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New Users / Re: compare peppermint to other debian and ubuntu distros
« on: February 08, 2017, 01:36:50 pm »
My 2 cents:
I have been using Ubuntu (most of the time with xfce) and Debian for 11 years now. Xubuntu out of the box needs less tweaking than Debian. Things like user autologin and font rendering.
Debian on the other hand is much more lightweight and runs faster than Xubuntu. It is relatively easy to handle too, if you have been using Ubuntu for a while. I LOVE Debian for its stability. I am using stable with backports. The system does what it should do and you can focus on other stuff. Also, Debian is great for learning if you consider running a server at home or renting a root server.
To me, Peppermint is a good compromise. It is more lightweight than Xubuntu and needs less adaptions than Debian.

Also, i have been trying Manjaro for a week. The Arch User Repository is very convenient. It contains EVERYTHING. On the other hand, some YouTube reviewers said their systems broke regularly when updating. Debian seems easier to understand than an Arch-based system if you ever want to learn more about the inner workings of Linux.

For my taste, Peppermint on the laptop and Debian on the desktop seem to be the best choices.

I should have read your comment more carefully. ;)
Anyway, now having a trashcan in the panel seems almost unavoidable.

Hello PCNetSpec,

thanks for being so helpful and polite! ;-)
So, the resource-friendly way would be installing xfce4-indicator-plugin (which is in the repositories) and then trashindicator?
I found the following page that links to a .deb-package with trashindicator:


Hi everybody,

sorry for the late reply! I just passed by, because I will install Peppermint OS on a used laptop and wanted to look up some paths.

The package that makes it possible to add a trashcan to the panel is named xfce4-goodies.

Kind regards,

Hello everybody,

I installed Peppermint 7 after having used Ubuntu and Debian for about ten years, and so far I am very happy with the system. Here are some little design changes I made after the install:

1. Another background for the Plymouth startup screen. The image is located in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/peppermint-7

2. The Humanity icon-theme. I copied it from my laptop to /usr/share/icons and selected it in "Customize Look and Feel".
3. An active trash can. I added it to the panel after installing an xfce4 package for additional panel-elements.
The best way of getting an active trashcan in the panel seems to be using trashindicator:,4025.msg42480.html#msg42480 (Thanks to PCNetSpec!)

What I like the most is, that the system is very lightweight and easy webapp-integration with ice.

Kind regards,

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