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A bit late arrived, but I just registered in this forum only to express condolences to his family and loved ones. I thought I must thank to him as well as all the community for the gorgeous master piece, one of the best Linux distribution I've ever installed so far.
I've never met Mark, but I'd read through many articles in the forum at the end of last year, and found myself feel so comfortable.
I'd been much awaiting for him to get back and turn off snowing.., but I got to know the very sad news.
I'm running PM 20 respin on my laptop at work and my boys' laptop at home as well.
At work, PM functions well for my every single task and never got troubled for dual screen which other distributions used to have problems
A peer of mine got installed PM 10 for his work(EDA)
For English is not my mother tongue, I couldn't express my heart fully, but I wish he rest in peace and God blessings be always with his family.
Because of him and PM community, my life here has been going far better.
I owe all you guys. Please keep your good work.
Much appreciated,
woody from South Korea

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