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General Discussion / Peppermint OS project status
« on: May 22, 2020, 05:45:43 am »
Hi, guys,

I know there is a thread where this question has been asked and I know what was the answer.

Still, I believe this topic deserves to be revisited - is Peppermint still in active development and is there a timeline for the next release?

What is the sustainability plan for Peppermint OS? Who is the successor of the main developer?

I am sure bringing some certainty by. answering these questions will be appreciated by the Peppermint OS community.

Thank you,


Hardware / Re: Need help with DropBox on GPD Pocket 2
« on: January 24, 2020, 03:28:04 pm »
Hi, the following is the command's output

Code: [Select]

.              Documents      .mozilla     stacer_1.0.9_amd64.deb
..             Downloads      Music        .sudo_as_admin_successful
.bash_history  .dropbox       .pcloud      Templates
.bash_logout   Dropbox        pCloudDrive  .themes
.bashrc        .dropbox-dist  Pictures     Videos
.cache         .gconf         .pki         .wget-hsts
.config        .gnupg         .profile     .Xauthority
Desktop        .icons         Public       .xsession-errors
.dmrc          .local         snap         .xsession-errors.old

For some reason the Stacer entry is written with the red font,

I hope this brings some light to the underlying mechanism of the problem,

Thank you again for your time and willing to help,

Hardware / Re: Need help with DropBox on GPD Pocket 2
« on: January 20, 2020, 02:20:14 pm »
Hi, AndyInMokum,

Thank you for the reply. I wanted to ask you for something else that you or other Peppermint OS developer can easily do. I tried it by myself and failed.

The Ubuntu MATE respin for GPD Pocket 2 is made by applying a script to the regular Ubuntu MATE 19.10. The script is here

They claim that this script works on any Ubuntu derivative.

After I bought the GPD Pocket 2, I spoke with Mark on this forum and he gave me instructions to run this script. I installed the Peppermint 10 respin on the GPD Pocket 2, and it installed with no problems.

Then I tried to run the script, and I apparently did something wrong because it did not go through.

If you or someone else could include that script into the Peppermint 10 respin (call it Peppermint OS 10 for GPD Pocket 2) that might be the ultimate fix of all my problem.

The link to this test re-spin could be shared privately so that I could test before it goes public.

When I installed Peppermint 10 on the GPF Pocket 2 everything worked out of the box including the DropBox running on the LUKS encrypted hard drive. This makes me think that the problem is not with the DropBox.There were several things that needed to be fixed though:

1. touch screen
2. the heights of the title bars on the windows - when the fonts were adjusted for HiDPi the title bars did not increase in size and were too small for those large fonts.
3. the login screen was still 90-degree rotated which was annoying

I hoped that the script would fix all these problems.

On December 28th, 2019, I described my experience with GPD Pocket 2, Peppermint 10 and Ubuntu MATE on this forum. I hoped Mark would help me make Peppermint OS work on GPD Pocket 2.

Probably he was not feeling well at the time of my post already.

Is it doable or I am asking for too much?

Making Peppermint 10 running on this little device would help to cut idle resources consumption down by 50%. Peppermint is so much lighter than Ubuntu MATE, and would be an ideal OS for this device.

Thank you in advance,


General Discussion / Re: Mark's bio
« on: January 19, 2020, 09:34:33 pm »
I agree. I did not know that.

General Discussion / Mark's bio
« on: January 19, 2020, 08:08:39 pm »
I do not know if the request violates any privacy rules or regulations. Mark Greaves was a good person who developed Peppermint OS and helped others to use it. I would like to see the face behind the name and learn more about his life.
Is it appropriate to ask his family to post his picture and a short story of his life (whatever they think is appropriate to share on the public forum)?
Thank you,XVC

Hardware / Need help with DropBox on GPD Pocket 2
« on: January 19, 2020, 07:51:44 pm »
Hi, guys,

I would like to warn that this thread might seem off topic by someone but I have no other place to ask for help.

I have an Ultra Mobil PC (UMPC) GPD Pocket 2 with Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (GPD Pocket 2 respin) installed on it.

I have a problem with running DropBox on it, so I posted this question on their forum:

The problem still persists and it seems to me that the problem is hardware-specific.

I am just hoping that there is someone knowledgeable on this forum who would help me to fix this problem.

On my other laptop I am running Peppermint 9 and it does not have any problem with Dropbox or pCloud.

I do not know what hardware can conflict with the Dropbox. This contradicts all my knowledge of computers.

Thank you in advance, guys,


New Users / Re: Peppermint OS re-spin for UMPCs
« on: December 28, 2019, 08:58:56 pm »
Hi, guys,

I've finally got my GPD Pocket 2 ultra-mobile PC (UPMC) and have successfully installed Linux on it.

First, this is an amazing device - its size is between iPhone Plus and iPad mini. It is very portable. With an m3 processor, it is fast enough, has a good keyboard, an optical mouse, and touch-screen that works under Linux.

I tried running Peppermint OS 10-respin on this device, and I will post some screenshot after I figure out how to do it.

I tried to run  the script that was mentioned to me in the previous posts but it returned an error message Syntax error: newline unexpected.

What works:

1. installation is flawless
2. it is easy to rotate the screen 90 degree to the right
3. optical trackball or optical mouse - whatever you call it - works well
4. all updates and upgrades install with no problem
5. Peppermint OS 10-respin uses only 413 MB of RAM which is very impressive
6. the keyboard works as expected
7. Font adjustment for HiDPI works like a charm - I've set it to 200 and all the menus were easy to read

What does not work:

1. Login screen is still rotated
2. Touch-screen is inaccurate - I suspect that the touch aspect of the screen is still rotated
3. I could not change the size of the title bars - all the titles of the windows were chopped off due to the increased size of the fonts
4. The sizes of the "Close," "Minimize," and "Maximize" buttons on the windows did not change when I increased the fonts - they were so tiny that it was very hard to click them.

If someone is interested in seeing the screenshots, I can send them via email. I would also appreciate if that person posts them on this forum.

The screenshots are taken with the Live OS running of the USB but I confirm that I did full install to the hard drive.

I suspect that if the script is correctly run (see some previous posts on this thread) most of these issue would be addressed.

I ended up installing Ubuntu Mate 19.10 that is specifically tweaked for this device. It works out of the box with very few exceptions.

For example, some of the dialog windows are bigger than the screen of the device and those dialog windows are not scrollable. I needed to temporarily turn off the scaling, enter the required info into all the fields in the dialog windows, and then turn on the scaling again. This needed to be done with setting up additional keyboard layouts and with setting the Telegram.

Everything else worked well. Idle RAM usage under Ubuntu Mate is around 800 MB which is twice as much as with Peppermint OS 10.

The bottom line is that GPD Pocket 2 (m3 processor, RAM=8 GB, SSD=128 GB):

1. very well-built
2. very portable
3. works on Ubuntu Mate 19.10 out of the box
4. would work perfectly on Peppermint OS 10 if someone knows how to fix those few issues mentioned above
5. ideal travel companion for those who do not want Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, or Google.

Happy New Year to everyone!

I hope someone has knowledge and skills and would address those few issues - unfortunately, I do not know how to do it - otherwise I would.

PS Please let me know how to post screenshots and I will post them.


New Users / Re: Peppermint OS re-spin for UMPCs
« on: December 19, 2019, 11:27:44 am »
Hi, PCNetSpec,

I am getting my GPD Pocket 2 today. I will try to install Peppermint 10 resin on it along with the script following your instructions. An USB stick with Peppermint 10 resin live is already made.

I hope it works, keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for developing such a great OS - I enjoy it very much.


New Users / Re: Firefox problem on Peppermint OS 9
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:41:10 am »
Hi, I am not in the front of that computer right now but I can answer most of the questions right away.
There is no video buffering - just complete crash with the splash window that asks me if I want to reopen the tab.
I have never had this problem before even with a couple of dozens tabs open with several of them using YouTube.
The computer has 4 GB of RAM. I am using whatever Firefox version came with the Peppermint OS 9.
I’ve been using this computer with Peppermint 9 for about a year and a half or two years. No problems whatsoever.
This current problem might be related to an update, or it maybe a problem with YouTube itself.
I was hoping that someone has seen it before and knows the answer from the top of his or her head.

New Users / Re: Peppermint OS re-spin for UMPCs
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:15:32 am »
Hi, PCNetSpec, I have not tried it yet. I am not even sure how to run the script.

New Users / Firefox problem on Peppermint OS 9
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:08:49 am »
During the last two days, I have Firefox a tab running Youtube crashing frequently. The other tabs work with no problems. I am not sure what the problem is.

New Users / Peppermint OS re-spin for UMPCs
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:52:59 am »
Hi, all, I hope I am not asking for too much. Is it possible to make a Peppermint OS spin for ultraportable laptops such as GPD Pocket 2.
There is an Ubuntu Mate spin designed for the UMPCs, and it would be great if there were a Peppermint OS spin for them too.
Thank you in advance.

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: Ubuntu projected path
« on: February 21, 2019, 01:30:14 pm »
Hi, PCNETSpec,
Thank you for the reply and for the assurance. End users depend on the developers, so I just wanted to hear a first-hand opinion from a developer. Your confidence is reassuring .
Thank you again,

GNU/Linux Discussion / Ubuntu projected path
« on: February 21, 2019, 05:37:41 am »
Hi, guys,
Yesterday I watched Tom's from "Switched to Linux" discussion "Ubuntu: The End of an Era."
If what Tom says about Ubuntu's decline comes true, how would that affect Peppermint? Will it be switched to Debian base? How hard would that be? Any thoughts? Thank you.

New Users / Re: Suddenly lost wifi - need help
« on: February 19, 2019, 05:26:39 pm »
Hi, guys,
I found the hardware switch. It is on the side of the laptop.
I accidentally switched it off - I did not even know that it was there.
The problem is solved.
Thank you to MNFrozenfish for the reply.

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