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GNU/Linux Discussion / can we prevent recommending Linux Mint?
« on: October 15, 2018, 10:58:07 pm »
Linux Mint has many troubles:

Linux Mint mixes Ubuntu and Debian programs (see right here)

because of the combination of Debian and Ubuntu programs, when an replace is released that breaks Mint, the maintainers blacklist it until it works again, even though it's far a safety improve. (be aware: they don't try to restoration it, they just blacklist it)

Mint would not publish CVEs, and also you can not check if you are vulnerable due to the fact you don't know wherein a certain package deal came from.

while certainly one of their applications has the identical name as a upstream package, they block the bundle and update it with theirs. for instance, the bundle mdm consists of Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting, however, in Linux Mint (and simplest Linux Mint), the mdm bundle is the Mint show supervisor(aka a a dead ringer for gdm).

safety updates are optionally available.

by using default, using the update manager, you won't get updates for crucial elements of the device(xorg, systemd, kernel), even security updates.

using old kernels means that more recent hardware isn't supported

you may possibly have a higher time with Ubuntu(or another distro) MATE or by installing Cinnamon
on Ubuntu(we really want a Ubuntu Cinnamon Spin) than with Linux Mint.

So, are we able to forestall recommending Linux Mint to novices? because they may run into a great deal more troubles than with any other distro and will get the incorrect picture of what a (true) Linux distro should be.

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