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New Users / Re: [Solved] How do I backup ICE?
« on: July 25, 2020, 08:42:20 am »
I'm using a Samsung USB flash drive & keep it attached to my laptop at all times. In my experience it only heats up during file transfer. But its important to note that I don't have any fans near it either.

I then set up deja dup to backup weekly.

This is a good quick video on deja dup from Linux For Everyone.

Now on my desktop the setup is different I have it going to a 1TB internal drive and back up daily.
I just saw your post.  Thank you so much for that information.  The video you linked is very helpful. 

This is the SSD flash drive I bought, though I wish I had gotten the 256gb instead of 128gb ---  It's too small to be useful in backing up the whole drive, so I'll probably just use it as a secondary back up for my most important files.

I'll probably end up using this portable SSD drive to back up everything --  I bought it during a recent sale and haven't received it yet.  I hadn't even considered just leaving it plugged in all the time, but I suppose that would be best since I tend to procrastinate about backing up files.

Thanks again for your advice.  I really appreciate it! :)

New Users / Re: [Solved] How do I backup ICE?
« on: July 13, 2020, 09:29:51 pm »
You're welcome

I'm a big fan of Deja Dup. My current setup on my laptop is a 256GB USB flash drive. I then set it to backup weekly. It will take some time on the first backup but more recent backups will only re-save your modified files.

Deja Dup will also allow you to customize folder you don't want saved in your home folder. So you can omit things like Steam, Firefox cache etc.
That's very good to know! 

Do you leave your USB Flash drive plugged in all the time?  I only ask because it seems that mine get very hot when they're plugged in for more than a very short while.

I have a Sandisk SSD flash drive that might work well for backing up.  It's only 128gb though, so I would have to take advantage of the option to omit a bunch of folders.  I'd like to find a good video tutorial about what to back up and what to skip, and just all the little details to consider.  I think I watched a video by Joe Collins about backing up using his backup utility, but it was a little confusing for me and I never ended up implementing it.

When I bought the SSD flash drive, I thought it would be a good idea to encrypt it, especially since it has a lifetime warranty and I'd feel more comfortable sending in an encrypting drive.  I was told encrypting it would be too much trouble and I'd risk not being able to access my data, so I haven't done it yet.  But I recently read that you can't securely overwrite an SSD by over-writing it like you can a HDD, so now I'm thinking it is best to reformat it and set up encryption.  (If I can figure out how to do that.)  Do you know if that would cause any issues with Deja Dup backups?

New Users / Re: How do I backup ICE?
« on: July 10, 2020, 06:42:43 am »
Hi Grateful4Linux,



I believe that's it, You will want to double check by duplicating these then removing an Ice item then copying it back into the folders to double check.

If you're already backing up your home folder with "Deja Dup" and or "Duplicity" then these would being saved in those backups .  ;)

Note that I copied my Ice SSB for the Peppermint OS website and now both appear at that location as well as in the menu.

Backing up this folder would also backup any shortcuts created by other applications such as Steam etc.
Thank you so much for your reply!  I never even thought to look for ICE anywhere else after I saw the folder in "share", so I'm glad you mentioned the "applications" directory.

I have Deja Dup installed, but I haven't actually used it yet.  I've been trying to declutter my digital files as much as possible before I set up a better backup scheme. I have important files and information backed up in various places, but I really want to figure out something more cohesive after I get rid of my clutter as much as possible.  I also have a lot of notes about various system settings that I can use if needed when I reinstall the OS, but ICE is my main concern because each SSB is do heavily customized.

I even set up an ICE SSB for all of my old Firefox bookmarks that I accumulated for decades on previous computers, along with thousands of OneTab saved links.  I did not want to transfer all that clutter (much of which is obsolete now anyway) and had it saved in an html document... but there are occasions when I really want to visit an old saved bookmark or tab and having an ICE SSB makes it so much easier to find what I'm looking for.  (While keeping my main Firefox bookmarks limited to only the small number of sites I visit frequently.)

Thanks again for your help, Josephd.  :)

New Users / [Solved] How do I backup ICE?
« on: July 09, 2020, 08:06:27 pm »
Hello everyone.  I am hoping for some advice on how to backup ICE.  I am actually using it on Linux Mint currently, because Peppermint was not compatible with the new computer I bought last year. 

I have eight SSBs set up using Firefox.  I would like to make sure I back up all the settings/profiles for each of them.   From looking around at the hidden files in Nemo, it looks like it's probably:
usr/.local/share/ice  -- which includes the icons plus a "firefox" folder that seems to contain a profile for each SSB.   So that's what I save when I back it up, right?  The ice folder in the share directory?  Anything else?

By the way, thank you to everybody who contributes to this wonderful ICE program.  (And the awesome Peppermint OS which I have installed on a very old laptop.  Peppermint was my first real introduction to Linux and it would be my main OS if it weren't for hardware issues.)

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