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Software & Applications / Re: Touch-Display ; Display-keyboard
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:53:05 am »
Thx 4 ur answer;
and don worry - better late, than never;

I had  a quick view on the page; i will check it that eve;

As  i understood, this is only for activating the "Touch"-funktion (srry, my english is bad);
Mean: At the moment i allready can touch Icons/move them etc.

But, does it also bring the "virtuell" keyboard too?

Installation / Update PM X to PM X respin
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:46:00 am »
I made sudo update/upgrade, i also do it from the taskbar;
so system should be "actual"

But i miss p.e. Settings -> xfce-> the PM 6 setting

(I duno if there are other differences)

How do i update this (pls. explain for a noob, cause i am one);
or is it better, to make a full new install (No datas on PM Partition, so it would be the cheapest way)


Installation / Re: Peppermint OS 10 - Acer Install Issues
« on: June 18, 2020, 07:56:21 pm »
I guess, I know the answer . cause iit sounds very familar to me.

Let me guess: Your Acer have a mmc - storage device?

Okay, I saw sda;

But !!!!
I had the same Problem with an Acer (mmc) (As i could remember... Swift????) with any linux Distri (Ubuntu, mint, PM)

and it ever hang up, while writing grub

I got the recommandation, to try wit hsupergrub and other tools - which doesnt work on this device

Final Solution was: Prepare a HD on a other device (Dualboot: Win and Linux) -> copy 1:1  on a SD-Card; and from there on the Acer Device

This works -very well- till the moment, i made a upgrade of linux, and linux tryed to write again/modify grub...
He hang up.

Happyly i had the SD-Card still left; and remade the copy session
Now there is a big sticky on the device Never touch grub

As i got it (it was one year before): That the first problem was the mmc , the second one the Bios/UEFI of this device
Acer reject me, by explaining me: This device is not made for Linux (It is optimized/proofed under Win)

General Discussion / Re: Peppermint 11 question/discussion etc.
« on: June 16, 2020, 10:25:07 am »
thats a standard xfce feature, if you do not wish to use the whiskermenu ...
I knew !!!!
In the first issu of X it seems, it wasnt implent,PCNetSpec helped me in Oktober a lot, to get this feature back;
with the "new" issu of 10 it is included - and i found by my self

So, it is just my please, make 11 as u want; but pls. let the option in too

(Sorry my english - hope u get, what i mean)

Peppermint 11 will not revert to the PM 6 style menu. What you are doing to retain that elder menu may well continue to work.
As i got -now without translation- there are no plans, to have (even with/by instaling by user) a single/simple one row menu

Sad to hear it,
cause i am fine -even when i have to implent by my self- with the single row menu...

About german speaking usres.

I am not that often here; so there is no need for it; but thank you

The things from above, was just a thought/wish/input from user-side

General Discussion / Re: Peppermint 11 question/discussion etc.
« on: June 16, 2020, 06:43:17 am »
I duno know, if i got this thread right - ideas for 11;

When i am allowed to please them, who created; and in case if it is possible...
Call me "Old-fashion", i am fine with it;

But i welcome the X-respin an plug in, of FXCE (insteadt two row-whiskas menu) One Row Starter Menu (like PM6)
I would welcome it, when it will find place inside 11 too;
and also... the icon Theme of PM6

I feel familar with Peppermint since ONE (on my netbook) and it was till PM6
After 6 i tryed the new ones - but i didnt like the look and feel (remeber the stones);
so i keept 6 as long as poss; but last year, i had to switch
(Thx to PCNetSpec -afterwards- spending time, to explain the look and feel back, and also (fayzer?) who helped me this days again)

I have to do with computers since C-64, and the big switches, doesnt matter, if it was MAC OS, or M$ Win,
was always very hard
I welcome the new features, but i hated, when old -good things- are gone

I am User, not programmer, so i duno care, HOW it work inside a machine, and why,
i am only interesed in an OS, which work fine -as PM do it

Maybe, and i understand this, the youngsters would have a lot of *bling-bling*,
but pls. let -and as i got it, it is possible- the option in, for old, stubern ppl., like me...

After Mark told me (and few others), how to fix "my" problems,
my old love to PM burn again brighter and higher as before;
cause, i duno where is the difference to other Distris;
but..PM work out of the box mostly perfectly

Thx 4 listing my few words

First: Excuse my english - it's not my mother-langua;

I wouldnt make the help of this community smaller -thx, to all who helps "beginners/Users" like me;

on the other hand... i guess Mark had the right feeling, when ppl. like me, came in, ask for help,
and -never tired- reply things 5 times, when ppl. like me, still didnt understand, what to do...

Like a father, feeding and teaching/leading a baby into world...
and even, when i never saw him,
but i could feel the smile on his face... when a user, like me, got the idea/clue and could run anything... and scream something like "eureka" and was thankfull

Our way cross few times, and in my requests, he could read between the lines (and sometimes, this is very hard), and even, when there was few "days", when there was a stop inside a conversation... it was , like a friendship, a good/friendly/harmonic conversation.. as there was never a pause inside...

I always knew, when i would have a problem -with this wonderfull OS- doesnt matter when... i could jump in, and ask him...

This days, it was again on the time, to ask for his help, cause i forgot so many things, and he knew this project -maybe better than the inside of his pockets....
and i wonder.. where is he... it s a kind of silence...

And than i got the sad/surprising news,
and it was a kind of flash, which went inside me... cause..
it/he makes me familiar to this community and this project..
and so i stayed few days speachless...
remebering me, how it all began, with the great ONE...
one of the first really userfriendly OS...
and the years, where time pass, and even when i upgrade, just a view inside the forum gave me help, without the need to ask...
(Only later on i had to ask, cause a lot of changes made it needed)...

I wouldnt imagin, how big the lose would be for the family....
when i feel this lose as big and tragic lose....

and i am still speachless...

Big Thx to him... and all the ppl. who was beside him, all the years,

We call it: "Open minded";
and as i got it.. the "bad spell" over yandex (beware of yandex, they are dangerouse/illigal) is long time go away.
Nowerdays, it s one of the big Markets, and normal as "Walmart" in USA, or Alibaba;

So i was curios in it; but at least, for me it isn t helpfull, cause all links/refers ends in russian langua - p.e. when i went into youtube, all recommands are in russian.

However; it remember me on "Vivaldi"-Browser,
and i duno, if it is the same "browser-family"

@spence; I cant mark anything - its not my thread

I agree, maybe some infos are of topic (by my testing) - i can mark them,
but i duno, if this thread should be split

all things are said, so i guess, it shouldnt be split, and it went away by it self into past tense of questions to yandex browser

As long this onlinegame (since 2010, or something like this, online) doesn t offer a other solution for the moment.. i have to use flash... too much sparetime i spend for this game
But this is just personnaly use

About bookmars;
i will create a new accound - and give u a hint, if you can do with any Name/datas
or if they want real datas

Normaly i named things like this,after the name of the machine; like ""

So, for me this isnt a big thing; cause i guess, i will delete PM X from this device (to much troubles) - i have other devices; so i can test as long, as i want

Cant do this really, cause the "create an account" is in russian - andi find no way for translation
Sry, mate - i tryed

Reload page; while your comment, i made edit 2 above

made as : Download from Page; and install with Gdebi;
start and made "personaly", means include some extanions like "pinky"
which i need for "The settlers online"
But therefor he explain me: He want "Flash" (it is allready installed)
evn in the settings i told him The page is fine - go on
but he don t let me
So, thiss browser is out for me (for the moment)

For the bookmarks - he told me, i need an account
The setting are in german (in my mother langua) but a lot of the display things are in russian

I don t want an account, so i went up to the 3 lines (it s in the right corner above)
and he let me bookmark as Tableau

So, i see a icon at the startpage - when i use this option
Finaly, not very helpfull for me; its to confusing (while writing this, i didnt find itagain)

For the moment, i let it - cause troubles with this machine under linux;
so, i could test - if it is fast enough , p.a newspaper, forum etc.

For the bookmarks:
Okay, i can do my lazzy way; means copy&paste into a textfile,
and transfer this textfile (or html file, in case u prefer) into the cloud (google) storage
so i can import into other browsers

I knew, this isn helpfull, but a kind of solution


so, for my use , i do not think, i will keep it - too much in russian; and i cant read this langua and auto translation isnt the deal; and all th yandex offer i wouldn t use (yet)

Even (personaly)for the Settlers (all) new browsers are not helpfull, cause flash,
so i use the old chrome 66 from slimjet-site, just for this game

As i got: I can use extansions wich i need/want... this is a good plus for it

I tested now few options: Ad Blocker (Built in) and Donloader for you tube
Okay, the good thing for the adblocker:
He filtered most of the advertisment and,other as in chrome, on websites wich check, that i have a switched off webblocker ... the really ignore him ... so i duno have to use 2 brwosers

At youtube he exlain me... i am russian...
okay, i duno if it is my fault, but i could download a full hd video only in 360
i have the feeling, for more options, u have to pay a little fee
If u just wanna get the audio.. its okay, and there are better browsers, like torch

I have a lokal newspaper, which makes me normaly a lot of troubles(really worse programming)
Even with fast internet, mostly the pictures load never/slow
But ith this browser i see them all; he is quick

So, i will keep testing

The tableau window i got in view, when i went into url line (to give a new adress), than he offer mme this "bookmark"


I tested and tryed; still would do;
without any account

okay, sry to hear it;
I just wanna offer u a simple solution...

Is your recommandation to install the browser still acutall?
It is from 2016 and PM7

Cause i am curios now and wanna try

That you were able to get Peppermint running in Tablet mode at all is a bit astonishing Lord Khan. We have never optimized any of our releases for tablets... at least not to my knowledge... let me get the attention of and refer one of our devs...

I haven t been in absolut tablet-modus (without keyboard) yet (I have few devices here-see other topic)

With keyboard it is just a normal "N4000"-Unit (with mmc) - giving me a lot of troubles, when u switch something inside Bios/UEFI (incl. totaly off of the device - so never touch by this computer the bios)

So i started at Win 10 -> Restart in UEFI -> Switch start device (and only this !!!!!!) and i could start (from usb-Port at keyboard) PM X (Live System) and install

And beside the few probs -which i asked- it run fine;
and this device should only replace an old N3500 Device (no moving, no nothing - just getting Datas)
and it is cheap (200€) and do not use much energie.

In case u are interesed, i can report, if the features of "Tablet-Modus" (Gyroscope etc.) work

When u say: PM was never made 4 tablet modus; i am not surprised, that i get now answer for the virtual keyboard (on the display) - this i allready saw at other Devices, like Raspberry PI (Debian)

But TabletModus is not my priority - nice, when it would work; if not.. it s okay too
I had to set up new the device, cause it switch off permanently;
while this i tryed few things -cause i made the settings above-

Touchscreen ist not available
After swapping (took key board on/off from device - keyboard is locked
Gyroscope (changing the view of angle) is not working

So... it s nothing else, than a cheap netbook - only 12 years later
(The Acer Spin1 react a little bit other; i will give u a feedback too; in case u want)

Edit 2:
I wouldn t recomand to use this device for linux
cause there are a lot of trouble, p.e he always went into the shutdown menu - and i have no glue,
why this happend ; I guess it have to do with the updates, or the battery -evenwhen it is full loaded,
or with the shutdown-order - sometimes it works, sometimes not; but always reboot, went  into win10 and shut down from there... isnt usefull

Other linux Distris wouldnt start; but there are the same rotate problrm
so it seems: This device is just cheap - nothing else

THX for all helps

Try something like this (the second answer)

I will try this this eve
Edit: Modify as recommanded
Result: Semi-Helpfull (but at least it work 4 the moment)

As i could see, after changing line CMD-Line Linux "silent" i could see,
what he is loading;
with the rotate he make this correct; i had to reset on desktop/manually again  rotate right

Now only the Starting (this bar, which fill it slf) is wrong, but this isn t that important

So, thanx for the moment for this link

I cant reply to this thread

to admin - it seems, i had the answer problems, when inside the text is an "single" apostroph

like it should in "i haven t" be

Edit2: After shuting down (Menu-button) the next time, when i want restart under PM X
he came to the "start"-bar (animated) and immidently, he wrote: Shutting down (and switch off)
I never had this before

What s that

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