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Just a quick intro: I am a French guy living in Spain and been using Windows for 20 years. I tried Ubuntu 7  years ago, but things were a bit more complicated back then (especially I remember issues with graphic cards and wifi). So I am very new to Linux and for beginners it is hard to find the right distro (just too many choices)

But at some point, you need to pick one and start getting your hands dirty.  I have got nothing against Windows (and I will still have to use Windows at different working places) but there's no way W10 will end up in my personal computer and W7 will end soon, so I went hardcore, made some files backup, format C:/ and D:/ as ext4 and installed Peppermint 9 :)  !!!!!!!!!!!

As a beginner I just knew that I wanted a light and fast distro, a good forum and *Buntu based (as I feel I will find more info easily)
I am going with Peppermint 9 because it's very fast, user-friendly, and everything just worked (for the last 2 weeks I tried and installed 20 different distros and only Lubuntu LxQT and Peppermint 9 worked PERFECTLY!!! (but Lubuntu was kind of boring while Peppermint gives you so MANY extra options)

So my first post it's to say a big THANK YOU to the team and all people involved! I am having a lot of fun, reading the forum and discovering all the little things and so much to learn !!!! This is the beginning of a long trip !

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