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My other half & I are settled in and savoring our coffee as we're beginning to prep our preferred feast.

We'd like to wish everyone in the US a calm, peaceful and relaxing day as folks give thanks for the blessings which have been bestowed upon them and their beloveds in this most stressful of years.

For our family of team members and users in the rest of the world, I will borrow a phrase from one of our more famous & long running television shows...

Y'all be safe out there!



Hardware / Re: CPU fan does not work with Peppermint OS
« on: November 25, 2020, 02:19:21 pm »
Glad you fixed your problem, now if you could add solved to your subject, others can benefit from your discoveries. That's pretty much how we all help each other here.


Here's a Tutorial on how to mark your topic (SOLVED),24.0.html


GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: XFCE 4.16 November and Peppermint 11
« on: November 23, 2020, 12:47:41 pm »
That's what sold me on Peppermint a few years back. I think it was P7 and first time using linux. But I loved how light it was and how easy it was for a total beginner. And it's all I've used since.   I just noticed the other day how much I use and prefer terminal now . Still a newbie but I've come a long way. And had fun doing so! I set my grandparents up who are Very computer illiterate and they love it also. And I can actually help them with most of there problems or questions.

Part of @PCNetSpec's vision was getting linux in front of folks who would be put off by the techiness of many older distributions. We're sure he's smiling out there knowing he's added your grandparents to his list of conversions.

Quote from: justalexander3
I'm glad to hear lxsession will be gone. It's always been a bit of bad actor for me.

It was clear from the notes he left behind he was intending to eliminate the last bits of LXDE. So #teampeppermintOS're using that as guidance. We're still bandying about a few options where his guidance is not clear. Just know we're busily testing a few things.

Quote from: justalexander3
One thought I had for future versions, and that  a real minimal install option. I've done the current  minimal install before but  there is still so much on there that I will never need.   

While @PCNetSpec has offered that "minimal installation option" for many moons, he'd never had the time to make it truly minimal. We intend to change that in PMXI ... again, we're testing several options.

Quote from: justalexander3
And I really  wanted to say Thank you to those who have worked / continue to work hard to make this all happen. You all are amazing people and greatly appreciated!

#teampeppermintOS are blessed to have a devoted community who continue to appreciate and use Mark Greave's work. We thank you for your comments and we greatly appreciate the entire community's patience. Mark was a prolific poster and writer and left copious notations. It's taken the team a lot of time to work our way thru it all. 2020, has thrown many obstacles up along the way. Team members come and go as their family responsibilities & safety take precedence during such a strange year.

We hope to make him proud with what we release next.

GNU/Linux Discussion / Re: XFCE 4.16 November and Peppermint 11
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:30:29 am »
However, I must give thanks to grafiksinc and the rest for their hard work and input to keep Peppermint alive. It is most frustrating to me to be unable to help. I should have learned coding. Keep up the good work guys.

Your willingness to continue helping answer the questions as they arise here on the forums helps tremendously @alynur!  8)

We are grateful, especially as the holidays arrive to take everyone's attention away from what's going on here in the forums... #teampeppermintOS could also use another pair of eyes on our Facebook and MeWe presences if you are on either of those?

New Users / Re: Deja-dup, cloning and backup basics
« on: November 17, 2020, 02:16:05 pm »
This is an excellent and timely reminder @Sgt_Pepper... many of our tutorials on the two boards which mention them may well be outdated. Most certainly will be as our Peppermint 11 releases continue progressing thru their alpha stages.


Personally, I keep all of my "can't be lost data" on an external USB drive. Ever since finding Peppermint One, I have followed the advice to reformat and start with completely fresh installations.


General Discussion / Re: Peppermint OS project status
« on: October 31, 2020, 12:13:44 pm »
My Apologies, I didn't click all the way thru to notice that the downloads were no longer linked. I'll need to ask our WebDev @josephd whether we've got a repository to link to?

fwiw, I don't find any speed difference in PM9 nor PM 10... yet in my experience PM 1 thru 6 were much much slower to boot, then again, every machine is different.


General Discussion / Re: Peppermint is cool
« on: October 28, 2020, 07:00:57 pm »
ICE springs from the minds of Peppermint founders Kendall Weaver & Shane Remington, neither of whom are still with the team. Sadly, many in the Linux world fail to see it's benefits & power to isolate each SSB instance from the prying eyes of Bing, FB, Ggl, deh twttrs & other sorts of trawling bots @Flying Jib...

For instance: I can do my banking in an isolated SSB, then none of the above know anything about it!

It's so very cool once you get the hang of it.

We're pleased you found it though & glad you are pleased with PeppermintOS!

Happy Pepperminting!
~ spence

General Discussion / Re: What about the older releases?
« on: October 28, 2020, 05:09:20 pm »
(Sorry for not creating a new topic for this, but I felt maybe it could fit in.)

I have some really old machines for which the newest versions (9 and 10) are a bit too bloated already. For some reason, I cannot find the same old release archive on the official page anymore. Could the older versions be made accessible again?

#teampeppermint was forced into a speedy and quick relocation earlier this year. Our devoted WebDev @josephd has since diced/sliced slimmed/trimmed and reorganized. Our previous releases are now found here:

Keep in mind, all releases prior to PM 7 are no longer supported. Support for 7 & 8 will end in 2021, 9 & 10 in 2023. You are always free to delete anything in PeppermintOS that you don't use or find unnecessary.

If that process is unfamiliar, feel free to ask us here.

Happy Pepperminting!

Advanced Topics / Re: Refurbished Computer Shop
« on: October 28, 2020, 12:50:19 pm »
Hello @helpcollegiate!

Peppermint has no licensing agreements that you need concern yourself with when installing on refurbished, nor new computers for gifting or sales. We might only ask that you point the new users to our friendly forums so they can join in to learn how to use their new speedy linux distribution!

Happy Pepperminting!  8)

~ spence

News and Reviews / Re: Peppermint 10 Review on Distrowatch
« on: October 26, 2020, 01:03:12 pm »
 ;) I was just about to post that, you beat me to it!

PCNetSpec would have stomped all over this talk about what's coming in our Pep11 update on the public facing posts... but since we're so far behind the normal release schedule, I'll resist my urge to delete all references to it...


so may I ask for a link @pizza? to the updated ICE?


I think you are on an older version of ice.

I was not aware we were updating to the new version before shipping Pep11 @Pizza? Or did you push a backdoor update that I missed? 


My apologies for my extended absence here...   :-X

Anyway, my situation became more weird today, I can delete some ICE SSBs, but not all the ones I want to delete. They ALL appear to delete when chosing to REMOVE them via ICE menu. But upon a reboot or refresh, some of the deleted ones reappear in my menu.


Software & Applications / Re: Terminal app recommendation
« on: September 29, 2020, 02:25:31 pm »
The installed terminal on Peppermint does not have cut and past functionality at least not for me. I have tried.

I am able to cut and paste easily into Peppermint 10's default terminal... so not sure what your issue may be?


single nor double click makes a difference, either merely highlights the SSB, then I need to select REMOVE... while it disappears from the ICE Remove utility, the SSB remains in the Whisker Menu


I have not... but will in a moment.  ;)

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