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Hardware / Re: USB Bluetooth adapter
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:45:58 pm »
Ok, strike my last comment as I played with and found my pairing settings.  The device manager sees the speakers and they begin to link but the link fails and no connection is made.  On my speakers it says there was a connection with the 'friendly name' ID but then resets to 'ready mode'. 

Sorry for all this :(

Hardware / Re: USB Bluetooth adapter
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:25:33 pm »
I dont get anything within the bluetooth manager, its just blank after a scan.

Hardware / USB Bluetooth adapter
« on: November 17, 2014, 01:12:46 pm »
I spent most of yesterday researching getting my bluetooth adapter working so I could get my speakers working and not use headphones(bluetooth speakers).  I have Bluez (I think that came with 5) and looking under bluetooth manager nothing comes up.  I believe my problem is it is not in hci mode but reading and trying to figure out what commands I need to do elude me.

This is what I have

Code: [Select]
Bus 002 Device 049: ID 0846:9050 NetGear, Inc.
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 008 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 007 Device 005: ID 0461:4d75 Primax Electronics, Ltd Rocketfish RF-FLBTAD Bluetooth Adapter
Bus 007 Device 004: ID 0a5c:4503 Broadcom Corp. Mouse (Boot Interface Subclass)
Bus 007 Device 003: ID 0a5c:4502 Broadcom Corp. Keyboard (Boot Interface Subclass)
Bus 007 Device 002: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth)
Bus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 006 Device 005: ID 046d:c71c Logitech, Inc.
Bus 006 Device 004: ID 046d:c71b Logitech, Inc.
Bus 006 Device 003: ID 046d:0b06 Logitech, Inc.
Bus 006 Device 002: ID 1532:0015 Razer USA, Ltd
Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub

Networking / Loss of wireless internet.
« on: November 17, 2014, 12:10:13 pm »
A couple of days ago I needed help wtih my wireless adaptor,1238.0.html.  That works great, but the problem now is I am randomly disconnected from the internet.  Usually its while downloading or streaming, moving a lot of data.  When this happens and I do nothing the icon stating a wifi connection still gives bars and indicates nothing is wrong, but going any where WWW or even to check my status to my router on the network, i have zero access(all my other devices connected to internet work fine).  Fixing it requires unplugging the adapter and plugging it back in and after a few moments internet springs back to life.

I dont know what information you need to begin helping me, if thats possible for this situation, but I'll try to be quick with my responses. 

Thanks for reading


This is the router I have

Networking / Re: Netgear A6200 not working. [SOLVED]
« on: November 16, 2014, 12:52:49 pm »
Thank you so much, your instructions are the best around! 

Networking / Netgear A6200 not working. [SOLVED]
« on: November 16, 2014, 02:10:14 am »
Hello, today hdd folded on me and having nothing but upgrade disks for windows, I've switched to Peppermint on main pc (have Peppermint on my laptop atm).  Having to get everything downloaded what I need makes my head hurt and now coming to the Netgear dongle I'm afraid I'm out of gas reading about the problems of Netgear :( .  I'm wired in at the moment but that situation needs to change and need help please.  Here is some info I think is the basics to get started for help.

Code: [Select]
inxi -F
System:    Host: meowthegreat Kernel: 3.13.0-39-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: N/A Distro: Peppermint Five
Machine:   Mobo: ASUSTeK model: P5E version: Rev 1.xx Bios: American Megatrends version: 0702 date: 04/07/2008
CPU:       Dual core Intel Core2 Duo CPU E6750 (-MCP-) cache: 4096 KB flags: (lm nx sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 vmx)
           Clock Speeds: 1: 2664.00 MHz 2: 2664.00 MHz
Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA GF108 [GeForce GT 620]
           X.Org: 1.15.1 drivers: nouveau (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1920x1080@60.0hz
           GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on NVC1 GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 10.1.3
Audio:     Card-1: NVIDIA GF108 High Definition Audio Controller driver: snd_hda_intel Sound: ALSA ver: k3.13.0-39-generic
           Card-2: Intel 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller driver: snd_hda_intel
Network:   Card: Marvell 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller driver: sky2
           IF: eth0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac: 00:22:15:37:b9:37
Drives:    HDD Total Size: 250.1GB (5.4% used) 1: id: /dev/sda model: ST3250410AS size: 250.1GB
Partition: ID: / size: 226G used: 13G (6%) fs: ext4 ID: swap-1 size: 4.29GB used: 0.29GB (7%) fs: swap
RAID:      No RAID devices detected - /proc/mdstat and md_mod kernel raid module present
Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 56.0C mobo: 33.0C gpu: 47.0
           Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: 1824 psu: 0 sys-1: 0 sys-2: 0
Info:      Processes: 199 Uptime: 5:14 Memory: 2378.8/3952.7MB Client: Shell (bash) inxi: 1.9.17

Thanks for reading.

Yep, was just waiting for your last reply before I did that, Thank you, and I'll have more questions later I'm sure :)

Hooray! It worked, thank you so much :).  Quick question though, this means I can only use the "Public" folder to write to or will this also open up all areas?

Ok I added the line at the bottom of the [global] section, first done with # and with out #.  I'm guessing that you wanted it with out # infront or you would have added it for me to do.  I also tried to write in each instance incase you wanted me to try that next but nothing changed on that end.  Here is what my [global] area looks like.

Code: [Select]

## Browsing/Identification ###

# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
workgroup = WORKGROUP

# server string is the equivalent of the NT Description field
server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu)

# Windows Internet Name Serving Support Section:
# WINS Support - Tells the NMBD component of Samba to enable its WINS Server
#   wins support = no

# WINS Server - Tells the NMBD components of Samba to be a WINS Client
# Note: Samba can be either a WINS Server, or a WINS Client, but NOT both
;   wins server = w.x.y.z

# This will prevent nmbd to search for NetBIOS names through DNS.
dns proxy = no

# What naming service and in what order should we use to resolve host names
# to IP addresses
;   name resolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast

workgroup = WORKGROUP

Thank you for all the time you are putting in to my problem.

Command la -al  ~/Public
Code: [Select]
la: command not found

Command testparm -s

Code: [Select]
Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf
rlimit_max: increasing rlimit_max (1024) to minimum Windows limit (16384)
Processing section "[printers]"
Processing section "[Public]"
WARNING: The security=share option is deprecated
Loaded services file OK.
server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu)
security = SHARE
encrypt passwords = No
map to guest = Bad User
obey pam restrictions = Yes
pam password change = Yes
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *Enter\snew\s*\spassword:* %n\n *Retype\snew\s*\spassword:* %n\n *password\supdated\ssuccessfully* .
unix password sync = Yes
syslog = 0
log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
max log size = 1000
dns proxy = No
usershare allow guests = Yes
panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d
idmap config * : backend = tdb

comment = All Printers
path = /var/spool/samba
create mask = 0700
printable = Yes
print ok = Yes
browseable = No

path = /home/meowthegreat/Public
read only = No
guest ok = Yes

The PC is under WORKGROUP.  I looked under the Samba Server settings also for "Basic" and it too says workgroup but lowercase, I changed to uppercase how it says with windows PC but it did nothing plus just changed it back to all lower case. 

Removed all shared folders etc and rebooted, shared only the Public folder, same thing, unable to write with out permission.    :-\

I've shared the whole  drive along with making it read/write permissible.   

Ok,  I got "Public" folder also setup along with permissions read/write, no password etc, and unable to write still.

Great, thank you PCNet :).  After playing with it and figuring what I can and cannot do my only thing left is;  From my Windows PC to Peppermint Laptop I can pretty much do anything but Copy a file from the PC and Paste it on to the Laptop and the error it brings up is "You need permission to do this action".  I've played with the Samba Users config to get something going but every time I've left it to only certain users can have access from the network I can no longer get access so I've had "Allow access to everyone" on which I am fine with just can't do the above with it.

Thank you again for your help.

Hello all, I've had Peppermint for a little over two months. Two weeks ago I finally figured out how to get my WIFI working, and yesterday I got BOINC up and running   :D.  Next project is stated above, What do I need(if there is a way) to have Windows and Peppermint see each other on the network. 

Thanks for reading

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