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I am Brian.

Been doing IT for ages and I want to thank Joseph and the Peppermint team for all of their sterling efforts.

Clearly it has been very difficult for everyone recently and I appreciate that the transition is still happening with lots to do.

I have used Peppermint since version 8 and loved its simplicity.

Is there a provision or outline road-map for future releases?

[Background: I give the only free Linux classes in Britain and use version 10 as the main example, but there is often a push from the class to use later versions of Ubuntu. I prefer to keep on using a Peppermint distro (when its based on 20.04) because of its excellent performance, less bugs and resource management, etc]

So is there a gut feeling when a 20.04 release might happen? Just a ballpark would suffice.

[Reason: I have a new class coming up and need to prepare my 100+ slides one way or the other!]

Thanks, Brian

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