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I've tried to implement bumblebee and bbswich which left me with a complete hangup no matter what I tried.

I also recently discovered that my battery problems seem to be more related to the battery itself as it is supposedly
to be charged to a 100% (17,1 V @ 63.1 Wh). But when I look into the powermanager program it shows me something like
charged 101%, (64.1 Wh but only with 16.4 V). I immediately took it of the charger when I saw this sinds these numbers
could indicate that they could even raise and that the charger was in fact overcharging my battery! Normaly a battery
just dies over time and you know it and you see it and learn to live with it, but this one is trying it in a very sneaky way.. :-(

Anyways I've switched to the intel profile as that seems to be the best profile for me when using graphical stuff.

Cheers people, I'll just continue to give Tha Peppermint a spin, I love all the other stuff in it!! And we'll all carry on :-)
Keepup the good work guys, it's getting better and better.

I recently started working (discovering :P) Peppermint by installing it on my HP-Pavilion 15 Power laptop.
Now I'm not going into to much of the machine spec details here, if you want those you can find them
online, but this machine has a dual graphics card setup. Intel (On the MB) and an extra Nvidia FX.
Peppermint will find and install all the required drivers during installation that's no problem. but 
by default it will make the Nvidia the dominant or primary graphics card. To change this they provide a
software tool which supposedly lets you switch profile from Nvidia to Intel card or vice versa.
However when I switch to Intel profile my battery consumption is much higher like from 100 % to 10 % in
about 2 or 3 hours max. If you however switch to Nvidia profile the consumption goes up to about 4 to
sometimes even 5 hours!!! 
Does anybody have experience with Peppemint (ubuntu) in this formum have an idea on how to overcome is
The reason I want this is while using a Nvidia card for anything graphic on a laptop it will drain your battery
in about 1 hour and a half!!!
For the slightly more advanced, technical) persons reading this (Sorry if you are reading this and you get lost
right now :P)
I have some ideas on fixing thing this using bumblebee and bbswitch but I'm not entirely sure these are easy to
implement on Peppermint. :-)

Cheers to all the helpers, developers of Peppermint outthere, hopefully somebody can help.

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