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New Users / Re: VPN services, KODI and UFW firewall
« on: August 08, 2016, 07:04:14 pm »
I personally use PrivateInternetAcess. No logs, has a GUI, offers SOCKS5, and you can even pay with gift cards.

Hey Razz,
   So have you set up the firwall to only accept VPN traffic for certain things and DNS leaks etc? or you just use it for a bit of extra security?
Thx Mate.

New Users / Re: VPN services, KODI and UFW firewall
« on: August 08, 2016, 06:18:09 pm »
Hi Guys,
           Thx for the welcome guys.

VinDSL .. that is funny..

GNU.. YES please.. I would very much appreciate it and any help from other users as well in regards to VPN services.
So, you think just streaming from sources within Kodi is OK? hmmm... ok.. might read up on that one for down under.

I still want to set up a VPN for torrents etc.. but am really interested in DNS leakage, kill switch etc...
All the DNS services have Kill switches and DNS leakage for windows and macs only... but I still wouldn't trust that and would like to do it from the UFW case their service drops off and the kill switch doesn't kick in and I don't know about it.
I find all this very interesting and would love to know more so I can help others as well, later on. Linux can be very daunting at first.. but exciting at the same time.

I understand that PPTP is not secure and do not want to go that route and see that Open DNS is the way to go in regards to which VPN service you use.
I have searched for 2 days on different forums for a solution or tutorial and can not find anything except bits and pieces of a jigsaw..that seasoned Linux users will now how to collate the info to use in the terminal.

Maybe we can have a tutorial here on the forum for people who want to use a DNS service and Kodi (and torrents etc)?

I want to use a VPN service because in Australia they have data retention laws that were passed last year. Plus we are part of the B.S crap, TPP.. Trans pacific partnership.

My cousin has used an android box with XBMC on it (like a raspberry pi) with some addons to watch movies and shows etc.. but it makes me nervous that he does it without a VPN and firewall.. like you can set up in Linux. I know I need to set the UFW (firewall) to only accept the VPN traffic and to stop DNS leaks and acts as a kill switch etc..

In kodi if someone (not me of are using a video addon...after looking for a movie or show... it looks for sources to view it. An ISP can see all this..correct? I won't go further because we all know about torrents etc...

Just wondering what you and other people do? It would be good to have this on the peppermint forum for everyone.
I would even be willing to pay someone an hour or 2 to write up a detailed tutorial for me and others..that's how frustrated I was looking for this info.. unless you can point me to somewhere?

So I suppose to cut to the chase guys...
1. What VPN service is good for Linux or can we set up our own in Linux (not using the unsecure PPTP)
2. Does it matter that we are using peppermint and not Ubuntu (even though Peppermint is based on Ubuntu) as some of the VPN services say they say they are set up for Ubuntu but do they mean Linux?
3. What steps (code etc..) do we use to set all this up in the terminal, STEP by STEP, for Linux greenthumbs like myself.
4. Can we just use the Linux terminal to set up the firewall to just allow the VPN traffic and minimise DNS leaks... and Just use a VPN service and firewall (UFW)  and what code do we use?

Thanks heaps guys.

- Wow..looking at Linux code now..I have a lot to learn to start going into the terminal.. looking forward to it.

Apparently in windows 10 it can cause DNS leaks. A new “feature” in Windows 10 means that DNS requests are directed not just through your VPN tunnel, but also through your ISP and local network interface. This is because by default Windows 10 attempts to improve web performance by sending DNS requests in parallel to all available resources at once, and (at least in theory) using the fastest one.

This is a major issue for VPN users. It means that your ISP (and anyone listening in on your local network) will know through your DNS requests which websites and services you have visited on the internet. It also opens the way for hackers to hijack your DNS requests (DNS spoofing.) In addition to this, are reports of Windows 10 users suffering slow page loading and timeouts due to this issue. (This was on the BEST VPN . com blog) Can we post links here? not sure.. Mod, please delete if no links allowed.

New Users / VPN services, KODI , Torrents and UFW firewall
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:55:03 am »
Hi Guys,
            My first post here and new user to Linux. Please be
After my XP Pentium 4 machine stopped working (possible windows corrupted and suspect Microsoft put a kill code in the very last update), I had a choice.. throw it out and harvest the hard drives or install Linux and Linux won.
I have wanted to install and learn about Linux for ages but never had the opportunity till know.
After reading up and watching you tube vids (English bob and Newell) .. I installed Peppermint 7, two days ago.

WOW.. very nice. So quick and it brought my box back to life and now I can learn about Linux.

I am pretty good with my other windows 7 PC and REFUSE to go to windows 10 after the complete disregard for user privacy.

Anyway, I wonder if you guys can help.

I want to run my Linux machine with KODI (formerly XBMC). Mainly as a Home theatre PC and a test machine for learning Linux, before loading Linux on a newer machine.

That was pretty easy to do with Peppermint and just downloaded Kodi by debion.

I would like to know what you guys do in regards to a VPN service.
I have read that PPTP is insecure and was looking at a VPN service for example : Express VPN or others.
It looks like most VPN services have a graphic user interface for ease of use.. but can't really tell if the graphics interface (user panel/interface) is for Linux or not.

What do you guys use in regards to KODI, TORRENTS, VPN's etc...

I will also block all traffic except the VPN traffic, when using the VPN, via the UFW firewall that came with Peppermint.

I am good with photoshop and PC's but when I looked at Linux code (terminal etc..) it's like a second language

When I first opened the terminal...

Your help or advice would be so greatly appreciated for this very green Linux newbie.

Thx Guys.


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