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Advanced Topics / Questions about gamemode from feral and ubuntu 18.04
« on: April 25, 2018, 10:41:18 am »
Two things I'd like to know. Will there be gamemode from feral that helps hardware communicate better with games like on steam? Its called GameMode from the company feral and apparently its hard to install but would be cool to have it in the next peppermint 9 build. Also the next peppermint OS will have ubuntu's latest 18.04 system. Does that mean it will have ubuntu's data collection too? Or will that be omited from the peppermint os system? I'm just wanted to know about those two things. I think having a system that has gamemode from feral and also doesn't collect your data like most major OS's out there would be good to have. I'd just like to know about those two things. Thanks.

Advanced Topics / File system locked up
« on: April 08, 2018, 12:41:33 pm »
I had this problem in windows where the file system would just refuse to send or copy my files or music from one drive to the usb drive. It just didn't want too. It just basically refused to give me permission to do so. I tried running it in SU and basically like my friend said and it just said authorisation failed when ever I entered my password. Please help me fix this issue. I'd like to keep making music and stuff on both PCs. Alienware now has windows installed on it but this laptop I'm typing from has latest version of peppermint.


well when I said again and again it was past distros. Not really this one. I checked online for repairing broken dependencies on a system and apparently there is something call -f or --fix-broken. But when ever I try it in terminal it says it doesn't recognise the command. I tried apt-get -f and --fix-broken and nothing seems to work. Is it cause I have no broken dependencies on my system? Anyways I did do all that you said and it should be fine. Its just LMMS been acting kind of weird. Like locking itself up after a while of using it. Just started doing so today. So should I re-install lmms since its a appimage. Or just try to fix the OS itself. I never seen LMMS do this behavior until today. Sure it did crash once in a while but really It never locked up like it does. Its just some weird behavior that just started to happen. Thats why I wonder about broken dependencies and stuff.


Everytime I have a Linux distro it seems I ether end up with lots of broken dependencies or broken os. Is there any program or way for the os to repair and maintain itself? I was thinking maybe a computer program that could do the job of repairing and maintaining the system to full health. Any ideas if such a program or an idea like this has been mentioned before? Let me know thanks.

Don't feel like re-installing the system again and again.


I have basically a alienware steam machine running latest peppermint 8 version 2 on it. And basically its running smooth with steam os and other games. Mesa's version must be really powerful cause it was barely lagging with my alienware running a nvidia version 860m of their laptop gpu running on a small box with intel i5 5th gen I believe. i Ditched windows 10 cause it kept locking my files I was putting up in my folders so I just said the hell with windows 10 I'm going all peppermint os 8 version 2 and I have another installation of it with a intel celeron n3060 series. Which is braswell infrastructure its the lenovo 4 gigs version and 64 gb of storage emmc. Lenovo flex 3 series. The touch screen works but it just won't turn the screen like windows used too. Any idea if in the future their will be a future update or not about that fix? Make it more flip and touch screen ready :) Also could it Identify and disable the touchpad and keyboard when I flip it over into a tablet? Just suggestions for later.

Thanks again for a great software guys. Really appreciate it :)

I mentioned this software to channel on youtube via the facebook group he made. I just hope that he will at least look at it in future reviews of his products and actualy get to use peppermint os 8 instead of ubuntu :) Thanks again. Is there a facebook group for peppermint os 8 ? There should be. Also any idea when peppermint os 9 is going to come out with support to 17.10 engine of ubuntu 64 bit of course :)

Thanks again,
Steph aka sorath72

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