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New Users / Re: integrating qutebrowser into ice [SOLVED]
« on: May 28, 2019, 08:30:10 am »
I'd taken a look at it before responding, and it DOES have a tab-bar (top of screen), and a URL-bar at the bottom), granted they're slim but they are there .. so I'm a little confused by your response. ???

There's no way we could do "browser detection" for other browsers because ICE has to apply settings that comply with specific browser settings .. there is no standard for hiding browser elements that applies to all browsers, they all do it differently.

yeah it has slim tabs, but thats about it, no other bloat buttons, bottom bar is not just URL bar, its also a command line that is  required for some operations like saving bookmarks. With full implementation into ice, you could lose both since navigating the page only requires mouse and/or keybinds. For ice usage it would be very simple, 'f' to show keybinds for page features, and 'i' for insert mode(bascally default browser behavior).

Sure it has all thaat but is minimal, but just a heads up for  qutebrowser, i think its worth it to implement it fully into ice because I think it could be a default ice browser for many people  because of its litness and keybind features.
Maybe peppermint team should consider shipping with it just for the ice.
Seriusly i find it cumbersome now to use mouse for browsing,  its that good  once you get a hang of it

New Users / Re: integrating qutebrowser into ice
« on: May 28, 2019, 05:13:07 am »
It would certainly be possible to add support, but does qutebrowser have a flash plugin ?

It'd only be able to add it as a menu item creator .. ie. I can see no way to disable/hide the tabbar or bottom address bar.

If it does flash, it might be worth me getting in touch with the devs and asking them if there's a way to hide the bars .. does it ?

yes you can enable it, and qutebrowse doesent have tab bar/bottom bar, it works completly on keybinds, macros and commands
qutebrowser is a such fun program to use, its a joy to surf using just your keyboard, and its light, has its own adblock, i would recomend it to anyone, and ias I said before it creates shortcuts for every page you are on, which makes some web apps that have lots of features much easier to use

but i have sugestion, if its possible, why not implementing dropdown menu with browser autodetection, i think that would be nice feature for those not using flagship browsers

New Users / integrating qutebrowser into ice [SOLVED]
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:21:17 pm »
Is it possible to setup ice to launch with qutebrowser?
I think qutebrowser actually is perfect for the ice, since is designed to be used with keyboard, so you basically get vim key binds for every web app, and every aspect of web app can be instantly accessed  with auto generated keybinds

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