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Hardware / Re: New Purchases 2017
« on: March 28, 2017, 12:04:51 pm »
Yesterday I was thinking, "love this Dell Latitude, the only shame is the lack of USB3"

A quick google later and I discover something very cheap called "USB3 express card".   

Perfect  :)

Hardware / Re: New Purchases 2017
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:10:03 am »
My modern laptop died last week (quite expensive HP, poor build quality ) and I'm very happy how it's turned out

Bought myself a reconditioned Dell Latitude e5510 for £175 and it's great.  Love that the DVD drive isn't flimsy, that the keyboard is business standard, quality speakers etc etc.

Even though I'm delighted with it, I'm taking it back to the local pc shop to upgrade ram from 4gb to 12, and go for a SSD.   240gb Kingston SSD just £59 now on e-bay.

Now dual booting with windows 7, using that for steam (can't be without age of empires 2 HD!!!) and Peppermint for all else.  W7 is quite good to be fair, far prefer it to 8 and 10.

Also feeling quite pleased with myself - saved my broken laptops harddrive and put it in a caddy to save my data (for me, that's quite clever ). Have also removed the 8gb ram

This set up will hopefully see me through the next 3 years while w7 remains supported

Sometimes bad news can turn into good news :)

Software & Applications / Re: Hot corners
« on: March 18, 2017, 02:51:57 am »
Code: [Select]

That's brilliant thanks, just tried it and it works as I hoped it would


Software & Applications / Re: Hot corners
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:20:00 am »
Hi rickc,

Why not try xfdashboard available in the repo's.  that will provide configurable hotcorners

Regards Zeb.

I am using xfdashboard.   One of the options is for a custom command.  I'm wondering what the terminal command would be to open the whiskermenu?


Software & Applications / Solved - Hot corners
« on: March 17, 2017, 07:43:44 am »
I would like a custom command for opening the menu.  Methinks if I use bottom left corner, it would make things just slightly more efficient....

Is this possible?

Great stuff, thanks

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Your opinion on DEs and WMs
« on: March 17, 2017, 05:16:59 am »
Does it bother you that the hotcorner/xfdashboard combo opens xfdashboard when you go to your hotcorner but the only way to close xfdashboard is to either select something or hit "Esc" ?
(it does me ::))

Wouldn't it be nice if the hotcorner "toggled" xfdashboard open/close ?

Thanks! That's really helpful

I love gnome3 but have a few issues - Ubuntu Gnome doesn't have a community like this, and feels a bit soulless. There's no OS specific themes etc, and changing shell etc is a faff for the average user.

Loving the speed and stability of P7.   I didn't like Whiskermenu at first but got used to it.

xfdashboard has given me back much of what I liked best about Gnome 3.  I wouldn't be without hot corners now.

Any advice appreciated though on my current frustration.....

To save me using the menu at all, I'm also using conky.  Ice remains a completely cool thing, but although you can add your ice items to conky, you don't get the right icon.

But do I need conky? When I open xfdashboard, there's a panel.  But I see no option to add to or customize it?  I've googled it but there doesn't seem to be much about how to get the best of out it.


I did wipe windows altogether, and then it wouldnt boot at all without going into f9 first.  I don't think erasing windows erases the windows boot manager.  A separate partition has the windows recovery, which you can't touch

With a live USB, I did try replacing windows and wiping the disk.  That didn't wipe the recovery partition,and linux wouldn't boot without f9

I'll just put up with it, I think

My other beef with the laptop is that the build quality feels cheap.  The keyboard is quite noisy.  Would never buy a laptop online again without checking it out instore first
For £400, I'd assumed buid quality would be good


Maybe the 4 Boot devices are hardcoded in BIOS (f10).

Yes, that's always been the "traditional" way of things in BIOS. (Now with UEFI we're not even supposed to call it BIOS any more, it's "system firmware" or something, isn't it?)

rickc, you could wipe the drive completely and the windows recovery and UEFI partitions would be gone. I'd hope that then the system firmware would stop its windows bull...

Cheers, yes I suspect I could do that somehow, although I don't want to lose windows altogether. 

I did wipe windows altogether, and then it wouldnt boot at all without going into f9 first.  I don't think erasing windows erases the windows boot manager.  A separate partition has the windows recovery, which you can't touch

Switching boot order is impossible with this laptop.  I have to press f9 every time to change boot order, only then will it see my other partition.  I've tried everything and been helped on other forums.  It's not the only laptop with this issue   I've got

eg, efitbootmnr appears to work, but when you reboot the bios changes everything back again

I'm used to it now and life is too short to spend more time on it! I've been advised that the only solution is to attempt to change windows boot manager. No thanks!

Hi all

I posted a bit here six or 7 months back, having loved P6. Unfortunately, I treated myself to a new laptop ( it's HP - trust me - don't get one!! ) and P6 didn't support my wifi.

The official buntus did. so I've had to make do til p7 came out.   

I was unable to settle !  Must admit, KDE is now amazing, a lovely desktop environment.   It's also slow and buggy.   I've learned a bit about linux during this time, and now have three linux partitions sharing with windows 10.   I found that the additional drivers tool is dead in Kubuntu.  I was surprised how much Ubuntu (Unity) has improved since I first saw it and hated it.  I merrily used it for a week, then realised I was struggling to find my apps!   Mate was enjoyable for a time but felt a little old fashioned somehow. As with Ubuntu, I can't get on with gnome 3

I find it madness that new laptops like mine have 2TB hard drive.   I'm finding I do more - and store more, online now.  There's much less need now for more memory, and installing a new OS is easier now because of that.  That said, I'm not ready for cloud only.  I like my music on my hard drive and I prefer a proper office app...and some steam gaming

The ice integration with this distro is extremely cool.  Now using it again, I realised I'd missed it.  Not seen it in other distros, and I've no idea why.

My early impression of P7 is  that it is extremely stable and reliable.  For reasons I don't really get, it is more so than the official buntu flavours.  Must admit I didn't like the default theme and icon this time (I thought p6 was great) - but changing it to my liking was enjoyable and easy.

Despite only a few days of use, this is already my main OS for everyday use.  What other distros do you use? I have netrunner (buggy but so cool) and Bodhi (still not sure what I think of it!) on my other partitions

But trust me...this laptop is a nightmare for dual booting.  Oh well, we live and we learn!! Anyway, good to be back!


New Users / Re: restricted extras SOLVED
« on: June 26, 2016, 07:37:14 am »
Cheers both

New Users / Re: restricted extras
« on: June 26, 2016, 01:24:44 am »
...oh...and forgot to add, the only issue I've had ( a small one ) is that I've installed steam via synaptic.....but get an error message that the package is out of date.  Still works though

New Users / restricted extras (SOLVED)
« on: June 26, 2016, 01:20:42 am »
Hi there

Are restricted codecs etc installed by default?  If not, which package should I chose, as there as different ones for different buntus....

Also, the release notes mention the menu being customisable. I've had a mess around but cant see how to

My first impressions of 7 are great, will post more feedback after I've used it solidly for a few weeks


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