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« on: July 21, 2016, 12:14:36 pm »
Hi There to Mark Greaves, (who told me how to get here), and the Linux Community as a whole!

                                Greetings from an Ol' Newbie!

By which, I mean that while I am mostly software literate, I am neither too 'Tecky' or 'Geeky'!

  I also know absolutely nothing about Linux!

Dare I also admit, that I am coming to this site from the (now) very questionable world of 'W-----s'!

I also apologise in advance for this somewhat long, (first time), post!

 So what is my story?

Well, I bought my first computer back in the dim and distant past of DOS, (1985) - before Linux was even created - and I must say that I never had any real
problems with 'W', from the first, except for a few minor hiccups that I usually fixed myself!

When it started to become known, however, Open Source material interested me from the first, especially Linux!
But it was clearly, (at that time), not a market ready product for the general consumer!

However, I never lost my interest!

Also, from last year, like many others, I could not help but notice all the high powered blurbs about w10!

So, as a period of change seemed to be in the air, I wondered if my long term casual interest in Linux might be worth considering further!

Especially as I also discovered all the Youtube Vids' about the different versions of Linux!

So when the w10 furor began to make itself really known, I began to consider the famous 'Dual' or 'Multi-booting' videos more closely:

For the possibility of  using both 'W. and Linux'!

All totally confusing, to say the least,  for a stranger to Linux, certainly the whole new concept and terminology - but my curiosity was picked!

So after carefully watching dozens of vids', and reading even more Linux articles, I decided, a couple of weeks ago, to take the plunge, before jumping into the murky waters of w10, (I had w8 on board at the time), and try to 'Dual Boot' with Linux: Where I had whittled my choice (based on a total  lack of Linux savvy), down to 3 distros':

               1) Peppermint OS 7

              2) Ubuntu 16.4

              3) Cinnamon Mint 18

Following one of the more detailed videos that I had watched, (at least five times), to be certain (as far as possible) of what I was doing, I started a step by step (click/pause, click/pause) installation!

Everything was apparently going perfectly!

All partitions showed up correctly, listing my O.E.M. w8 sections and the new Linux emplacements, so continuing, I finally hit 'Install'!

And the nightmare began!!!!!

When the installation had finished, I checked to see if Peppermint was really on the disk!

It was!


NO WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And worse was to follow!

Not only had Peppermint wiped (reformatted) my whole hard disk -  (the total OEM W8 and all security and recovery sections had gone),





But, never say die!

Continuing this adventure, and now having only the (wrong) version of Peppermint on board, it took me 3 days to try and fix my internet connection!

As I am on a 'home network' (wifi), and all the other machines (including telephones), were working perfectly, it was quite obvious that the problem was with my personal computer!

Nothing I did could repair it however, and I was finally obliged to make a partial recovery by connecting an Ethernet cable - which I had never used before!

But what a Temporary Repair!

The old Peppermint 4 Linux that had downloaded, showed no sign of the much vaunted return to Firefox - but only a very strange version of Chrome!

And what a version!!!!

All I could connect to was something called:

                                                                  'PEPPERMINT GOOGLE'!

This little marvel, showed all my videos, but would not play any of them - throwing up error messages at every turn!

Penultimately, as if that was not enough, my KEYBOARD, (standard English), was completely screwed up as well!

I normally use AZERTY, with no trouble typing English or French!

But now, the AZERTY keys are printing QWERTY letters - and there is no @ that I can find anywhere!

So I could not even type my e-mail address to send this post -  So I am typing it on a second machine!

According to the net, this problem has been a promised repair for some TWO AND A HALF YEARS, with no result, and apparently affects many standard world languages!

I have to say I am really puzzled as to WHY - Especially as it was marked as a 'Priority Repair'?

Finally, a secondary result of using an Ethernet cable, was that after about 6 hours of total frustration, when I was ready to turn off my computer for the night, it was so HOT, that I almost burnt myself - and this is no exaggeration!

Surprisingly, perhaps, this in no way deters me
from wishing to know more about Linux!

I am perfectly willing to believe that all the above problems, (except for the wrong Peppermint download), were caused by my own ignorance of Linux products and how they work!

Consequently, I still have faith in the concept of open source as a whole, and have already noted certain Linux products as being of interest; if I can 'repair', some of the above situations!

So, is it possible, or do I have to banish Linux from my life forever and return to the other dimension, because, for me, all depends on some serious answers to the questions below!

This last comment should be seen more as a 'tongue in cheek' rhetorical question, than a threat to return to 'the other guys'!

But this is where I desperately need a 'Linux Expert' - So:
Can someone please seriously help with the following!

1) From where can I now obtain a:
The exact site name if possible!

The version 4 I was mistakenly given, came from the (apparently)  Official Peppermint OS7 site, which had promised both 32 and 64 bit versions!
I chose the 64 bit as I was (at the time), on w8!

If I do obtain 7, can I simply install it over the wrong version 4 - or is there something else I should do first!

2) If successful, can I then 'multi-boot' with Cinnamon Mint 18, on the same disk, (but different partition)!

3) If so, can I also have OBUNTU 16.4(1) as well!

Because I'd like to really learn Linux now, so is it even possible to have a Linux only machine - No W-----s -
 which would work on the home network with W's!

4) Again, as all my windows material was wiped out, my only hope left for a (partial) recovery, is that I did make a full copy of my 'C' drive, with Macrium Reflect V6, before I began!

But all the above, means that I do NOT, now, have:
The Right Operating System!

So unfortunately for the Linux community, this means that I must again install another copy of the dreaded 'Glass Panes', (probably w10), as the release is so close!

5) Can this also be placed safely on the 'multi-boot' machine, with no problems - using something like Easy-BCD?
I would probably use Rufus for the ISO's!

Equally, the other 'distro's that interest me are:

                     a)  Inkscape
                     b) Gimp and Blender
                     c) Scribus - Libre Office - Open Office
                     d ) Font Forge
                     e) Dia
                     f)  Freecad
                     g)  OBS screen recording software

6) Are these all compatible with the above 3 programs?

7) Do any of them work with W-----s, as I would still like to try the 'multi-booting' technique?
The main reason for this interest, is that along with everything else, I also lost quite a few rather expensive (up-market) programs!

Among these, I used some long time workhorses such as Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and various video editing software and 3D computer graphics programs such as  Maxon Cinema C4D!

I also lost my Macrium Reflect V6 Backup Program, and several others - so I now need to replace them!

Luckily most of these can be re-installed, but not the files and folders, (Word documents etc), which were completely wiped out - unless Macrium works with a new W:10 version, to allow me to re-install them.

At least if it had been a W8 reformat, (not a Linux), it would have saved the w-----s produced material - but now - unless Macrium works - there is nothing!

Hence my interest in the more 'Heavy Duty' programs listed above!

I am hoping some of these Linux distro's come close!

But my main reason for stressing all this so strongly, is that I run a small, bi-lingual, non-profit making C.G. association, to help people in need of translations: So the material is not only personal, but shared!
So if anyone at Linux, anywhere, can seriously help, it would be more than appreciated - more of a life-saver - and perhaps avoid having to shut down the association!

But more than anything, I need to recover the use of my KEYBOARD, as otherwise:

Finally, (if it helps), my computer specs are:

                                          HP ENVY DV7 with INTEL i5 PROCESSER
                                                        12 GIGA MEMORY
                                                        1 TB HARD DRIVE
                                                     2 T EXTERNAL DRIVE
                                          SEVERAL USB KEYS FROM 4 to 64 GIGA

To give a more in depth view of my lack of Linux knowledge, it has already taken me 3 days to find out how to 'post' this short encyclopaedic article!

I only hope that at last, I have got something right!

So my humblest apologies if the post is, finally, a bit longer than I thought it would be, but (as you can see), perhaps of necessity, due to all the problems that I have encountered!

Also, I hope I'm not giving anyone too much trouble by ball that I am asking!

So here's thanking you all in advance,

                                                          All the best,


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