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General Discussion / Re: Chromebook conversion
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:22:50 am »
If you can get 9 installed, you may have success with PCNetSpec's upgrade to 10 process.,8442.0.html
Just a thought  :-\

Problem solved after I amended mv command to the full file path.
Thank you both for your help and quick responses.  ;D 8)

Error persists

todd@Pepp-OptiPlex-7010 ~ $ dpkg -l | grep base-files
ii  base-files                              10.1ubuntu2.4+peppermint10.0.0.0                amd64        Debian base system miscellaneous files
todd@Pepp-OptiPlex-7010 ~ $ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/peppermint.list
deb bionic main
# deb-src bionic main

Will reboot in a few and post results.

I'm in no rush as it doesn't seem to be causing any issues aside from a minor annoyance at login. I'll wait for further feedback and then probably move the file as you suggest if there are no arguments against the idea or other options.
Thanks for your help.

The working machine does not have the file at all.
The one with the error contains:

# Make sure the locale variables are set to valid values.
eval $(/usr/bin/locale-check C.UTF-8)

Would it be safe to rem that line as well or delete the file altogether?

I have recently done in place upgrades from P9 respin to P10 on two machines following PCNetSpecs clear and complete instructions, Thanks for that.  :)
On the first machine all went great and issue free.
On the second machine there was an error during the upgrade and I had to rerun the process, operator error I'm sure (fat fingers or skipping a step). The second attempt was successful but now when I boot up the machine, I get the following error:

Error found when loading /etc/profile:
/etc/profile.d/ line 2: /usr/bin/locale-check: No such file or directory
As a result the session will not be configured correctly.
You should fix the problem as soon as feasible.
With an "OK" button

The error pops up after entering password, I click "OK" and proceed. All seems to work fine, time is correct.
Any help appreciated as always,

I'm sorry but what kinda fekin idiot would spend 1.345 Million for a laptop with 6 viruses/ransomeware that you can easily download from the web in 5 minutes .. just as a piece of (stupid) art :-\

Dipsh*t ::)

And what kinda society do we live in where people with that kinda money are encouraged to buy this sh*t as a "look I'm that rich I can throw money away on rubbish" stunt to impress their other rich friends whilst people starve.


This "nah, nah, na, nah nah .. mine's bigger than yours" (bank account) bollocks REALLY angers me >:(

What he said.  >:( DITTOS. "Art" really?? :-\ :(

Plenty of snowflakes over here too .. oh sorry, I see what you mean ;)

 :D ;D


I'm a desert rat. I prefer 90-100F outdoors and 80ish indoors. After 100F, the heat is on.  105F and above is deadly (for Caucasians) so one needs to seek shelter. The clock is ticking, so to speak. You know when you're in trouble when you stop sweating.  ::)

I'm thinking you should stay away from Minnesota then, we may see 32F (0C) again by the weekend, maybe a snow flake or 2 as well.  :o ::)

Since I am forced to use Winders based servers and PC's at work, if they can actually find a way to improve stability, security, and/or efficiency of the machines, then great. I'm cautiously optimistic at this stage, but if anyone can elf up a good thing it's M$.  :-\

Hardware / Re: Latitude e6430
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:25:09 am »
As far as the dock, the ones I am familiar with will charge/power the laptop if you plug your power supply into the dock.
lordie. I have a lot of stuff.
Common malady. ^^^   ;)

New Users / Re: dual monitor support
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:47:47 am »
I'm running P9 respin on a Dell 7010 with a cheap video card, not even sure what it is, and dual monitors work just fine. Just had to tweak the display settings from the hardware section of the Peppermint Settings Panel.
Just my 2 cents.

Hardware / Re: Latitude e6430
« on: April 11, 2019, 06:25:53 am »
I've had good luck with the Dell e-series laptops, well built machines. I would suspect that the drive caddy would come with screws, at least I would hope so.  :-\  Worst case scenario you can borrow one of the screws that hold the bottom cover on to secure the caddy in the slot.
The docks are most useful, IMO, for desktop replacement type setups, with an external  monitor, keyboard and mouse. Then you can just dock and un-dock without worrying about all the peripheral connections. I haven't used a dock with a Peppermint machine, so I can't say for sure how well it will work but I would think it will be fine if you have a setup with external stuff. There have been several threads regarding the touchpad issue recently so you should be able to search some solutions here on the forum.

Networking / Re: USB Wifi compatability.
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:19:27 pm »
have you tried running Peppermint from a USB  and using the USB wifi adapter? I would think if it works that way it should work even better installed.

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