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Hey guys,
I've used Peppermint 2 OS on an old Dell Inspiron laptop and found it very fast, intuitive and hassle-free. It was a dual-boot setup w/ Windows 7. Since Microsoft is ending support for Win7 in 2020 I'm thinking of re-installing Peppermint again. Maybe try a newer version. I just want to make sure I choose the right one. I would be happy to continue using Peppermint 2 on this laptop if it's still safe to use since I have no qualms w/ it. But I'm just wondering if this is unwise since Linux distros eventually go obsolete once the Linux kernel stops being supported.

This laptop gets lots of online use by other people in my home so I need something that is safe and fast (I dont have the laptop specs at hand right now but its 32-bit and very slow, Vista/Win7 run very slow on it). Are older peppermint versions still supported? Are they still safe to use online? Is 2 still okay or should I use another version? Let me know. Thanks.

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