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Thank you PCNetSpec, your code did the trick, it is now much more user friendly and readable.

Even though, I am not a fan of dark themes.

 zebedeeboss, than you too for your help ;-))


Artwork, Themes, and Icons / Menu, Panel and app fonts are too small
« on: April 09, 2018, 09:40:25 pm »
Dear Peppermint OS Friends,

I just installed Peppermint OS and I have a hard time using it as the writing on the Menu, in Software Center, on Apps in general are too small by far.

It is absolute user unfriendly on my 22" screen.

I changed the fonts at look and feel, but it seems to have very little effect and for sure not on and at the applications mentioned before.

In Calculate and any other XFCE based Distro I can use Appearance to change these fonts successful, but it is not available in Peppermint :-(

Mayday Mayday ;-)) need help


Hello PCNetSpec,

I changed the ~~ to -- and added nomodeset to it like: -- nomodeset

and that did let me boot up and install Peppermint OS,

thank you


It boots but doesn't get into the live or install setup, it sticks at loading screen

Is there anyone who knows how to get the USB from peppermint 8 booted into live medium or install on a Optimus Laptop (2 Graphic Cards Intel and Nvidia)

Just got challenged by English Bob and for now he lost before the race could start.

I am holding back the video on my channel for a day max, hope someone knows how rto get it at least to boot up.

Thanks for anyone willing to help ;-))


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