that Microsoft was asked what was the best way to uniformize the 'computer park'. I still wonder if they were sh!tting me. (They probably meant it.)

Just for fun, I also once asked IT if we couldn't get Macs. I got a reply, saying Macs are too expensive :P (As if I don't know that.)

Microsoft Windows is the MOST unreliable thing that I have ever worked with in my entire life.

So, the Bulgarians better enjoy their Opensource programs. It won't last. :'(

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Xenial Xerus
« on: October 15, 2016, 05:01:20 pm »
If Unity is anything like Gnome 3, then I "hate" Unity as much as I "hate" Gnome 3.

Even long before I had internet, I got and installed SUSE Linux (5 or 6, I believe). That was when one could still buy "real" Linux CD-roms with a real manual in "retail" boxes.
I also still have such a box with Red Hat 5 here somewhere.
SuSE Linux never worked well, probably because of PICNIC issues.
Some years later, Mandrake worked much, much better (alongside Windows Millennium, which worked much, much better than Windows 98, too, contrary to what everyone else says).

I really got going with Linux back in 2007 with Ubuntu 7.10, "Gutsy Gibbon". Ubuntu 10.04, "Lucid Lynx", was the nicest OS that I have had, ever, period. I loved Gnome 2. I so dislike Gnome 3. The Gnome Shell Extensions make Gnome 3 much more user-friendly, yet I still don't like it.
I also never liked KDE much. Perhaps because it reminded me of Windows too much :P

End of 2012, I accidentally picked the wrong partition to try and install Fedora (yeah, wel, sh!t happens, ya know), and in doing so deleted Ubuntu 10.04 (always keep backups!!!). Fedora worked, but I found Gnome 3 ter-ri-bly user-unfriendly.

Alongside Peppermint 7, I have Debian 8.2 running: it too has Gnome 3 standard, but I almost always start xfce or Fluxbox. I "hate" Gnome 3, I just "hate" it. (Alright, "hate" is a too strong word.) I think that Gnome 3/Unity is to the Linux desktop what Windows 8 is to Windows.

(For centuries "Menu" (word/icon) has been at the top left in program windows: with Gnome 3 they replaced it to the top right /rolleyes/ I, for example, use anything BUT Gedit because of things like that.)

I have read the explanation for the removal of the minimize/maximize buttons. Total and utter nonsense, if you ask me.

Gnome 3 - what were they thinking?

Anyway, since support for "Lucid Lynx" was ending only a few months after I had 'overwritten' Ubuntu with Fedora, I didn't reinstall Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Linux Mint. I now run Linux Mint (Maté) at my main computer for over 3 years (alongside Windows Vista, which works fine, contrary to what the rest of the world says), and I love Linux Mint.

Since I had an extra, empty partition at my new HD, I installed Peppermint. I admit I had never heard of it. Peppermint 7 looks and works really nice.

It is because of the endless problems with Windows that I have turned into a very "conservative" computer user. For me, no OS experimenting, please, thank you very much. I want computers that let me work, not computers that make me work.

I installed FreeBSD not very long ago on good old "Conroe". I got an "Operating System not found" after first reboot... I didn't bother looking for the solution and just threw Debian in. Worked fine right out of the box. (I hereby dedicate the next few seconds to the late Ian Murdock for having given the world a fine Linux distro . . . . . . )

I will most likely stay with the Debian "derivatives".  They all work alike, and the Synaptic packages manager is a wonderful tool to use.

But, please, no Gnome 3 (or Unity).

Hi Pepperminters,

Running Peppermint 7 for about a week or so now. (The "losing-Ethernet" connection hasn't occurred anymore, so far).

I suddenly noticed that the language of the day(days) and the calendar are in German. "Sonntag", instead of Sunday. Everything else in in English. Odd: I cannot remember it having been in German the first few times.

- When I start "Language Support" in the Preferences menu, a message pops up, saying "The language support is not installed completely", and it shows "wngerman", "wogerman", "firefox-locale-de", "wswiss", "language-pack-de", "gimp-help-de" and "gimp-help-en".

- The tab  "Language" in "Language Support" shows English as the language for menus and windows. "Deutsch" (German) is right underneath "English" in the list.

- The tab "Regional Formats" in said "Language Support" shows "English (United Kingdom)", while "German" is also in the list of English languages to choose.

- In the list of installed languages, only English is selected.

Although I am fluent in German, I am not German, so how do I change the language of the calendar to English? I do not seem to find how to do it.

inxi -Fz
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New Users / Re: The only 2 problems I have had.
« on: October 12, 2016, 12:55:51 pm »
Also please remember this forum is not only for 1:1 assistance it's also meant to be a SEARCHABLE reference for EVERYONE (who may be looking for the same issue/resolution), text in screenshots (or videos) is not indexable, so will not be returned in a search ;)
I am still running Windows (that being Vista, and yes, Windows Vista runs fine). And now and then I end up at the Microsoft Windows forums.

You get these "MVP's", as they are called, that are "exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others" and who "actively share their ... technical expertise with the different technology communities related directly or indirectly to Microsoft", rotfl.

I often find the "solutions" (note my quotation marks) hilarious, because they are simply useless

(It is also possible that their answers are so "low-level", because either Windows or Windows users are "low-level" people, and I hope there are no Windows users here that I may offend now).

It looks to me that many experienced Linux users (and I am not one of those) at messageboards and blogs know more about Linux, than those "MVP's" know about Windows. /rolleyes

New Users / Re: The only 2 problems I have had.
« on: October 12, 2016, 11:31:53 am »
If a development team are too lazy to reply to a problem a user of its OS his having...
Uhm, I don't think that developers have any obligation towards a user - after all, what is one single user? And I think they have too much work to be "lazy". We should be thankful to them for having given us (the world) another Linux distro that looks and works nice. Just my thoughts :)

To reply to my own posting: I am reading in this thread:,4395.0.html and seeing message #9 by AndyInMokum, in which he says:

In your network manager, try setting IPv6 to Ignore.  If that alone doesn't work, try deleting the default ethernet connection.  With some people, (myself included) systemd gets confused which setting to use at boot.  So it tries to use all of them and it doesn't work.  Trimming down the options, seems to clear things up.

I did so. Perhaps I should just wait and see what happens in the next week or so?

But if..., if this keeps/on happening/again, I will give up on Peppermint and try one of my "backup plans" for the Peppermint partition (those being Fedora, Xubuntu, or perhaps BSD). That would be a pity, because I already like Peppermint.

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