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New Users / Peppermint 3 - alternate Non PAE kernel?
« on: March 28, 2014, 12:43:41 pm »
Hi All,

I have a few questions related to Non Pae and kernels. First a little background:

Reason for Non PAE is that I have two old laptops (hp NX7000 & IBM T40p) which are still very stable. I have been using them for years running XP, however over time the system updates have almost absorbed their available resources.

I have spent some time testing Peppermint 3 (LXDE) (Kernel 3.2) and AV Linux 6.0 (LXDE) (Kernel 3.0.36) as well as Mint 13 (XFCE) (Kernel 3.2). In all these distros I installed Reaper using PlayOnlinux Wine interface, and added Wineasio as a plugin.

Basicly all 3 runs nice and smooth on my old IBM T40p Non Pae, however only the AV Linux I have been able to setup Reaper so it plays back without audio glitches/stuttering. I also have tested newer versions of AV Linux but with limited luck.

I like the peppermint 3 and I would like to continue using it and I am looking for ways to uptimize it.

My questions:

a) Is the glitch/stuttering related to the kernel being standard vs low latency vs realtime?
b) Is kernel 3.2 less suited for audio purposes than kernel 3.0.36?
c) Can Kernel 3.2 be optimised for audio purposes and how?
d) Which kernel should I choose, and how can I change/update?



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