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Bloody incredible, this. Thank you @PCNetSpec!

I'm not a Peppermint user, but I did install a fresh copy of Linux Mint 18 MATE today on a client's old laptop after a family member of his failed to get a working copy of Ubuntu 14.04 on. This old beast has a Mobility Radeon X1600 in it, and it flickered like the devil at native res - until I ran some updates, then it didn't. Then I updated the kernel, and... there it went again. I tried a number of solutions before finding something that worked, and this was a major contributor.

What solved the ridiculous flicker - I can't yet speak to mild tearing, this was considerably worse - was creating 20-radeon.conf without the DRI line - cheers @Bigeouf, this card is about the same vintage as yours so skipping that step saved me some time. I believe disabling 10-amdgpu.conf, which contained:

Code: [Select]
Section  "OutputClass"
     Identifier "AMDgpu"
     MatchDriver "amdgpu"
     Driver "amdgpu"

also contributed. Like @Bigeouf, my inxi -F output also listed "ati,radeon" - now, with the flicker gone and fix in place, it only shows "radeon". I don't know for a fact that disabling 10-amdgpu.conf did it, but seeing as this GPU is definitely not supported by amdgpu, my client isn't going to experience any breakage without it.

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