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I'm still at a loss as to how a code of conduct that kernel developers have decided to (or been forced to) adhere to would affect your project, if that project doesn't entail submitting code to the kernel ?

This CoC is not forward transferable .. just because your project may utilise the Linux kernel doesn't mean you too have signed up to the CoC.

i have written that not only the kernel is infected by this new CoC!

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the actual list of adopters of this pinkish pony-esk worlds most disastrous Code of Catastrophy.

Must i really explain that each user of programs / libraries which are produced under the rules of this CoC, is also supporting / accepting this CoC?

read, think, discover relations, conclude, decide.

another explaining video.

beside of that, it is your thing how wide you claim your horizon, how much facts and variables you include in your thoughts and decisions, i guess we have different results / conclusions, that is not a critic its just life as it is - divers.
For myself is see the opensource - project in real danger, also the society, its a cultural war of ugly pink - lilac haired women / hen or whatever they call themselfs, and they are a virus which will cause an immun reaction from the society, which means exclusion.

@ PCNetSpec

the code is already "infected" in many programs / projects it doesnt only comply to the kernel, since 2014, i write actual from my revived IRO-install which works fine here status Dez 2015 (file dates of the live cd) and this archived link from Nov 2015 documents only a view adopters of the Code of Catastrophy, since then the mess is growing like cancer, look at the adopters list today, and you face heavy impacts in many side projects, i'm not a coder, but i want to compile an own kernel special for my machine, and i want to change some things if needed, so i'm somehow involved, anyway in this adopters list (actually), i see many well known names, which i had not on the radar... MyPaint was such a case, i have tested this program two years ago, and kept in reserve for my planned workflow, now i must recognize that this is CoC'ed aleady and even IROLinux cant hold it, because its from Dez 2015 there MyPaint has always adopted the CoC. But i'm optimistic that IROLinux is save enough for usage - its based on 15.10 the oldarchives are valid and usable, so i could maintain the system so far, IRO can hold most of my planned programs in workflow. I should mention it, that is all baremetal, no VBox, i have issues with the Raid, IRO does not recognize it, but i'm sure that i will find a solution.

i want to assure you, that i do not want to search for everything political to disagree with, i.e. to position myself / identify myself, but i want my project free from any political and i have work for years, so i must find myself a way to hold, cover the project and can create the things i have in the planning, maybe i will drop my actual machine and exchange it with the Dual-CPU intel Xeon Serverboard which sleeps in the cellar, it is absolut intact ...

and ehmm i have removed pepp, because you were absolut right, it is not build to hold a cinnamon-system, in other words i have lost a lot of peppiness (speed) and mintiness (stability), call me dumb, but i need cinnamon (at least) as GUI, so no pepp for me, sadly,  :'( even its a very good distro  :)

I dont want to play my project into their hands / under their juristiction, in my projects context (hmm a bit erotic) i would be the "Fressfest" for those SJWs, and this could not be allowed! So my system and workflow has to be as clean as possible. Its very difficult and complicated!

... and if those devs/coders really join, and find a day, and pull the switch, we have at least older abandoned OSes/Distros which are working, and i am await that they pull the switch, thats my opinion.

Ehmm Gitlab based, Gitlab has signed the new CoC! but i take a look, their (redox-os) sources did not contain any new CoC related stuff! will it last, who knows?

btw dead is good, it will stay as it is (sarcasm). ;)
and we can, facing this CoC-situation, revive several alternative things, i guess that has something real good in it :)

beside of that, i should pack my bags now, because pepp 8 is no longer on my system, this forum is only for pepp-users

Yes pin you are right, we have alternatives, but how long did they last? NetBSD, yeah i have seen it / the logo in shell (screenshot).

you can take a look into too, propably i will switch to it, because its save, but its a sacrifice project-wise, i do not know yet if Devuan ( has joined that new CoC, but that's an option too, if they have not signed. TrueOS is FreeBSD based and by that a nogo, that's i have heard. Haiku is far away from being usable for production, i was a BeOS 5 user. As last option and by dropping my project for all time being, i can step back to Amithlon and AmigaOS3.9 - it has enough to hold up basic communication and office work, but in creativity its a blast back into the stone age.

The reason for my anger is, my project is MY Project, i want and will keep it free from any political statement. While setting up the workflow for the future, a damn long list of programs and tools, that i need, and the new base system i prefere is linux, and now after many weeks of work and testing the new kernel is CoC'ed, the way is blocked, i and my project can not grow into that direction :-[  and actually i consider they (devs of parts / programs in my workflow) have already signed to this CoC years ago, and i have supported this shit by using their CoC'ed programs. Its simply a mess, i'm intentended to take revenge for abusing my creative work to gain acceptance for their weird CoC, i feel myself abused!

From a different perspective - back in November '17 i must experience a raid0-crash (8 TB), win7-based, maybe it was an attack from outthere, but it costs me nearly 90% of my creative projects / support files / daybooks / documentations / notes / fotos... you name it, it was a stump directly into my face, and we here / my friends and i could not found any foolproof explanation why this happened, thats why i think it was/maybe an attack, not a virus! Comodo was protecting my system very trustworthy, maybe an active attack, i dont know... now i sit here with the rest of my files, and have to restart the whole project, thinking Linux is the best choice i could make... and ending up in this CoC-mess, i should throw this system out of my window ... too many occasions / coincidences ... maybe you can imagine how i feel myself, no progress with my creative project for now, i am loosing so much time...  :-\ What my project is? hmm, difficult to describe, and maybe the wrong place for it, just a thread (april 2017 - but attention the site lists the comments as newest first by default)

 if you are interested

 and a pic if reading is not your case

anyway, thanks for your advice pin ;)

I agree its ok  8) (and i was very angry, sorry for that), but can we say that the new CoC is an attack on each ones own lifestyle*, spiced with very political interests (i guess there are also monetary interests), so that we can conclude that the CoC has to be free from any political direction / behaviour / conviction and as such it doesn't need this new (and stupid) one? *(linux is some sort of lifestyle too, an open-culture, if you want to call it so)  :-\

With the usage of the kernel (those ones which are newly generated under the rules of the new CoC, ver. 4.20 and higher, and there indeed code can be removed, beforehand) we must willingly / not willingly agree to this new CoC-Nonsense, or we can not use the new kernels? Am i right if i say i can not approve to this new CoC nor can i accept which consequences this new CoC would have to the contributors / developers, most of them are young and hotheaded (ger. unbeherrscht / sich nicht im Griff haben / schnell aus der Haut fahren / sehr emotional), so i can not use the new kernels and by that also the new linux-distros based on them, and installed Distros which are updating into the new 4.20+ kernels / linuxfirmwares?  :-\

@ VinDSL
I signed this last night.

ca. 2200 actually have signed, and growing  :) btw. this are more then the people who have decided to implement the new CoC!

Quote: Come together, find a day, and pull the switch, clean out the dead code! Quote End,

While i am watching and listen this i am agree, and i am scarified from huge amount of firmations / projects who are already on the new CoC and how long they are already there, to be honest with myself i cant use any of their software, because i dont want nor will agree to the new CoC! Time to blacklist all on the adopters list, at least back before the birth of this crap in 2014, before they have signed this pact with the devil, i.e. MyPaint an essential part of my workflow - deleted from my pc! Handbrake was in plan to row it in the workflow for video-production, never will i install this thing again! Atom - bye! and many many more... dammit i have to timeshift my pc back to 2014 to clean out this new CoC related stuff  :-[

was not there a 4th internet in the planning - via satellites - only sending to users, like a tv-program but files + infos, IIRC two or three years ago?

at least we have an analog life, there SJWs can not really exist (thats why they are whining), they NEED the Internet to spit their poison all over the world, in the midst of our living rooms
anyway they have not all cups in the shelf, not all planks on the wooden fence, there might burn a light somewhere but at home is nobody... cheaters they are ... exploiters ... bug-users  8)

Maybe we'll see .... also the true source of this attack against open source ... maybe its an hostile acquisition from some members of the Linux-Foundation ... to take over this huge market

I wish you peace

BTW, for shiggles, I signed this last night.

There were approximately 600 supporters, at the time...  ;)

Thanks for the link, signed. But i am very sure that this will not help, it is something bigger behind this all, imagine a tower of babylon and a similiar Babylonian language chaos, also in thoughts, beliefs and convictions, my best guess is that we will facing the fact the globalism is a fail because it is not our nature. BTW those SIWs do not stop... are they part of the #walkaway-movement? (a question beside of that)

@ Zeb

i'd like to think what you say, but life has teached me, it will always come different and worse. :( Look, we ... humans always hope the best, but this thing is really huge, with unpredictable consequences, no one can tell me what the future brings after this disaster / rolling stone which causes an avalanche, linux means billions of users, thousends of businesses, the whole internet is based on Linux (servers, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, energy companies, Departments of many countries and so on).

@ PCNetSpec

according to those Flat-earthers, a storm in the teacup defines as a massive disaster ;)  would be good if you are right, but i don't think so, also do not forget, in such times rules are meaning not much to humans, if you loose your surroundings by SJWs, you will do the unpredictable to stay save... remind #itsonlyimpossibleuntilitsdone (Quote: Nitrux - Nomad main theme wallpaper) we believe that it is impossible to remove code from the kernel... the future will show if we are right.

PS: it looks like the film "Idiocrazy" becomes reality  :P

Famous last words?

Linux Developers threaten to pull the "Kill switch"

as foreseen by Yvonne Hofstetter several years ago, "we should restart the whole internet"

just as an example (ger.)  (cant find the video with the real quote)

... if  (hopefully this will not happen) those devs trigger the "kill switch", immediatelly are we in the biggest crisis the world has ever faced
and those SJWs who have caused this are the most hated people on the planet, and if really everthing is connected, they will face the ultimate
response from the humanity.

Mirror your package-trees offline, and ... hm ... survive ;) 

CoC, SJWs, Politics....  :o

This is a kernel, a masterpiece of software.... should i consider it gone?
Would i be Linus, i would search me a new planet far far away from those SJWs (CoC-writer)  :'(

The world is very ill!

Edit: Adding two y2be-videos which are very explaining, they helped me to to find orientation

i must say a big thank you to the both creators.

i must state that i can not agree to this new Code of conduct! that being said, it results in the fact that i can not produce / create / keep nor install anything which is based on this new CoC!

i for myself will fire up some sort of exit strategy - i do not want to have anything to do with those SJWs, who have caused this disaster and are gone way too far now (and will burn in hell for that!), and it is also clear that someone on the software market (Google?! Microsoft?! Apple?) gets a lot of money these days, while Linux is in bad weather / stormy sea, each percent it looses on market, means big bags of money for the competitors / rivals, i do not want that my PC, OS and my personal and creative project became victims of those market competitions nor political interest, open source has to stay free from political and sexual agendas and business / market competition! Actual we have open sauce :P

i will leave peppermint ASAP, it's XFCE/LXDE not Cinnamon nor Mate, its my sign of respect, to let this nice distro be as it is, but it doesn't match my needs, and i have not the room and time to keep a distro on HDD which i do not use.

i will step back to older Linux-Distros around 16.04. (LTS) and kernels before 4.18 (without NSA adds) to setup some sort of clean and trustworthy buffer until March 2021

in the meantime i will work on outdated versions which can handle the software which i want/need to use and will search for OS alternatives with out politics, SJWs and transgenderism, maybe in 2021 then 16.04. reaches the EoL the World will look very different i.e. SJWs rule the world and each natural born gender is hunted because they are not synthetics / transmuted! (Attention Sarcasm! and sorry for the rough language i'm really pi...ed!) Bye!

Artwork, Themes, and Icons / Re: My experiments with wallpapers
« on: September 20, 2018, 11:40:21 pm »

I'm short on time, so I'll try to keep this brief...

So am I, sorry for the late response then,

here is a concept graphic - just for testing purposal,
two images/versions, one with a thin grid(in the name too) for your 3 monitors, to adjust, or to cut seperate images out if needed
please take the pics as unfinished, they are very large, so i give the project (much larger then the single pics) a hold, just to test even the size of that "thing"...
4K btw.

please test it, some feedback - technical and in terms of taste - would be very kind...

and do not hurry, i have a lot of issues in RL these days, so spare time for that...

Greetings  :)


Artwork, Themes, and Icons / Re: My experiments with wallpapers
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:27:11 am »
Obviously, you can install awesome on Peppermint and give it a try.

thats good to hear, thank you, i've tested i3 on another distro, it was very fast so i guess awesome must run very speedy on pepp?... but the problem isnt the windowmanager ... in my case, my working routine is the true problem here, which needs a more conservative approach to the gui, i prefer the mouse over the keyboard, especially the usage of the keyboard is hurting more then the usage of my vertical mouse (a DIY merge / "smash together" between a chassis of a very low price chinese vertikal mouse and the content/chipset of a Fire Glider mouse, it was coincidentally matching into the chassis of the vertical mouse, in terms of mouse+mouse = healing ;) ) and the pens,

my best guess aside of that is, my hands and arms are needing more movement in terms of radius / length and not less i.e. with using only the keyboard, any way thanks for the hint, maybe some people outthere find your solution more pleasing / more matching to their workflow even in ergonomics

the usage of the keyboard has the same issues with the torsion in the arm

about your "not normal", we humans are born as very unique in body (thats genetic) and in personality (thats epigenetic), we are not birthly normed at all, so how can we ever be normal / matching a norm / matching which norm? and who defines those norms? - the stupid tin foil hats of elites, they have way too many problems with themself / theirself :D So please feel free to be who you are, linux teaches us this too every day. We can have many things in common, but thats not a norm nor normal, its human!

I was watching "Destination Linux" with Ryan, Michael and Zeb yesterday and Big Daddy Linux Live! days ago, i like to watch them, because there are so many different characters with different tastes and ages, they share a passion (?) / have this linux thing in common, but i would be a true fool to name them normal! I like the diversity of and in those shows, the different thoughts of the members and the insights they share, and its good/best as it is, so we - the watchers - can learn from them and build our own opinion based on their knowledge, guidance and experience, and get inspired to test the things ourself. Maybe open source stands also for open minded, at least i hope so.

Advanced Topics / Re: HiDPI inconsistencies [SOLVED]
« on: September 14, 2018, 04:45:43 am »
i was making the fail to install cinnmon on pepp :/

Artwork, Themes, and Icons / Re: My experiments with wallpapers
« on: September 14, 2018, 04:28:58 am »

Didn't mean to sound pedantic, but...

Technically, "4K" means a horizontal resolution of 4,096 pixels.

It's not a matter of opinion. This is the resolution set forth by the Digital Cinema Initiatives.

i understand you and agree, myself while i'm editing textures for my main project i have not the luxury to create double-standards of 4K, my textures have to be 4096x4096 or 4096x8192! and not 3840x xyz, Its a question and matter of pixel dimension, picture scaling, preventing the moiré effect (which happens very often in my project, because of the special direction of my project) it is a technical "must", but please understand that i cant throw my new AOC out of the window into the trash / garbage, because it doesnt fullfill the one real(?) 4K standard :D I'm too glad to have him in its 4K-imperfection for my daily computer activities

and through nvidias DSR i have much greater screenresolutions on the backhand (for now only under win7x64), which was and will be also very helpful with my project.

to my tutorial advice, i mean that serious (we need a special thread for that matter), i assume that the movement of your head is different to us who are using only one monitor, would be interesting to hear your experiences how your neck and back feels after a long day of work on this desktop setup, and maybe you have tips for this those ones who plan to setup such a three monitor setup.

so for now thanks again, for all of your kindly given informations, i have downloaded the pics, to work further...

@ zebedeeboss

thanks for URL, this case of website is very rare in respecting more monitor setups, the web should have more of them these days, right?

Artwork, Themes, and Icons / Re: My experiments with wallpapers
« on: September 14, 2018, 03:00:54 am »
@ VinDSL

first a big thank you to you for all the infos

at second two questions:

have you shared your experiences with this setup / desktop usage with the community before? If not you should do that, i see already many tips you can give others with your experiences
in some sort of tutorial  :)

you had given the display on the right the mainscreen with appmenu, workspace-overview and conkys systeminformation, i find this very interesting while ppl are discussing the "kaotic" ordering of the main bars, appmenu and mainfunctions in i.e. Dolphin also on the right side of the screen in KaOS (as a nogo), which i see in my experience as the right place if i'm using my right hand as the main hand, i would place my tools and utilities also on the right side, even my mouse, usb-drives, penmouse and mousepen are on the right side of my desk... it seems naturally to me, so also the KaOS desktop feels more naturally to me, a surprising experience to me, an eye opener, thats why i keep a small installation of KaOS on my PC- the mousemovements are reduced in those programs which are build in that "new" "kaotic" way but got even more if the window-menus are placed on the left upper side of the screen / window.

Why is this so important to me, i'm on my way with computers since Amiga-times, the early 90's in between i was league-player (semiprofessional and only for a short time) in MyUCL and ClanBase, over all those years i've been using standard mices and keyboards, seven years ago from now, i got RSI (Repetitive-Strain-Injury) on both hands and arms, which gets even worse (for reasons which i don't understand and can't explain) into rheumatoid arthritis - so by all means if the new "kaotic" ordering of the things in KaOS 2018.08, can help to prevent other users to experience this hell of RSI and rheumatoid arthritis, then HELL YES! keep it that new way, meanwhile i can recommend the usage of mousepens / tablets and/or penmouses ... i.e.

they work easily with Linux

... talking a break here for breakfast (which also means taking my daily pills)... i will edit further later.

against my promise i will left this entry as it is and will answer further an a new one.

Development / Re: Reset Script
« on: September 13, 2018, 06:11:16 pm »
Systemback can do this .. it's no longer under active development, but I hear it still works in Peppermint 9.

Nice to hear that, thank you, so i guess Systemback will work on peppermint 8 too?
I know that very helpful tool from IRO LINUX a very good graphic oriented distro in alpha stage (no longer maintained) - there i see peppermint as a possible successor - with a bit of extra work...

... and would you say, it is some sort of a rule of thumb to make a secondary admin account on each linux installation? i mean as a recommendation for each other peppermint user.

Sorry that i've sounded like i wouldnt hear your sentence about the builtin panel reset function, it is nice to have that helpful thingy, i have messed up much more while theming, and through the summary of all things / fails i had done, i was unable to remember what all i have changed / messed up (beside the panel prefs) and how to fix it *blush*

anyway thank you for your hints and tips

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