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Well, I have not been able to get the hardware volume control keys (Fn + F10, F11, or F12) to work properly yet.  I have been able to assign a keyboard shortcut to <Shift> + F10, F11, & F12 to control the volume.  F10 is mute toggle, F11 is volume down, and F12 is volume up (with <Shift> modifier).

I did this by manually editing xbindkeys.config located in .config/peppermint-control-center  This seems to bypass the "Invalid key" error when trying to set the F11 key in the Keyboard Shortcuts gui in the Control Center.  I did have to make a change using the Peppermint Control Center for it to pick up the manual changes made in xbindkeys.config (I just reset the mute toggle to <Shift> + F10).

I will mark this [SOLVED] in case anybody else runs into something similar.



Recently reformatted and put Peppermint 9 (respin 2) on my Asus 1005pe netbook with no major issues found so far.  Only the Fn keys for volume don't seem to be working, but I've already posted about that elsewhere.  Everything else seems to be running perfectly.  I've had Peppermint on this as a dual boot with Windoze 7 since Peppermint 6, but finally decided to scrap Win 7 and go strictly with Linux since the end of life is coming up soon for Windoze.  I did upgrade the memory to 2 Gig and the hard drive to a Samsung SSD 840 - probably too nice of a SSD for this little netbook, but it's pretty snappy and boots faster than my work desktop (Dell XPS 8700, i7-4770, with 1GB mechanical HD running Win 7).  It's about the only thing the netbook can do faster!


My inxi info:
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When I opened asound.conf, it already contained what the linked thread described.

What's really odd, is a lot of the Fn keys do work, like the brightness control and the Wi-Fi control.  Even the PgUp, PgDn, Home, & End keys work which are shared with the arrow keys on this netbook.

I don't recall exactly, but I think the volume control Fn keys were working in Peppermint 8 (or maybe 7, I can't remember which version I was running when I this set up to dual boot with Win 7.)

At this point, it's a minor annoyance, not a deal breaker for me.  I am wondering why the Keyboard Shortcuts in the Peppermint Control Center won't let me assign F11 to anything - it keeps giving me the same "Invalid key" error.

I recently installed Peppermint 9 onto my aging Asus Eee PC 1005-PE netbook (1.6 Ghz Atom processor, 2GB Ram, Samsung 250GB SSD).  I have played with dual booting previous Peppermint distros and have enjoyed learning about Linux, however I finally re-formatted and got rid of Windoze 7 and just using Linux on this machine.  This is not my primary machine, just use it mostly to learn about Linux.

The problem I have run into is while attempting to set up a keyboard shortcut to change the volume.  I can assign F10 to mute/unmute, F12 to raise the volume, but I cannot assign F11 to lower the volume.  Every time I try, I get a "Invalid key" error.  I can set F9 to lower the volume just fine, but F11 refuses to be assigned as a keyboard shortcut.

The function key does work because I can use Alt-F11 to go to fullscreen mode.  The main reason I would like to use these particular function keys is because those are the keys that are the default hardware keys for changing volume and are marked as such on the keyboard.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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