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Hi everyone,

I have finally found a solution (but sadly, it was to go for another (also great) distro :( . I'll try it on my other computer which is much more powerful than an Asus eeePC and have a more modern hardware).

Thank you very much for all you help and talk to you soon (maybe around some P11 talks :) ).


So, first, I have better understand what is/was my problem :s .
The boot time is kind of ok after disabling a couple of services, but the problem is while logging in. It takes 2 minutes, then more than 3 hours, then ~30min, then "never" ends (I hard turned off it)

I have tried the intel non HWE drivers also... but it doesn't solve the problem.

I have also ended with nothing else than black screen for hours.

I have tried Lubuntu, Debian+LXQT, Linux Mint and the more convincing so far are Debian and Linux Mint (Debian has the advantage to still have a 32-bits version). Not a big deal, but I really would like to make it works on P10 because I think that this will run even better.

Have you also tried those alternatives before choosing Peppermint OS for your low end PC? Was it a performance choice or a design/style/ergonomy one?

Any idea for the logging problem?

Cheers and thanks again

Hi Spence,
I'll try some of the tips today (or this sunday) & see/post the results.
Thanks a lot for the link  ;)

Thanks for the moral support. I (need) appreciate it.

Hi stevesveryown,
Thank you for bringing me your help :) (great videos btw  ;) )

here is the systemd-analyze output:
Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

Don't hesitate to ask me for more output (below the output for inxi -CDGMSfmz && inxi -ixxxz).
Spoiler (click here to view / hide)

Hello Community,

I am a happy newcomer to Peppermint OS.
I hope that I will be able to explain clearly what is my issue and hopefully you'll be able to help me :).

My issue is the following:
- I have a fresh install of Pmint10 32-bits on my ASUS eee PC 1101HA.
- It boots in more than +1min30 and/but runs on SSD.

- I have make the update after the install (no change operate to the files with "package owner has published a new version, do you want to change or keep your version". I choose "no" ).
- the hardware is: Intel Z520 CPU + 120GB SSD + 2GB Ram

I knwo that I might have some command to run in order to get some help, but I don't want to mess everything (in this post/topic) with my hazardous command output, in an as much hazardous order  ::).

Could you please help me trying to solve this slow boot time?

Nota: Initially (first install), it does boot (it doesn't at the second install), but in something like 7 or 8 minutes. This install runs ok so far, but I cannot believe that this OS cannot boot in less than a minute. Even W:-[ did so on HDD.

Anyway, I hope that you'll be able to help me and that I won't have to go on another distro. This one looks perfect to my needs!  :)

Cheers, take care and stay safe.

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