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I am having the most difficult time dealing with installation of AnyDesk on Peppermint Ten. Can somebody provide clear instructions? It works well in other distros that I have used in the past (Ubuntu basically) but having all kinds of issues in Peppermint. The issues are AnyDesk not autostarting, options are greyed out, unable to set unattended access, multiple desk addresses, and AnyDesk not showing as online on the remote computer. I thank you very much for your help!

New Users / How to automount my USB drive upon startup?
« on: November 19, 2019, 09:00:11 am »

I am a new user and I have purchased a drive that works well when I access it through the file manager. It is a 5T WD drive that connects by USB.

I'd like this drive to automount when I start my computer. The long term goal is to make it available to other computers in the house eventually.

How can I achieve this? Thank you!!


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