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New Users / Re: icon with internet traffic data (Solved)
« on: March 24, 2020, 09:45:32 am »
BTW, I incorporate templates in conky.config, where appropriate, to cut down on repetitious code in the conky.text section.

Great idea, thanks for sharing! This could also help with multiple systems running Conky with different network adapter names, which I have to deal with. I use templates for colors and fonts, but didnt realize I could use for other items such as this.  :)

New Users / Re: icon with internet traffic data
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:12:46 am »
Hi stilnovo,

I have something similar to what you are looking for, but it is part of my Conky setup. I have a section that lists the current upload and download speeds and also lists the totals for both. It uses the 'downspeed', 'upspeed', 'downtotal' and 'uptotal' variables.

Here is a snippet from my Conky for the Network section. It has an if_existing statement that determines if I am on ethernet or wifi, but you can just use whichever section needed:

Code: [Select]
${if_existing /sys/class/net/eno1/operstate up}$font${color2}wired: ${addr eno1}$alignr$font${color2} public: {not listed}
DOWN: ${downspeed eno1}$alignr${upspeed eno1} :UP
Total: ${totaldown eno1}$alignr${totalup eno1} :Total
${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/net/wlan0/operstate up}$font${color2}wireless: ${addr wlan0}$alignr$font${color2} public: {not listed}
DOWN: ${downspeed wlan0}$alignr${upspeed wlan0} :UP
Total: ${totaldown wlan0}$alignr${totalup wlan0} :Total

Just replace the references to my ethernet device name 'eno1' and/or my wifi device name 'wlan0' by grabbing your device names using something like 'ip addr show' in a terminal.

In the config section, I have it set to update every 3 sections, so you can adjust that as needed:

Code: [Select]
update_interval = 3,

Let me know if you need any help, I am not a Conky expert but I did put this together and works like a charm for my use.

General Discussion / Re: Linux History...
« on: April 23, 2019, 07:10:38 pm »
Thought that timeline looked familiar... found a version updated to 2017/18 from the Linux Distribution wikipedia page.

General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Gallery -- Show Us Your Screen
« on: January 15, 2019, 04:11:59 pm »
I like blue  ;D I did this back in 2017 after installing Peppermint 8 and still using on P9 on all of my systems.

Software & Applications / Re: What's happened to Phatch
« on: January 03, 2019, 05:42:39 pm »
that involves compiling from source, which I've never done successfully in my life that said, I downloaded the .tgz file and extracted it but the instructions if you can call it that is as clear as mud.

Another alternative I found that works great is BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin) for GIMP but it also involves compiling from source. I am no expert but the instructions provided worked like a charm:

Might be worth a shot to see if it compiles. It can batch resize, crop, color correction, sharpness. blur, rename, change file format, and more.

I don't know how different a Toshiba NB255 is from your 205 (they should be the same hardware wise?), but I had great results installing with both P8 and the Respin2 versions.....Other than the common issues seen with 1024x600 max resolution screens and the occasional menu being too large to see all the options or buttons at the bottom of the menu.

But definately good to bookmark this fix, thanks PCNetSpec!

GNU/Linux Gaming / Re: RetroPie Peppermint OS 8 Support
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:22:09 pm »
I found the same issue a few months back and added the same fix. Works great and allows RetroPie Setup Script to run.....but I had an issue when it attempted to build 2 cores using P8 or P8 r2. One is an N64 core (lr-mupen64plus)the other is a PSX core (lr-pcsx-rearmed). It was a dependancy problem but after running the script on Linux Mint, and transferring the newly built cores into Peppermint, all is well.

Software & Applications / Re: Phone/PC Syncing Software (SOLVED)
« on: February 05, 2018, 07:11:14 pm »
Thanks for the welcome PCNetSpec!

Oh! No syncthing is open source and I had just recently helped someone on reddit who was looking for the same thing as stew1411. Sorry if it seemed spammish lol, that was not my intention  :-[

I am just happy that I found such a cool open source project that just works and is cross platform :)

Software & Applications / Re: Phone/PC Syncing Software (SOLVED)
« on: February 05, 2018, 05:27:32 pm »
I know this is marked as solved, but this might help someone. Here is an edit of a recent discussion I had with someone about syncing files.

As an alternative to Dropbox, I have had great success using Syncthing. On I used SyncTrayzor for Windows, Syncthing Core for Linux, and grabbed the official Android app from Google Play Store. So I have 1 Windows PC syncing with a Nexus7 tablet and 3 Linux laptops. Works very well! My last goal is to look into installing Syncthing Core on my RPi3 using the listed Linux ARM build. No cloud involved.

Originally I started using Foldersync app on Android (even bought the paid version as it was such a good app and I wanted to support the developer). It syncs to several cloud services and supported my primary cloud storage. It worked well but I had to manually copy my saves to my PCs.

With Syncthing, you have multiple options on how to sync, and I have it set to sync the newest files to all my synced devices. After gaming on my tablet away from home, if I have Syncthing started on my tablet and already started on my PC, syncing starts up usually in less than a min after connecting to my network. I would definitely make a backup copy of saves before using this setup, you know, just in case something goes wrong. Check out some Syncthing Youtube videos to see it in action. Oh and even though there are apps and programs for the various platforms (Mac too) to manage everything, you can also control everything through your browser. As long as your devices are connected to the same network (Ethernet/wifi).

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