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Downloaded pm10 32 bit, burned the disk using imageburn at 3x, ran the check for defects, came back with no issues.
Run a live session, run the installer, installer crashed during install but got a message it completed; selected to restart the pc, back to square one with nothing on display after bios post test.
At this point I am going to end this attempt for pm to install on this device, thanks for all the help

Yea that's the clunker msi 6728 ver1 865pe neo2

PM9 only not dual booting anything else, nothing is on the 360 gb hard drive.
Partitions where deleted using gparted on the pm9 live session, I also used win10 command prompt
 run as admin, ran diskpart then the clean command to wipe even the disk layout; it was set as gpt at one time
and the target system is not uefi bios, thus so pm9 could set the disk up properly.

set the disk up using  pm9 installer, not modify the disk layout in anyway. I was going to format the entire disk to ext4 but never got the chance.
I have three other machines I could install pm9 on then transfer the installation to the one it is intended for.
I have done this only a few times and found it to not work well as the hardware on the target is much less any other device I have; 8 gb min ram 4 x cpu, better gpu.
It the systems where more evenly  matched ?
The other issue is I do not want to pull 3 to 8 drives out of a working system to test this.
I could pull my  laptop win7 disk and install to that via external usb enclosure then move the drive to the intel  but still think it will not work as the lapy is amd

I just tried to install pm9 again on this device and had many issues as the installer crashed before it even started.
The errors; trace back file\user\lib\ubiquility\ubiquity\ line 228 in build_cache
Device=self manager .get device ()
file user/lib/python3/ dist-pakages/dbus line145 _ call _ ** keywords
 connection.phy line 651 in call _blocking
dbus.exception.DBus exceprion:org. freedesktop.dbus.error.service unknown
the name:120 was not provided by any.service files
After the failure to install I got a no session for pid error, did not get the #
I ran the installer from the dvd selected to install, not run a live session and the pc was connected to the internet.

I should have mentioned this before but I am using a 360 gb drive and have cleared all  partitions using gparted  and win10 running diskpart using the clean command.
Then running disk management in win10 it asks how I want to set the disk up, mbr or gpt, I then exit without doing anything.
I thought that maybe a few installs of pm9 was on a gpt layout disk, but ruled that out on the last few attempts.
I will try to set the disk up before install.
On every other linux install I have done, the installer used the entire disk partitioning the os space, swap, and storage area without an issue,
don't understand why  pm9 is not doing the same.

To try and narrow things down I downloaded the iso again on another pc, burned it again with image burn, one disk at fastest writable and another at 2x; the 2x had issues loading where the other one got to installing used 12.22 gb on the disk but just hung there,had to force restart.
On boot up past the bios the same issue, unsupported video format.
II have reduced the gpu aperture size as to try and free  some physical ram, but same issue.
Having had issues on this pc before with peppermint 8 before I am going to say that this is to much work and time to go any farther at this time; thanks for the help.

First error the source on the disk (dvd) does not match the source, the second one is the installer has crashed copying files; on both I have the option to
cancel, try again, or continue, I select continue, everything completes with message to restart.
As soon as I get past the bios post test, I get unsupported video across my monitor (32 " toshiba) connected by dsnub and or dvi to hdmi cable, the dvi shows a connection active but no picture is produced.
I have set power management in the bios to s3 (active) s1 and automatic but any and all three have no effect.
After running the live session, power to the ps2 mouse shows it is still on (active) as I can see the red glow under it, ( wake up for mouse and keyboard are both unselected in the bios.
When I run the live session and run gparted it shows 9+ gb used but the rest of the drive is not formatted.
I have recently ( on another hard drive) install lubuntu on this pc with no issues with the install.

Installing peppermint 9 respin2 32 bit on 865pe neo2 msi- 6728-ver 1, intel p4.
So I have downloaded the iso a few times, used imgburn to burn the iso, disk is verified
100 % successful with no errors.
Load the disk and get to the live session, select to install, insatll fails with disk match error, finish insatll.
On next boot from the hard disk, get past bios screen, unsupported video display message on monitor.
Hit the pc reset button, load live session, run gpart, hard drive shows 9+ gb of data ext4 but not locked , delete partition, back to square one.
I have turned off bios caching, network adapter during  install, no luck.
The system has 2 gb of ddr ram in all 4 banks installed running in dual channel liner mode.
The p4 has hyperthreading enabled, cpu 2.8 mhz .
All this was going to be used for was web surfing, watching a dvd, youtube or listing to some mp3's. 

Thank you, will give this a try.

Had not booted peppermint 8 in a few weeks, started it up today and got a display message; no video input or unsupported format.
Had set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 through the display configuration.
The gpu card is a ati (amd) r92le, dvi, s-video, d-snub,; using d-snub, get a bios post screen then  no video input or unsupported format,
using dvi, no bios post then  no video input after peppermint 8 selection options.
At times the display will render at 480p but nothing will show on dvi and or d-snub.
My question is how do I reset the display to default ? thanks to any guidance on this.

Installation / Re: Booting Problem [Image inside]
« on: May 12, 2018, 04:44:04 pm »
Was peppermint installed with the usb data traveler attached  ?
Full power down the device, remove the usb data traveler then
power up the system.

Installation / Re: Linux firmware update to 1.157.17 fails
« on: May 09, 2018, 05:29:20 pm »
Kernel updated to 4.13.0-41-generic (i686) and no other updates in the software list.
Smart found two  bad sector on the disk, don't know if it was causing the issues or not.
Did manage to clone the os drive to a larger one, but the motherboard is having a hard time detecting
both the drive and a dvd burner, so went back to using sata instead of ide .

Installation / Re: Linux firmware update to 1.157.17 fails
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:55:54 pm »
After running recovery a few times, managed to get to the desktop with no errors.
Ran both commands in terminal, first one had no output, second one;
Code: [Select]
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0 gir1.2-nma-1.0 libido3-0.1-0
Use 'sudo apt autoremove' to remove them.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.

Installation / Re: Linux firmware update to 1.157.17 fails
« on: May 07, 2018, 06:17:26 pm »
The 33% ran about 10 to 15 minutes, then the error could not complete.
Most times I just let it run waiting for the output.

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