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The Toshiba Satellites seem to work well with Peppermint.  Both my wife and I have been running Peppermint for years from our Toshiba Satellite computers, and our experiences with Peppermint has been great.  And we go back a while with Peppermint too .  Our first installation of Peppermint on our first Toshiba Satellite computer was with an unsupported version of Peppermint 4. Yeah, Peppermint 4 was unsupported at the time and it still put Windows 7 to shame! ;)

BTW, welcome to Peppermint, werner1910! :)

General Discussion / OpenDNS privacy policy updated: no logs option!
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:36:21 am »
I just discovered today that OpenDNS has updated its privacy policy to include a no logs option.  Of course RejZoR's argument below the article has some validity too, but still this policy change is an improvement.

General Discussion / Re: Offendinista Definition
« on: July 14, 2020, 04:05:01 am »
My 4th Urban Dictionary definition (since 2004) was just voted in.

And, that's a tough mob over there...   :))

Congrats, VinDSL.  That's a good one. ;)

I bet that is a tough neighborhood over there at Urbane Dictionary, but I like the site.  I find myself looking up slang terms there quite often.

I had Trisquel 7 running on my Toshiba Netbook until 14.04 hit end of life and updated the libre kernel a few times. I mainly used it for local computing. So having the latest and greatest software wasn't a concern when all I needed was what was on the drive.

I really do wish that project was more active. They released their 16.04 version a few months before 18.04 was released and haven't even released their 18.04 variant.

Like us they have a great community, but I suspect no development team.

The Free Software Foundation is wonderful.  I've tried Trisquel and PureOS, and they're both pretty cool.  I get messed up with these distributions, however, when I can't install browsers like Firefox or Chromium and I'm blocked from doing so.  Their argument, of course, is that 'optionally free (software) isn't free enough' , but when you're forced to run only free software, and you can often find yourself in real-world pinch without a perfect solution.  And when that happens, your freedom can feel very much impinged upon if you're forced to run only free software. ::)  That said, I try to run open source software as much as I can, and I'm toying with the idea of installing Peppermint, Ubuntu, and Mint without the nonfree packages -- which is actually how I began using Peppermint.  On the occasions that I will need something proprietary, a backup installation of Chrome browser should usually be able to do the trick.  In the meanwhile, Firefox, Chromium, or Brave seem to be the way to go.  If you can't read code (and I can't), running open source software seems a safer bet than running software that's proprietary.  Maybe it's a fallacy, or maybe it's not, but I subscribe to Linus' Law:  "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow". ;)

General Discussion / Re: Hi from a new member
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:35:37 pm »
Hi, i've finally found a distro that i'm happy with. I still dual boot with windows but prefer using peppermint. i've tried all the usual linux mint distros and so far for me Peppermint is my favourite. Glad to be sharing this with other Peppermint converts.

Hello stemakeli.  Many of us have to suffer with Windows at times, but we're glad to hear you're enjoying Peppermint.

To quote Peppermint's illustrious Global Moderator, AndyInMokum:
We're all Peppermint users and that's what matters  ;).

 Welcome to Peppermint, stemakeli! :) 

We call it: "Open minded";
and as i got it.. the "bad spell" over yandex (beware of yandex, they are dangerouse/illigal) is long time go away.
Nowerdays, it s one of the big Markets, and normal as "Walmart" in USA, or Alibaba;

I've been fascinated with Yandex for years.  It's a great multinational corporation that has found itself in a bit of a jam.  From what I can see, Yandex finds itself needing to walk a fine line between two extremes these days.  On one hand it needs to respect the data regulations found within the liberal democracies of western Europe that support and protect personal data privacy rights, while, on the other hand, it also needs to contend with data regulations within Russia that are much less supportive of personal privacy.  This is a tough balancing act, but it's the situation in which Yandex finds itself these days.

I'm still baffled by your interest in this Russian browser though[/color] @perknh...

My interest is harmless.  Just trying to keep an eye on things.  The bookmarks issue I recently discovered demonstrates how government policy concerning privacy is being baked into the browser.

Thanks for the report, LordKaan.   Its focus is definitely on Russia and the Russian language.  And as for Flash, I don't run it any longer, but then I don't do any games that may need it either. 

Overall, I like Yandex's brower, but I want to be able to use it with bookmarks without setting up an account. 

Thanks for sharing your experience with the browser, LordKaan. :)

I tested and tryed; still would do;
without any account

Hi LordKaan,

What did you do?  Did you use the terminal when you installed Yandex, or did you download and install it?

Were you able to save bookmarks on the bookmarks bar without setting up an account?

Also, how do you like it?  Personally, I think Yandex made a pretty cool browser, even though bookmarking was driving me nuts.


okay, sry to hear it;
I just wanna offer u a simple solution...

Is your recommandation to install the browser still acutall?
It is from 2016 and PM7

Cause i am curios now and wanna try

Hi LordKaan,

I don't know.  It's been a few years since I've tried installing Yandex browser from the terminal. :-\

Here is a link for a normal installation without making use of the terminal.  Remember, LordKaan, Yandex browser for Linux is still in beta. ;)

Good luck with it.  I hope you enjoy it.


Skype on the web, in Chrome, is probably the best way to run Skype -- that is, if you need to run Skype at all.

There are updating issues with Skype if you want to use Skype within a Flatpak.  There are privacy issues with Skype is you want to use Skype within a Snap.  Skype doesn't support Firefox browser, and video doesn't work for Skype when running it within Chromium.   Skype is a nuisance -- that's for sure. ::)


Each FX SSB is entirely Containerized...  Now I've never used SKYPE as it's Microsoft owned, and blacklisted in my mind, seeing as it's a never delete-able account.

I don't know how containerized Skype would be within ICE after a user has given Skype free rein to do whatever the hell it wants after its installation.  This "agreement", of course, is a prerequisite for its installation.  But, yes, spence, you're right, this problem is caused by Microsoft as well as with the special policy agreement I'm assuming Canonical has made with Microsoft. (I don't believe Fedora has made such an agreement, and this is reason why I use a Flatpak and not a Snap when installing Skype.)

Too many other options for face to face now-a-days


You're right, spence.  My problem is is that I can't get other people to use them! ::)

IIMU: Firefox SSB instances of ICE containerize everything... or am I missing something?

I don't know, spence.  :-\  I never considered ICE as a workaround for the roaming permissions forced upon a user of Skype.   I can see I need to learn more about ICE.  Thanks.

Snaps are are PIA, Flapjax are something I have never tested. But AppImage is an alternative to try -- I use it for only several apps that I otherwise could not use and it works very well. Still  they are very large and startup is rather slow, but for the apps I use it for, the AppImage alternative works quite well.  8)

And I've yet to try Applemage!  But it's now on my list of new things to try.  ;)  Thanks to you as well, Slim.

@perknh, The pricing looks way too good to "not" be a scam. an 8th generation i5 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD should cost at least a few hundred more than $475

My gut says go with a vendor with a longer track record such as Dell, System76, Sager etc.

Yeah, that price made my jaw drop! :o  Thanks, josephd.  I appreciate your take on the matter. :)

Same here I get rid of Flatpak too. I just don't understand Snaps or Flatpaks, when Deb files are faster and more secure.  ;D

The problem I see is with deb files such as Skype that require special permissions to roam freely.   This is what causes me to use a Flatpak for Skype because it at least containerizes the program.  Ubuntu snaps doesn't protect us from a program such as Skype either.  With Ubuntu you have to agree to use Snap Classic permissions if you want to install Skype via  a snap in Ubuntu-based distributions. ::)

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