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Woopie! A quick ALT+F2 on the notebook keyboard did the trick to switch to HDMI.

I think Peppermint must be the best OS ever. I was so chuffed when I discovered it. Installed it on my 'multimedia' Toshiba notebook that has an HDMI output to my TV. It worked brilliant the first night, disabled the notebook screen etc. But on restart it now does not see the HDMI port at all. Tried several options. Switched off, and on again. But under settings, hardware the HDMI port now does not show up at all. It only gives me the choice notebook screen.  :-\

I'm going to fiddle further as I really, really like Peppermint. The notebook has dual boot, so I know the hdmi port is working with the dreaded windows.  Any help or ideas will highly appreciated.

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