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New Users / Re: Peppermint OS 10 Respin and Dell E1505
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:41:06 pm »
UPDATE: Testing with other distros and some help with some other people got me closer to what is the possible issue.  It would appear there is some problems with the Kernel 5.0 and Dell E1505 hardware, Installing Linux Mint 19.2 64 bit XFCE working perfectly. It is shipped with linux-firmware 1.173.8 and the Linux kernel 4.15.0-54.. Linux Mint 19.3 64bit XFCE is shipped with linux-firmware 1.173.9 and the Linux kernel 5.0.

Hope this information is useful!

New Users / Re: Peppermint OS 10 Respin and Dell E1505
« on: May 31, 2020, 05:07:51 pm »
Davfor7,  I too am new to this.  Being stuck at home has really sparked my curiosity with trying out different things on my PCs.  Surely there's a way to get Peppermint 10 to work.  Sounds like you're getting close.  I've got the OS installed on an old Dell Inspiron 1545 that I acquired for free recently.  It too only has 4gb of RAM.  I swapped out the old HDD for a 120gb SSD and Peppermint 10 runs much better than Windows 10 did on this machine.  I'm mostly using this machine for fun but I've definitely contemplated using it as my main OS. 

Anyways, welcome and I'm sure you'll get some help from this community.  I've had three "issues" come up as a new user and I've always received good help/advice from those much more familiar with the OS.

Thanks and hi! For me, being on disability isn't as much fun as people think. :P I miss having a job. But it has helped me gain some new tricks to learn and grow with!
Been searching a LOT as well as using my old DOS days thinking to find out why this is happening (or NOT happening I should say.) Might have something to do with the fact this old Del E1505 is not AHCI and could be something to do with it when reading the information off the SSD I have in it. Just cannot find out what is the difference in both Mint and Peppermint with 18.04 as a code base. I am not a programmer but  do look up things and try to figure them out. When I run either Linux distros (32 or 64 bit versions of Mint 19.3 and Peppermint 10 RS) off the LiveCD mode from the USB, it will work but much slower than LiveCD mode in the previous versions. Like if there is some error happening in the background, slowing the system down. I have the terminal open to see if anything shows up when I do try to open/execute the Install icon but nothing shows up. And if I just use the Install Peppermint 10 ReSpin option from the boot loader screen, the bar only fills up to the "S" in Starting then just hangs there. Also, when doing the Shutdown from the LiveCD mode off the USB is crazy slow progress. I did see one other person have a similar issue but said person didn't explain more, just that is was the same problem on their Dell old laptop and that they cannot install Peppermint 10 RS either.

I am testing pure Debian 10 w/buster XFCE 64bit now and it has been installing beautifully. I still go back to something that changed in the newest Ubuntu derived Linux distros and not liking mt Dell E1505. Weird.

New Users / Re: Peppermint OS 10 Respin and Dell E1505
« on: May 30, 2020, 08:05:49 pm »
Hi Davfor7, welcome to Peppermint. On this hard drive do you have Windows 10 installed? So you are able to boot up your installation media and get a menu to try Peppermint before installing?  You should try before installing and if it boots up okay, you will be able to make adjustments to the power manager so the screen doesn't sleep on you and make a connection to the internet. Then you can click on install Peppermint and see what happens. Good luck

No. I just install/test different Linux distros on it and do a full erase of the SSD every time so it is the only install to test with.

I think I might have found the issue. Or part of it anyways. It seems to have something to do with the 18.04 code base. I tried to install Linux Mint XFCE 64-bit 19.3 but the same thing happens with it. I can run the Live CD and work with them off the USB but neither the Mint 19.3 64bit nor Peppermint 10 RS 64bit will install. Same thing happens with both, I can double-click or right-click and hit Open/Execute on Install either and nothing happens. Just like if the option was blocked or something. No error messages. Just nothing. Just like if I double-clicked on no icon at all.

Have been looking for anything about 18.04 code base and Dell E1505 but nothing comes up. There has to be some reason why 18.04 coe base for 64bit will not let either Linux distros be installed.

New Users / Peppermint OS 10 Respin and Dell E1505
« on: May 30, 2020, 09:49:38 am »
Hello all! Having a fun journey in the Linux world! Still heavy dabbling in it and would like to use it as my main OS but I have too many games that wouldn't do well on it, sadly. But will probably have my system as dual boot and use Linux for normal everyday stuff and gaming, Win10Pro.

That said, been having fun trying out different distros on my old Acer AOD255 and Dell E1505. But have run into a speed bump for my Dell E1505. It has a 64-bit dual core T7200 chip. So, I tried to install the 64-bit P 10 RS but it will get stuck at the progress bar stuck just before the "S" above it for "Starting Up..." after selecting install P 10 RS on it. Does this mean I will have to use the 32-bit version? I would hope not as the other distros I have been testing didn't need to be 32-bit. The Dell E1505 has 4GB RAM installed and uses the old ATI 1400 video card and Intel T7200 Dual Core chip. I have a 90GB SSD installed. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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