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Hi :D

It looks pretty good, but how many RAM does that DE (deepin) is using compared to the default Peppermint DE?  :P

GNU/Linux Gaming / Re: Full version DOS GAMES
« on: March 26, 2020, 10:03:59 pm »
Hi  :D

You can play Portable games PSX for Windows using Wine + Q4Wine :) I do it that way playing a lot of Play Station retro games on Peppermint 10

Advanced Topics / Re: Problems with Suspend Peppermint 10
« on: March 25, 2020, 08:03:38 pm »

Hi friend, your problem is weird but not vital, I dont understand WHY, there are persons that dont care about their electricity consumption, men, you OUGHT TO shutdown your pc each time you arent using it.. if you dont shutdown your PC during days or even weeks it is pretty clear that your problem can be caused for that.

Slim.Fatz  :)

You are right at that point, Im literally a Noob here, I have just 3 months using distros, Ive been in a lot of IRC channels so I get used to them, and its true, many problems that get solve vanish for new users and even for those that arent connected when the solution was given.. this seams to be more stable  ;) well If there is no IRC channel, Iĺl try to help here.


And After I Uninstalled Nemo, happen this when I turn on the PC this morning...,9552.0.html


Hi Slim.Fatz

The good thing about this is that I learnt not to touch what peppermint have as default programs, some of them have libraries shared. I still can delete the ICE shortcuts LOL  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Im finnishing updating the system.. Ill install some additional programs and thats all (VLC, Thunar, Gthumb, Wine + Q4Wine, Gparted, Deadbeef, Virtualbox, LibreOffice..) without removing anything.

Is there any Peppermint IRC channel ? If there is any I'll install Hexchat too  ;D

Well, I'm reinstalling Peppermint ... this is a really bad situation .. if someone read this... DO NOT REMOVE NEMO ... just install what you want alongside.. that's all. Thanks.

This is what it looks like..

Img =

A weird mix of LXDE, XFCE and with Openbox as Windows Manager ... PCmanFM is now the default instead of thunar ... I dont installed PCmanFM ..

That have sense friend... I did it yesterday.. I deleted Nemo and installed Thunar ... Nemo cant handle well the amount of files (fotos, videos) that I use to work with.. Thunar is faster.. this is sad, I dont want to reinstall it  :( this is pretty stressing

No.. It does not solve the problem.. the nice DE is gone.. now I have an old-fashioned LXDE :(

That so sad, I dont want to reinstall peppermint and make all the changes that I've did, that is a lot of work ... I just install LXDE and I'm going to uninstall XFCE4.. perhaps it can solve something

I had to install XFCE4 DE to access to my PC, but this is not a convenient solution .. is there any way to re-install the default Peppermint DE?  With XFCE I can log in, but I can't access to the session options in the menu (shutdown, restart, etc) I have now to do it manually using the terminal..

Yesterday I updated some system files using the default program, but when I did restart, it dont let me log in, it says "Inicio de Sesion Fallido" ... I've been looking for a fix, before I come here, I was trying commands for Ubuntu and Mint, because of the lack of information about Peppermint on web pages but it doesn't work.. can someone tell me if that have any real solution? Or I have to reinstall Peppermint?

Hi alynur, and thank you, everybody here seams to be very kind and polite, is fantastic this community ;D .. I use a Data partition to keep my files, and OS and programs installers, each computer works different, so it was a long ride before to come to this distro.. I just uninstall Nemo and now Im using Thunar, thats the only thing, the rest is ok :D out of the box.

Thanks friends, you are making a great work, this is the most complete and fast distro that I've ever tried..
Peppermint OS was completely unknown to me untill some weeks ago..

"Distros that I've ever tried"

Linux Mint
Manjaro Linux
Puppy Linux
Bodhi Linux
MX Linux
Zorin OS
Linux Lite
React OS
Sparky Linux
Elementary OS
Kali Linux
It is possible that I have forgotten some distros, but they dont count, none of those is as good on my laptop as Peppermint OS.

It is like Peppermint Os was made for my old Acer laptop HAHAHA  :D :D :D :D Excuse my bad english, Im a native Spanish speaker.





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