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The server that I am downloading the iso file from is very slow, which is understandable with a small project. I feel however that there are likely some core users who have the ability to seed the iso but are not seeding.

If you have the bandwidth, please seed. It really helps save time. Also remember that it helps to seed both the 32 and 64 bit versions rather than just one or the other.

Thanks guys.

If I may go back to original idea of SSB marketplace, could it be something like SSB version of Chrome Webstore's WebApp section? :D

That's kind of how my goal is.

That's a feature that was mentioned in the previous forum as well.

You should consider showing your young relative neopets. It has lots of games and other content which is appropriate for small children.



General Discussion / Re: I got ice working in arch linux
« on: March 27, 2014, 05:12:09 pm »
Where can I find the list of URLs that come stock with Ice on peppermint 4?

A ratings and reviews site for sites and how well they function in SSBs sounds like an interesting idea, however there really wouldn't be any need to move any significant amount of data around as links are quite easily copied.

@eles: All of the functionality for this sort of site should be available in Drupal 7 with just a few additional modules ("views" being the obvious one). If you want to build something like this, by all means go ahead, just make sure that you note that it's not officially associated with Peppermint.

Of course I won't infringe on any licenses or trademarks of peppermint OS. If I make ICE available in the AUR (which is like PPA's for arch linux), may I keep the name of it as "ice" or should I change it to somethign else. Obviously if I create my own version down the road it will have a different name. And the version in the AUR will be noted as not having anything to do with the official peppermint os.

Drupal sounds nice, but it's a little more complex than what I have in mind. If I go through with this I'm going to use an appache server with mod_autoindex similar to debian mirros:

It will literally just copy the pathways of a filesystem and put it into html. Then I'll have something like the ubuntu software center forked so that rather than using a package manager it reads the appache server and download text files which contain everything needed. The software center already had everything I need for ranking and everything coded in.

General Discussion / Re: I got ice working in arch linux
« on: March 27, 2014, 01:57:36 pm »
If you're not averse to using Google Chrome instead .. why not try the version of Ice I created for Chrome (ice-chrome) from my PPA:
Well it turns out to get it working for just about any web browser all you have to do is change one line of code. In the future I'll probably edit it so that you can pick from a list of browsers.

To get Ice properly working in Arch, there are just a couple of quick things that need to be addressed:

1. The flags for Chromium are in fact the same, but the command to launch Chromium isn't. This is easily fixed with:

Code: [Select]
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/chromium /usr/bin/chromium-browser
2. From there, copy all of the Ice files into their places in the filesystem.

3. Make sure python2, pygtk, and python2-gobject2 are installed as Ice is written in Python 2, not 3:

Code: [Select]
sudo pacman -S python2 pygtk python2-gobject2
4. Change the first line in /usr/bin/ice to reflect Python2

Code: [Select]
sudo nano /usr/bin/ice
Code: [Select]
#!/usr/bin/env python2
From there you should be good to run it and the SSB functionality should be working just fine. The icons may not download properly, but this should be a minor inconvenience. You can either manually edit the .desktop files or manually create and give proper write permissions to the temp directory for the icons. Either way.

I did roughtly the same thing except instead of doing things outside the terminal I did it all by editing the code. I'm looking to actually port it to arch so users will just be able to install it with yaourt. Should be fine since as far as I know it's GPL 2.

What I did was change the line of code that forms the command to launch the SSB. I changed it from
 chromium-browser --app=URL
 chromium --app=url.
 This didn't work for some reason though so now I have it set to "chromium URL", which is fine for me because I don't use SSB's anyway.

The feature that I really like about it is that I can use it to launch websites directly from launchers like synapse or cinnamon kmenu.

General Discussion / I got ice working in arch linux
« on: March 26, 2014, 11:51:48 pm »
I took ice from peppermint's ppas and made it so that it would run on my arch linux box.

Here's a screenshot:

Currently it doesn't do SSB correctly because the console commands for chromium are different in arch's version of chromium. The man page doesn't align with what it actually does. Instead it just opens it in a regular browser.

Just thought I'd share.

Imagine if you had something like the ubuntu software center only instead of containing links to packages, it contained links to websites. People could upload their own links, vote on them, and leave comments, just like in the software center. You'd go into this "repo" of links, and sort through SSBs that people have already put together, and install them onto your computer (which would literally take a fraction of a second). It would basically be a way to share SSBs.

A good example of how this could be useful is that if I was interested in gaming, I could look at links to things like flash games that other people have added. You could potentially have hundreds if not thousands of user submitted games which would all work in a web browser.

You could set it up so each "package" contained only a very small text file. I'd have the SSB link, the description, info about what kind of voting had gone on, and another link to an image of the software in question (which could also be user submitted). Similarly to how all the information on the pirate bay can be mirrored in a few hundred megabytes, all of the "packages" would fit in a very small file and could be hosted and mirrored very easily.

I made this post in the last iteration of the forms, and I am making it again here.

First of all, this is a thread to share things to put into the site specific browser which aren't already in it.
eliminates the need for a native irc client
This is a website that lets you torrent files no larger than 1 GB (may be wrong on that number) as if it was a regular download from a webpage.

An online IDE that lets you program in several languages.

These are web players which allow people to steam music through thier web browsers.

Post your ideas for site specific browsers below.

I'd also like to talk about the implications of Ice and where it could possibly go. Since Ice stores very small files which just contain links and a few other bits of metadata, it would be really easy to host a small "repo" where one can go and see site specific browsers other people have posted. This would advance the functionality of ice because rather than the user having to find their own web applications, they could search through web apps other users have found.

A good example of this kind of functionality would be in flash games. There are thousands of free flash games available on the internet that can run on just about any netbook with flash these days. There could be a section of "games" where people have submitted SSB's for flash games and other web based games.

What do you guys think about these ideas?

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