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Our previous developer and guru PCNetSpec wanted eventually to have a version with more installed apps (which would become the Normal installation) and one version with really a bare minimum of installed apps (the Minimal installation). Unfortunately, he did not live to see this to its logical conclusion.
-- Slim

I'm coming into this 6 months late. I'm sorry to hear about Mark Greaves.  Very hard to replace the founder who had the original vision. I hope the people coming up after him will carry on with what he laid down. Great little OS.

Before you start to remaster a Peppermint iso, did you know that Peppermint 10 Respin has two installation modes?

Normal Installation and Minimal Installation.

The Minimal may be good enough for you as a stripped down version?

I can tell you that 'Minimal' would not be good enough, as it can be minimized a good bit further because for instance I don't need any internet browser. I want to take 'barebones' to a pretty low level but still be comfortably functional and cut out stuff I know I will never need to use. These 12 machines I have are 100% (very boring) workhorses that I rarely need to remote into and are not meant to be used for any type of casual use.
The main two app functions I need:  remoting in (currently using TeamViewer), and running an app called MPrime (which does factoring of potential Mersenne primes).
Besides that, a simple (not vi though) editor, file manager (nemo) and full root access to the entire filesystem (chroot?)...not a heck of a lot else software-wise but I need the GUI (desktop environment).
As far as hardware support, mainly HDMI video for occasional connection to a monitor (usually headless operation), wifi, USB...not much else.  The Intel Compute Stick is a very minimal hardware device. I don't need audio for instance.
As far as partition configuration, I prefer the swap not be a separate partition and rather be a file as part of the overall OS and app partition because it's a lot easier to adjust the size of a file than redo partitions and less eMMC space is wasted.
With a decent tool,  it seems like I can reduce more packages then I have by command line uninstalls to save disk space and potentially increase my swap file size.
It seems like I can prevent some more things from loading in memory aside from just TeamViewer and MPrime.
So the tool I look for would help me to do all that.
I have learned in uninstalling things not to mess with the Peppermint Default Desktop...hahaha!  Hard lesson learned a couple times!
I'm thinking I can do about 20% better overall (less apps loading in memory and less space taken up on the eMMC) than I have last year when I created the image I use.
This in my theory would help the MPrime app run more effectively and give it more resources to use, and possibly help with heat issues because of possibly a tiny bit less CPU activity.
I don't want to throttle the one app I want to use however...I want that running 100% full bore 24 hours a day which is what it has been doing for over a year (most of that time).

I would love to create a more stripped down version of Peppermint than the one I'm currently using on my STCK1A8LFC's (Intel Compute Sticks with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage).  Stripped down in terms of memory and storage space.

I currently use 9 LXDE 64-bit but want to jump up to 10 Respin 64-bit.

What I have now works pretty well, but I think I can do better...I went though a dozen or so OS try-outs last year and Peppermint turned out the most efficient of the bunch and I've grown used to it and want to stick with it.

Do you have a preference for an ISO creation tool between Pinguy or Cubic or another one out there?  I was going to use a beefier Linux machine to run the ISO creator on and then use the ISO for one of my sticks, from which I will create a Clonezilla image once all the fine configuration is done to use for the rest of the I have done before.

UPDATE: at the last minute I found something called Peppermint ISO Builder and need to throw this into the evaluation mix as well.

The application to remaster an ISO from the Ubuntu family could possibly be Cubic.

Thanks for the reference...all my normal workstations are Windows so I will need to breakdown finally and buy an inexpensive dedicated Linux PC.
My 12 Linux 'stick' PCs are all single purpose with low system resources and wouldn't work for this.  Will definitely pursue this!!!  Thanks again!!!

I saw that earlier...thanks though.  I'm not a programmer.

I'm debating whether I should create a new image with Peppermint 10 or upgrade from 9 to 10 at the command line.

I've got 12 Intel Compute Sticks to do that for...I may just start fresh with a brand new PMintOS image.

I use those ICSes to run mprime.

Do you know if there is such a thing as an image builder for Peppermint OS where I can go through and remove apps and other stuff that I don't need to save space and memory?

This happened when I ran the nemo editor but I have seen with other commands.  A long time ago when I created the image I may have done too much in cleaning up un-needed files to strip down the size of the OS.

Soon as I can figure out how to attach a picture of the errors I will do so.  There were 9 errors total before the command prompt returned.

The first of the 9 errors was:

(nemo:2217):  Gtk-CRITICAL  **:  21:43:46.666:  gtk_widget_get_mapped:  assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

New Users / Re: trying to trim down Peppermint's footprint...
« on: July 18, 2019, 08:51:31 pm »
Didn't work...I'll just wipe the drive and start from scratch.

New Users / Re: trying to trim down Peppermint's footprint...
« on: July 18, 2019, 08:45:03 pm »
sudo apt install peppermint-artwork seems to be reinstalling it so I'll see where this goes from here...I recall a couple options when I did that which may have done too much and so I'll try again without those if I can log in again

New Users / Re: trying to trim down Peppermint's footprint...
« on: July 18, 2019, 08:21:22 pm »
Got a "Gtk-WARNING cannot open display" error when I tried running from Terminal.

I had to use Ctrl+Alt+F3 to open a terminal window since I could not log into the session the 'normal' way.

New Users / Re: trying to trim down Peppermint's footprint...
« on: July 18, 2019, 08:13:45 pm »
Didn't have it already, so used:  sudo apt install gtkorphan

Once installed you think it is orphaned files causing the problem or does the Peppermint-artwork have to be reinstalled?



New Users / trying to trim down Peppermint's footprint...
« on: July 18, 2019, 07:58:50 pm »
I'm using Peppermint on an Intel Compute Stick with 8GB of storage space and 1GB of RAM.

It's the only Linux distribution I've successfully been able to use on this because it's not too bloated, but still useful.

I went to the package manager and put everything that was installed in order of size so I could start uninstalling stuff I don't need.

Besides uninstalling the Firefox package I uninstalled the Peppermint-artwork package thinking it sounded unnecessary.  Artwork, right?  Not exactly, I guess.

Now I get a plain login on the left side halfway down that says  "Failed to start session" when I enter my username and password.  If I put no password or incorrect password, then it says "Invalid password, please try again".

Is there a way to back out of this and what packages do you suggest are safe to uninstall.  About 200MB (modest amount) of stuff would be nice to get rid of.

My MAIN purpose for this is to run only one program called MPrime which looks for Mersenne Primes. I want as much of the system resources to be dedicated to that one program as possible but I need a thin solution that allows me to remote into it as well. A thin browser is also a bonus.

It will be headless (no monitor or other peripherals attached).  I'm using wifi to connect to my network/internet.

Thanks for any suggestions you have to maximize the little resources I have on these.

I have 12 of them (got 'em very cheap) and once I have a reliable working image I will use Clonezilla to create an image and clone the rest.

New Users / Re: rdp host for Peppermint
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:53:33 pm »
No difference at all.  Still black screen when I try to connect on rdp (with xrdp installed on Peppermint 9 target machine).

I'm  using the XORG option. I tried others in the dropdown which don't work either.

In order to share folders, I used Samba and the filesystems are fully accessible in Windows now.

What I am able to do is at the blank screen, I can do a Ctrl+Alt+T and that does bring up Terminal so I can run my  CLI app (called mprime).

Also, that same app (my primary reason for having the Intel Compute Sticks with Peppermint installed) remains running in the terminal window after I exit  XRDP.

When I go back in the terminal window is still there and the mprime CLI app is still running, which is perfect.

New Users / Re: rdp host for Peppermint
« on: April 18, 2019, 09:53:43 am »
I'll check SMB on Peppermint.  SMB was already enabled and is working on Windows 10.

Nomachine appears to be several times bulkier than TeamViewer which is what I'm currently using but want to get away from.

I have 1GB of  RAM on this Intel Compute Stick with no way to increase, so I'm confined to that limit.

My goal is the leanest & meanest remote desktop app I can find.  It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles, just allow me basic remote control using a GUI interface.

New Users / rdp host for Peppermint
« on: April 17, 2019, 07:29:17 pm »
I'm looking for an rdp host for Peppermint 9 that allows me to remote into the device from a Windows 10 machine.

Was not able to get xrdp working. I don't have complete instructions for Peppermint.

I've been using TeamViewer, but it crashes sometimes and would like something with a smaller memory footprint.

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