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Yes this is more clear.One more question:which one is the file that make the dvd or usb stick bootable inside in the iso image?i really appreciate your time and thank you very much for your help

Yes it's very strange and the procedure that i see right now on how to install peppermint directly from hard drive is too complicated for me

The question is this now:Will the grub recognize the new operating system in the 3rd disk drive?

I boot ubuntu directly from the iso that i burned in dvd.The ubuntu dvd iso boots normally and i had not problem with that.The only problem that i have is in the peppermint 9,all the other distros that i use they boot fine.Of course my pc is capable to boot from usb,i boot from usb other linux distros.My pc it's not some brand name,i build it by myself with the parts that i bought.I write the specs in the begging of this post.In my pc i have 3 hard disks so i will install the peppermint in the 3rd disk separate from parrot and windows so i think there's no problem with unbootable pc :)

I did it and nothing happened,it boots again from hard drive :(

I will do it right now!Be standy

Is there any other option to install peppermint from the iso directly to the hard drive without use dvd or usb stick?

It's an old motherboard and has not UEFI mode

Yes i'm in parrot right now

Ηello again.Well i check the md5sum file through my terminal and it's correct.It is exactly the same with one that the official peppermint site provides.Did you try any of you to make a bootable dvd or usb stick with the peppermint 9 iso from the official website?is it easy for you to try it and see if is is bootable?i really i don't know what else to do and think.I feel dissaponted...

1.Intel core 2 duo,Gigabit Motherboard,2GB RAM,Graphic card on board,2 HDD Seagate 500 GB and 1 WD 80 GB
2.I did that from Windows 7 and from Parrot Linux also
3.What are these md5sum and sha256sum files and how can i check them?i have not idea
4.My system is 32bit and i'm sure that i download the correct ISO

Hello to everyone.I have an issue with a new installation in my pc.I decide to install the peppermint linux in my pc to give it a try but the dvd and the usb stick won't boot at all.I downloaded the torrent iso file  from the official peppermint site and i burn it in to a dvd as well.I change the boot options from the bios to boot from dvd and i restart my pc but the peppermint dvd don't boot.I tried sometimes but nothing happened.So i decide to make a bootable usb stick and i used rufus LiLo and unebootin but nothing happened,the usb stick don't boot either.What is going wrong with that?is there any problem with the iso file?i make so many installations with theses ways and i had no problem but with peppermint i faced this issue.How can i solve this problem?and one more question:is there any way to install the peppermint directly from the iso file to another hard disk in my pc without dvd or usb stick?i'm waiting for your respond.Thank you.

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